Thursday, February 28, 2013

City of WL CAO Search resumes....

In a bombshell announcement - the City of Williams Lake is announcing that Don Degagne will not assume the post of Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) whereupon he was supposed to start Friday.  I can not recall a situation when a major staff position, like a CAO, was announced and then withdrawn 24 hours before he/she was to start their new position

Press Release from the City of Williams Lake:

Mayor Kerry Cook and Council have decided that Don DeGagne will not be appointed as CAO for the City of Williams Lake on March 1.

“We have great respect for the many years of experience, accomplishments and skills that Mr. DeGagne has to offer, says Mayor Cook, “However, Council has decided that this was not the
best fit for our particular needs at this time.” The City will be continuing their search for a new CAO.

“We wish Mr. DeGagne the best of luck and we are confident that, with his experience, accomplishments and skills, he will have success in his future endeavours.”

HST is finally gone!

In his weekly column - Ind. Cariboo-North MLA Bob Simpson looks at the switch from the despised HST back to the Provincial Sales Tax - read here

Meanwhile - MLA Simpson looks at Bill 5 (Area-Based Forestry Tenure) and what flaws he sees in the proposed legislation - read here

Wanted: Volunteer/Event Coord. at Bouchie Lk

From Cariboo RD Area 'B' Director Heloise Dixon-Warren:

The communities of Parkland and Bouchie Lake are working collaboratively to undertake volunteer recruitment and plan for events during National Volunteer Week (April 21-27th). Together they are looking for a Volunteer & Event Co-ordinator. Please refer to the attached for the Job Description and Details. The closing date is March 13th. To apply please reply with resume and cover letter by:

Email to


Mail to:

Parkland Recreation Commission,
5018 Bjornson Rd., Quesnel, B.C. V2J 6X7

View Job Posting below:

WL Council adopts collective agreement with IUOE

At their In-Camera meeting last night under Section 90(1)(c) of the Community Charter - Williams Lake City Council ratified the proposed collective agreement with the International Union of Operating Engineers - 882-B

Next step is a ratification vote by IUOE - 882-B.  Until the ratification vote by IUOE takes place, there can not be any further information released, as it relates to the proposed collective agreement

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Chief for Xeni Gwet'in..

Welcome to Williams Lake on their Facebook page (click here) is reporting the following, in relation to today's election for the Xeni Gwet'in (Nemiah Valley) First Nation Chief for the next five years (term expires 2018): (Note - result is unofficial and one candidate must get 50%+1 of all votes cast for Chief candidates)

Roger William - 133

Marilyn Baptiste - 94

If the above stands as official - I wonder if Cariboo RD Area 'J' Director Roger William will try to stay on until the next local gov't election next fall or trigger a by-election, if the work load gets to be too much.

My own guess is - he'll juggle both until next year and then concentrate on being Chief of the Xeni Gwet'in First Nation....

-- SBF

SD #27 Sec-Treasurer Resigns

Read the full press release from School District #27 (Cariboo-Chilcotin) here

From the Williams Lake Tribune:

School District 27 secretary treasurer Bonnie Roller is resigning effective June 30 to take the secretary treasurer position for School District 67 in Penticton.

The School District 27 board announced the decision Wednesday, after receiving to news at the closed meeting of the school board Tuesday.

The board accepted the resignation with regret.

Roller has been an employee of the School District 27 (Cariboo-Chilcotin) for 32 years, with the last six years in the role of secretary treasurer.

“I have accepted the secretary treasurer position in School District 67 (Okanagan Skaha) in Penticton,” Roller said in the board press release.

“I have lived in the Cariboo-Chilcotin all my life and my whole working life has been with SD27,” Roller said.

“It is going to be very difficult to leave here.”

Chair Will VanOsch said the district will miss Roller.

“Bonnie has been with this district for a long time and is integral in the workings at the board level,” Van Osch said. “Her professional expertise and knowledge of the district will be sorely missed.”

The board will begin its search for a secretary treasurer over the next few weeks.

Donna Barnett on the Seniors' Advocate

From the Rush:

Cariboo-Chilcotin MLA Donna Barnett is pumping the tires of the newly introduced seniors’ advocate legislation.

Donna Barnett says the third party person will make independent recommendations to government alongside an appointed group of advisors.

She goes on to describe what some might refer to as a call centre which would be set up for the benefit of seniors who have questions that need answering when there’s no one else to talk to.

