Thursday, August 30, 2007

WL Council Meeting - August 28th, 2007

Due to Mayor Nelson and Councillors Mead, O'Neill and French being away. The August 28th Public Hearings and Regular Council Meeting was cancelled. The Public Hearings for applications from Ben Peterson and BC Rail Properties will be held on September 18th, 2007 at 7:00pm with the Regular Meeting of City Council to follow at 7:30pm

Thursday, August 16, 2007

WL Council Highlights - August 14th, 2007

Delegations: None


1) Council members present along with the City's CAO (Alberto De Feo) had their picture taken in front of a sign "Turn It Off". As of today, the City of Williams Lake is 1st place in the entire province during this challenge. The winner will receive a energy savings makeover for one of the City's buildings

2) Council approved $30,000 to be spent sealing cracks for the road going up to the WL Regional Airport. This program will extend the life of the road beyond 2010. The project should be completed by the end of August. This program was recommended by the City's Director of Municipal Services

3) Rezoning Proposals from Elizabeth Hunt and 717747 BC Ltd. received 2nd Reading. Both proposals shall be put to Public Hearings on September 18th, 2007

4) The Airfield Lighting Control System Upgrade/Cable Replacement was awarded to Houle Electric Ltd. in the amount of $117,041.33

5) The Revitalization Tax Exemption Program is designed to encourage rental property owners to improve and enhance their properties and to encourage the construction of mixed commercial residential properties. The wording in the bylaw did not include the original intent of Council and amendments were made. The changes included the addition of multifamily residential rental properties and mixed commercial‐residential uses. Staff also identified that for minor projects, a quote from a professional contractor would suffice as part of the application process. Council will also have the discretion of evaluate all applications on an individual basis and deny any applications.

6) A Reminder - all Grants-In-Aid must be in to City Hall no later then September 28th, 2007 so Staff have time to consider them and make recommendations to Council + Central Cariboo Joint Committee

Release of Interim Report of the BC Electoral Boundary Commission

Hello all:

The Interim Report of the British Columbia Electoral Boundary Commission has now been publicly released. As expected, several ridings are proposed to be eliminated in the North and the Kootenays, while several ridings are proposed to be added in the highest growth areas in BC which are the Okanagan and the Lower Mainland. The number of MLA's will go up from 79 to 81.

For those of us in the Cariboo-Chilcotin, Cariboo-North and South have been eliminated. All of Cariboo-North + portion of Cariboo-South in Williams Lake will be redistributed to form a new electoral riding called Cariboo-Chilcotin. The riding will cover all of the Chilcotin in the west, up north to Hixon, east towards Wells, Bowron Lakes, Horsefly and as far south as Williams Lake (the entire City!!!!). Points south from 150 Mile House, down through 100 Mile House, Clinton, Cache Creek and into the Fraser Canyon and points in between will be called Cariboo-Fraser.

I certainly like what is being proposed so far by the Electoral Boundary Commission

Next Steps:

1) The Electoral Boundary Commission must now put their Interim Report to a 2nd Round of Public Hearings with a deadline of February 15th, 2008 to submit their Final Report to the Speaker (Hon. Bill Barisoff).

2) After Feb 15th of next year, the House shall consider the necessary legislation to implement the Final Report in the Spring Sitting of the 2008 Legislative Session in order to have the new electoral boundaries in place for the May 2009 Provincial General Election

I would suggest those of you who do not like the new electoral districts, please get out and tell the Electoral Boundary Commission. It is your comments that the EBC takes into consideration while drafting their Final Report

Thursday, August 9, 2007

1st Report of the Electoral Boundary Commission

This is a friendly reminder that next Wednesday (August 15th, 2007), the 1st Report of the Electoral Boundary Commission will be released publicly, after it has been delivered to the Speaker of the House (Hon. Bill Barisoff). It will be released publicly at or around 2:00pm PST

Highlights from WL Council - July 24th, 2007 Meeting

Delegations - None


1) Tyler Boucher's application for 12 new single family homes, 30-40 new townhouses just up from the Laughing Loon, in the Hamel Subdivision, received no delegations, either for or against, during the Public Hearing stage and then the Zoning Amendment Bylaw received its' 3rd Reading. Councillor Rathor raised a concern about an increase of traffic along South Broadway Avenue by the new Tourism Discovery Centre and the Laughing Loon area. Director of Development Services, Geoff Goodall, stated that the recently upgraded South Broadway Avenue should be able to handle any potential increase in traffic in the area.

2) City Hall will participate in the 2007 ArtWalk at a cost of $300. Art will be displayed in the Main Lobby Area at City Hall.

3) Councillor Jon Wolbers won the 1st Annual Council Planter Contest. He made his victory speech at this meeting and threw down the gauntlet to his Councillors' and the Mayor for next year's competition.

4) Council granted permission to Signal Point Gaming to establish a Horse Racing Teletheatre at the facility.

5) The application by Lui/Fei failed to received 3rd Reading support by Council. Several concerns during the Public Hearing included; lack of maintenance and steep grades on the property in question. Council concluded that granting 3rd Reading to the Zoning Amendment Bylaw would not be in order at this time and accordingly, the application was defeated at 3rd Reading Stage unanimously