“You know there are a lot of seniors out there who really don’t have a place to call if they need help. As you get older, you get timid and as you get older, you don’t have accessibility. You’d be amazed at the number of seniors that are out there living forty miles back in the bush (around 100 Mile House) who maybe need a phone number to call to ask for some assistance, whether it be for healthcare or financial or for a will. Right now they don’t have anywhere they can actually call.”

Barnett says she hopes that whoever becomes the actual advocate will be a person who travels around the province to see what the needs of seniors are.

The legislation is currently awaiting Second Reading in the Provincial Legislature.

Kevin Krueger, Peter Sharp and BC Conservatives

In a profoundly disappointing situation to have learned via CKNW  yesterday - retiring BC Liberal MLA for Kamloops-South Thompson Kevin Kruger wrote a strongly-worded missive at the BC Conservatives' over their request to eject Pat Bell from the provincial Cabinet over the process for the new Wood Innovation and Design centre.  Read more here.  The BC Liberals can not rightly criticize Harry Lali for using his constituency budget for partisan advertising while condoning the use of government email for partisan purposes.  Kevin Krueger, if he wished to engage in partisan activities against the BC Conservatives', should have use his own private email... BC Conservatives write on this as well here.  Finally - MLA Krueger's recent act towards the BC Conservatives' does not help the BC Liberals' chances at re-election in May...

Meanwhile, on Monday, BC Conservative hopeful for Kamloops-South Thompson in a guest blog post wrote on Health Care in the Interior.  Read that here.  I agree with Mr. Sharp that health care administration can certainly be lower however he would be well to stick to certain facts that he can "prove" and not make "guesses" like:

For 2013 I am sure at least a few more people have been added to that number.

Mr. Sharp should stick to facts and not speculate in public.  Also, what do BC Conservatives' have against tele-health procedures and practical health-care solutions that will lead to less visits to the emergency room for routine or small health concerns.  This is a great initiative to help with our public health system.  We know that our entire health-care system across Canada has challenges to recruit/attract doctors and other medical professionals to all of rural Canada and the hard work of the BC Liberals, like Tele-Health & use of LPN's, will lead to practical health-care solutions for BC...

City of WL Strike over!!

Update from Williams Lake Tribune: (Feb 27th at 11:28am):

By Monica Lamb-Yorski - Williams Lake Tribune
Published: February 27, 2013 9:07 AM
Updated: February 27, 2013 9:07 AM

Picket lines are going down in Williams Lake as union city workers prepare to return to work Thursday after the union reached a tentative agreement with the city late Tuesday.

Around 110 members of the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 882B began legal strike action on Feb. 16.

Workers resumed work on Feb. 18, but by noon when the union walked away from the table because it did not feel bargaining was taking place, the picket lines went back up, and have remained up ever since.

At around 9 p.m. Tuesday, a tentative agreement was reached that IUOE business manager Saundra Taylor said she's confident her members will ratify over the weekend.

"I don't take a deal if I don't think my members are going to ratify it," Taylor said Wednesday.

The agreement has to be ratified by council at an in-camera council meeting Wednesday evening and then it can go to the union membership.

Taylor was satisfied with the work of BC Labour Relations Board mediator Trevor Sones.

"I've had him before. He's pretty good. I was fairly confident that we would get a deal with his help and we did, but I think trying to do it earlier would not have been successful."

The two sides weren't stalemated, she insisted.

"I still go back to that. They weren't bargaining with us. I think with his guidance and a little bit of pressure on both sides, thank goodness, we got an agreement."

Scones went back and forth between the union and the city — the two sides were never sitting in the same room.

All along the union said it was being asked to take concessions. Now that they've reached an agreement, Taylor said it was give and take on both sides with the mediator's help.

"Everybody had to realize you're not going to get everything you want. I knew that going in, but I had a brand new bargaining team and I said to Trevor, maybe we should have agreed to this earlier, but honestly I don't think if we had done it earlier, we would have been successful then."

The strike and everything is what moved both sides, she suggested."

"We had a hearing scheduled at the Labour Board Thursday because I had to file against them for threatening to cut the benefits. They were going to do that and I've never had that happen. It's not a good thing. They need a lot of time to heal and at the 11th hour last night we weren't sure that was going to happen either and I had to get my lawyer involved."

Taylor said the union does not want to release details of the agreement until after it is ratified.

John Dube, IUOE 882 chief shop steward for the city and service representative for the region, said crews will go in Wednesday evening to prepare the complex for reopening and everyone else will return to work Thursday morning.

Echoing Taylor, Dube said the agreement is as good a deal as the union could have got, but added it would have been nice to have more.

"We got what we could and now it's time for our members to get back to work and service the public."

Dube agreed the last 11 days have been dramatic.

"A strike is one of those things that you have to do, but it's never pleasant by all means. If this was a perfect world, we wouldn't have had to do the strike thing, but we had to do what we had to do," he said, adding the union is happy its members are going back to work.

We will update this story with a reaction from the city as soon as possible.

Original Blog Post:

Welcome to Williams Lake is reporting that a tenative agreement has been reached between the IUOE 882-B and the City of Williams Lake.  John Dube tells Welcome to Williams Lake that all pickets lines will come down and workers will be back on the job Thursday.  This after a week-long strike by unionized employees of the City

WL Council's special In-Camera meeting Wednesday will involve getting a briefing on the proposed agreement with a possible vote at this meeting to approve or reject the proposed agreement.  Those on Council voting on this agreement at this meeting is likely to include Mayor Cook and Councillors Bourdon, Hughes, Rathor, Walters and Zacharias as I understand Councillor Ivan Bonnell is still away and won't be returning to the City for a couple of more weeks

I think that the the proposed collective agreement (and likely final collective agreement) between IUOE and the City of Williams Lake will be most welcome by all in Williams Lake and especially those who depend on recreation services provided by the City by those living in parts of Electoral Areas D, E and F of the Cariboo RD that pay for "Central Cariboo Recreation"

One lingering question that may never be answered is why it took 8 months to get an agreement which involved the City's first ever strike

Read articles from Welcome to Williams Lake here and from the Rush here 

ourQuesnel ICSP Process reaches milestone

Courtesy of the City of Quesnel:

After more than a year of research, public consultation, and development, the ourQuesnel: Sustainability in Action process has reached a major milestone.

Today, the draft of the ourQuesnel: Integrated Community Sustainability Plan was released for public comment. The document provides a vision for a successful and sustainable future; describes the community’s priorities for success in the long term; and maps out a series of strategy areas that contain actions of how to reach that sustainable future. It is meant to lead to the development of a successful and sustainable future for the community 10, 20, 40 years from now and beyond.

To create the document, the City used a streamlined process, informed by an advisory team made up of citizens, Council, staff and partner organizations. Public input was received as well at several steps in the process.

A series of Desired Outcome Statements paints a picture of where Quesnel residents would like to see the community in 40 years. The statements were drafted based upon input received from community-wide consultation, working sessions, and surveys.

The DOS fall within 10 strategy areas: economy, work, education and skills training; transportation and mobility; energy, water, resources and waste; food; social and community well-being; ecosystems, natural areas and parks; communications and connectivity infrastructure; buildings and sites; arts, culture, recreation and leisure; and housing and land use.

A series of 2013 actions to help the community reach those DOS are also contained in the plan. The ourQuesnel strategy areas have already been adopted by the City of Quesnel and the Quesnel Community and Economic Development Corporation in their strategic planning processes. The hope is that other community partners will adopt them and refer to them in their own planning as well.

To view the draft ourQuesnel ICSP, visit

Comments may be directed to or

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Special WL Council In-Camera mtg called

The City of Williams Lake has announced, earlier this evening, that City Council will hold a Special In-Camera (closed to the public) meeting, as per Section 90(1)(c) of the Community Charter in Council Chambers tomorrow night at 7pm

Section 90(1)(c) of the Charter relates to employee/labour relations

Could this mean movement in the local strike situation involving the IUOE?  Possible but the community, including me, will have to wait and see what transpires out of this meeting

-- SBF

Cmtte struck to implement new Sec School model

From the Williams Lake Tribune:

Editor's Note - a very good move by SD #27 Superintendent Mark Thiessen.  I look forward to the Committee's conclusions/recommendations...

By Gaeil Farrar - Williams Lake Tribune

Published: February 26, 2013 2:01 PM
Updated: February 26, 2013 2:01 PM

School District 27 Superintendent Mark Thiessen is facilitating a new District Implementation Committee starting this week to help with implementing the new one school two campus secondary school in Williams Lake.

"This committee will include administrators, teachers, support staff, and parents," Thiessen says. "The committee will be working together on some foundational elements for the new secondary school in Williams Lake."

He says initial discussions will include:

• What the Grade 7 program will look like (elementary, middle school, or secondary school model?).

• Grades 8-9 program (middle school or secondary school model).

• Graduation program.

• Timetable options.

School trustees recently confirmed plans to make Williams Lake and Columneetza secondary schools into one grades 7 to 12 secondary school operated on two campuses. Columneetza would become the predominantly grades 7 to 9 campus and WLSS would become the predominantly grades 10 to 12 campus.

He says the district is currently advertising for a principal to oversee the two campuses and the plan is to have two vice-principals working at each campus.

At this point, he says it has not been decided if all of the vice-principals will be full-time administrators or if they will also have a teaching load.

"While it’s true that we will have more administrators in the secondary schools than we have presently, we will also have 230 more students than we have now as the Grade 7 students become part of the high school system," Thiessen says.

At various times in the past when enrolment numbers warranted it, he says both Columneetza and WLSS have each had one principal and two-vice-principals.

"As enrolment has declined at the two schools, administration time has also declined. With 230 more students and a major transition happening next year, it’s reasonable to look at a total staff of five administrators overseeing 1,500 students located at two campuses."

At this point, Thiessen says the district is not looking to hire an external consultant to help with the transition as proposed previously.

"The idea was not just that this consultant would be helping with course planning but would be helping with the entire transition planning" Thiessen says. "We have chosen instead to hire the principal for the new (secondary) school and have the principal begin their assignment at the beginning of April. The new principal and district staff will then be working together to facilitate the transition process."

He says it is also possible that some extra administration time will be needed at other schools in the district during the transition phase.

Overall, however, he says administrative costs will be going down in the district with the closure and reconfiguration of schools in the district.

In Williams Lake the transition will also include the closure of Glendale and Kwaleen elementary schools at the end of this school year.

Students from those schools have been reassigned to Cataline, Nesika and Chilcotin Road elementary schools, but school of choice provisions will also play a part in the transition.

Thiessen says the district is also working with teachers and support staff to come up with a plan for the transition, which in addition to accommodating the transition from a seven to 12 one school on two campuses, needs to address the closure of Kwaleen and Glendale elementary schools in Williams Lake. Nesika, Cataline and Chilcotin Road elementary schools are expected to take the majority of students in the schools that are closing, but school of choice provisions will also play a role in the transition.

"The district is presently in Section 54 negotiations with both teachers and support staff," Thiessen says. "Because this is an unusual year with many employees being displaced, it’s possible that we are able to come to agreements with our unions that would see different processes in place for this year only. As we are in the middle of these negotiations, I can’t yet comment further on what the processes might look like."

Pioneer Park needs your help!

Mary Sjostrom awarded Queen Diamond Jubilee Award

Quesnel Mayor Mary Sjostrom & Prince George
City Councillor Garth Frizzell
Courtesy of the City of Quesnel:

Quesnel Mayor Mary Sjostrom is the latest proud recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal. 

She was presented with the medal at a special ceremony this morning at City Hall. Sjostrom was nominated by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities for her “exemplary efforts to make your community a great place to live.” FCM Executive member and Prince George City Coun. Garth Frizzell was on hand to present the medal.

“I am honoured to be recognized by my peers in local government from across the country,” said Sjostrom. “I haven’t been involved in community work to receive awards. I truly love Quesnel and believe that strong, welcoming and vibrant communities are built by people who share a common vision and are willing to work together to make things happen. But to receive an award of this nature is humbling, and I am very thankful to the FCM for nominating me.”

Sjostrom has been involved in the community since moving to Quesnel in 1980. She was a Director on the Quesnel and District Chamber of Commerce Board, a founding member of the Sunrise 2000 Rotary Club, and is a member of the Quesnel Rotary Club. She has chaired the local fundraising dinner for the Pacific Salmon Foundation for seven years, and has helped raise awareness and funds for many other causes.

In 1999, Sjostrom was elected to City Council, where she served three terms before being elected Mayor in 2008. During her time on Council, she has worked on the executives of both the North Central Local government Association and the Union of British Columbia Municipalities, eventually acting as presidents in both organizations. She has been selected by the provincial government to sit on various boards and advisory bodies, including BC Transit, the Minister’s Council on Employment and Accessibility and many others.
Sjostrom was also: the Chair of the local Communities in Bloom committee, leading to a national first-place finish in 2007; the Host Chair of the 2000 Winter Games organizing team; and the Chair of the Quesnel Spirit of BC Committee working on the 2010 Winter Olympic activities in the community, including the Olympic Torch Relay. In addition, she is serving as a Community Ambassador of the 2015 Canada Winter Games.

The commemorative medal marks the 60th anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to the Throne as Queen of Canada. Some 60,000 Canadians will receive it in honour of their significant contributions and achievements

Quesnel Council Highlights - Feb 25th mtg

Courtesy of the City of Quesnel:

The Director of Finance provided an overview of the budget process. The presentation included a summary of: timelines; services; expenses and revenues; capital spending; taxation and user fees; utilities; debt and reserves; and next steps. The complete document can be found at

Public input - Council opened the floor to questions from the public during the public input session of Budget 2013. The lone written submission came from the Billy Barker Days Society seeking support in the Society’s 40th annual event. Council will review the request and revisit it later in the budget process.

Jubilee Medal awarded

Former City Councillor, Cariboo Regional District Director and long-time community volunteer Gloria Lazzarin was presented with the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in front of a full gallery. Lazzarin moved to Quesnel in 1948, and was elected to City Council in 1965, serving 11 years (not consecutively). She was also a six-term CRD Director beginning in 1984. She is a Citizen of the Year (1996) with a long list of community advocacy initiatives including: helping establish the Quesnel Unit for Emergency Short Stay treatment; a founding member of the Quesnel Community Foundation and Friends of the Library; and being an active volunteer with Palliative Care, the Auxiliary to GR Baker Memorial Hospital, and the Red Hat Society. The commemorative medal marks the 60th anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to the Throne as Queen of Canada. Some 60,000 Canadians will receive it in honour of their significant contributions and achievements.

ourQuesnel plan presented

The draft ourQuesnel: Integrated Community Sustainability Plan was presented to Council. The document provides a vision for a successful and sustainable future; describes the community’s priorities for success in the long term, and maps out a series of strategy areas that contain actions of how to reach that sustainable future. The document can be found at

Other News

-Council approved a request from the Baker Creek Enhancement Society that will support an initiative to help clean-up areas of Baker Creek. BCES applied for funding to remove large metal debris from Baker Creek. They asked for the City to two staffed trucks for two days to haul away material. The cost to supply the equipment and personnel is $2,600.

-Council endorsed submitting a resolution to the North Central Local Government Association regarding genetically modified organisms. It asks the NCLGA to request that the Union of British Columbia Municipalities lobby the Province to mandate compulsory labeling of products sold in British Columbia containing GMOs.

-Weight restrictions will be in place for commercial vehicles on most City streets during break-up. The 70% legal axle loading weight restriction will be in place for the same time frame used by the Ministry of Transportation on Hydraulic Road. Main arterial, industrial and commercial truck routes will not be affected by the restriction. The goal is to extend the life of the City’s secondary roads.

-Council authorized the reduction of rent for a tenant following a request from the Quesnel Crafters Society. That organization leases the Hudson Bay Building from the City and had asked for a reduction in their monthly lease payment and/or that energy efficiency improvements be made to the building. The rent will be reduced by $300 to about $430 per month.

-Two new members, Dana Bouchard and Anne Burgess, were named to the Quesnel Museum and Heritage Commission for a partial term expiring December 31, 2013.


May - Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month

Future Meetings:

Next Regular Quesnel Council Meeting:

Monday March 11, 7 p.m.

Budget 2013 Meetings:

Monday March 4, 7 p.m.

Next Delegation/Committee of the Whole Meeting:

Monday March 4, 7 p.m.

Next North Cariboo Joint Planning Committee Meeting:

Tuesday March 12, 5:30 p.m.

Monday, February 25, 2013

City of WL Strike costs being to compile...

Courtesy of the Rush/Wolf:

Editor's Note - with the possible cancellation of the 'Terri Clark' concert, possible cancellation or move of the WL Indoor Rodeo event in mid-April, the WL Stampeders playing 'home' games in Quesnel and the moving of a native hockey tournament to Quesnel in mid-March - costs for these cancelled or moved events will hurt taxpayers'/the local community in 2013 whenever the strike should end

The Operating Engineers Union Local 882, has returned to the bargaining table under mediation.

The union represents workers for the City of Williams Lake which have been in a bitter labor dispute with the city agreed to return to talks but picket lines will continue to be manned.

Both sides have claimed the other is responsible for there being no deal, but both sides have also stressed the need for one to be reached soon to limit the effect felt by the community.

Already the Williams Lake Stampeders have felt the repercussions, as they have been un-able to play on home ice, instead they have had to travel and play in Quesnel at the Twin Ice Arenas.

The Stamps GM, Kelly Kohlen says the strike has already cost the team roughly $9,000

Volunteerism in Cariboo RD Area 'B'

Courtesy of CRD Area 'B' Director Heloise Dixon-Warren:

Editor's Note -- this also could apply to all of our rural communities within the Cariboo Regional District's 12 Electoral Areas...

There are so, so, so many opportunities to do great things within our communities. If we can successfully bring people together and engage them, we can collectively do great things. This includes creating strong neighbourhoods, offering events, informational sessions and activities, having fun, and accessing funds to improve our infrastructure and community assets.

It begins at home…. Both the communities of Bouchie Lake / Milburn Lake and 10 Mile Lake / Moose Heights are working together to organise VOLUNTEER APPRECIATION EVENTS to be held during National Volunteer Week - April 21-27th, 2013. (

Please consider getting involved. We know that YOU have what it takes!!!

Big Lk Community Mtg re: WL Community Forest

Big Lake Community Hall
Yesterday, on a Sunday afternoon from 1-3pm, numerous residents from 150 Mile House, Miocene, Big Lake, and Horsefly met to get an update on the discussions taken place with the City of WL/WL Indian Band in regards to a proposed Community Forest where the vast majority of it would be located in the Big Lake area while a smaller block would be located in the Esler area on Dog Creek Rd

Cariboo-North MLA Bob Simpson, Cariboo RD Area 'F' Director Joan Sorley and Mike Pedersen of the Cariboo-Chilcotin Forest District were also in attendance.  The meeting was moderated by Sam Zirnhelt who, along with Jack Darney, gave an review of the history of the proposed Community Forest Agreement or CFA and what has taken place to date with regard to the proposed CFA

Mr. Zirnhelt noted that the City of WL Council and WL Indian Band were both invited but were unable to attend but both parties expressed a desire to meet with the Big Lake-Horsefly-Miocene Community Forest Working Group consisting of Ross McCoubrey, David Zirnhelt, Jack Darney, Sam Zirnhelt, Bee Hooker and Cecil Morhart in the near future.  Mr. Zirnhelt also noted that recently appointed Director of the Williams Lake Community Forest General Partnership Ltd, Travis Redl, has stepped down from this post this past Friday after being appointed to this post by WL City Council earlier this year

A general discussion on the WL Community Forest and its' impacts on Big Lake and surrounding communities then took place

At the end of the meeting, those assembled agreed to the following:

1) That the Ministry of Forests be advised that Big Lake, Horsefly, Miocene residents do not agree with the currently proposed WL Community Forest

2) That the Ministry of Forests be requested to convene a facilitated session with the Community Forest proponents (City of WL/WL Indian Band) and that of the Big Lake-Horsefly-Miocene Community Forest Working Group to discuss the Working Group's concerns

3) That a decision on the proposed WL Community Forest be delayed until concerns from the Working Group are dealt with in a timely and fair manner

I think the feeling at the end of the meeting is best summed up by what Cariboo RD Area 'F' Director Joan Sorley posted to her Facebook page, in part:

Unanimous resolution to continue to ask the proponents to deal directly with communities in order to arrive at a CFA that the communities can support! Also unanimous vote of confidence for the community reps!
As a City resident - I hope that Wiliams Lake Mayor Kerry Cook, and that of her Council, is truly sincere in her desire to meet with reps from the  Big Lake-Horsefly-Miocene Community Forest Working Group as even I know that the proposed WL Community Forest can not work unless it has a "social license" to continue, that is to say -- that it has the consent of the  Big Lake-Horsefly-Miocene Community Forest Working Group and the residents that live in Big Lake, Horsefly, Miocene and 150 Mile House

-- SBF

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Wells wants to be a CCBAC member

In an interesting move - the District of Wells has applied to the Cariboo-Chilcotin Beetle Action Coalition or CCBAC to become a member in a letter to CCBAC dated Feb 5th with copies to Quesnel and 100 Mile House Mayors Mary Sjostrom & Mitch Campsall, and CRD Chair Al Richmond

Personally - I hope the CCBAC Board accepts the request from the District of Wells.  It's just surprising that weren't a member before....

Read the letter from Wells Mayor Robin Sharpe here

Saturday, February 23, 2013

IUOE/City of WL go back to the table on Mon

Update at 9:38pm Sat Feb 23rd from Williams Lake Tribune

Editor's Note - make sure you aren't drinking or eating anything while reading the following.  Consider yourself warned!

From Williams Lake Tribune:

By Monica Lamb-Yorski - Williams Lake Tribune

Published: February 23, 2013 8:07 PM
Updated: February 23, 2013 8:07 PM
The union representing city workers on strike in Williams Lake and the city will meet with a mediator Monday in Williams Lake, said International Union of Operating Engineers Local 882B representative John Dube.

Picket lines will remain up at all city work sites as around 110 city workers participate in the second week of a strike that began Feb. 16.

The two sides have to go over some changes to what has to be provided with essential services, Dube told the Tribune Saturday night.

"The Labour Relations Board got a hold of us after we and the city filed an unfair labour practice and suggested we meet with a mediator. Our union's business manager Saundra Taylor agreed that we would attend the meeting."

Dube said the mediation is non-binding and the mediator cannot impose any agreement.

"If we find we're not getting anywhere we can book out. Hopefully we can find a medium where we can move forward."

Mayor Kerry Cook said it is very important the two sides get back to the table.

"The city is in support of respectful meaningful discussions. We need to resolve this. The sooner we can back to the table the sooner we can do this."

The city has never left the table, Cook added.

"I am hoping that this time will be different. There has to be a willingness to negotiate in a respectful manner."

Original Blog Post:

Welcome to Williams Lake reports that John Dube is confirming that both the IUOE (International Union of Operating Engineers) and the City of Williams Lake will be returning to mediated discussions around a new collective agreement on Monday

Mr. Dube explains the process which you can read here

In my humble opinion - the City must pull their request for "rollbacks" and agree to hear the IUOE proposals at the same time, the City makes theirs to the IUOE before we'll see any real progress...


Review of Quesnel Council Business - Feb 25th

On Monday - Quesnel Council will be very busy with a Public Hearing at 6:30pm, then a Budget/Council Meeting starting at 7:00pm.  For the budget meeting - those in Quesnel need to come out and tell your Council if they have the budget priorities for 2013 correct


a) QE II Diamond Jubilee presentation (Not known, as of this writing, who is receiving this award)

b)  Councillor Coleman to present Draft Quesnel ICSP - read here.  On a related matter - Coleman will also present the Top 20 Provincial/Federal Opportunities for Quesnel - read here

c) Review of Legislative/Supports Budget - read here
d) Baker Creek Enhancement Society requests two City of Quesnel dump trucks - read here
e) Quesnel Crafters' Society requests reduction of lease payments, due to higher energy costs at HBC Building in Quesnel - read here

f) New Local Gov't Aud-Gen outlines work plan for 2013/14 - read here
g) Letter from Enderby requesting mtg with BC Health Minister re: lack of doctors in Enderby - read here
h) Northern Development Board makes changes to its' investment accounts - read here

i) As per previous Council resolution in regard to Councillor Thapar travel - he requests permission to go to FCM which is being held in Vancouver this year - read here

Review of CRD Board Business - March 1st

This coming Friday, the Cariboo RD Board will meet and discuss the following interesting items:

Full Agenda can be viewed here

a) WL Fringe OCP Bylaw to receive 1st and 2nd Reading - read here/here

b) CRD Area 'F' Director Joan Sorley has requested a general Board discussion on a concern raised in 150 Mile House regarding development of ALR Lands in the 150 Mile area - read here.  It should be noted that the 150 Mile  OCP was adopted not too long ago but it is a tricky issue as 150 Mile House has grown since I moved out to this community in late 1989 but it is the very tricky question of balancing residential needs vs maintaining the traditional ALR land in the 150 Mile area for Agriculture needs.  No easy answer here.  It would be appropriate even to have a community discussion in the next year or so with 150 Mile House area residents' if they think local community development is weighted too much towards residential development rather than maintaining ALR Lands...

c) WL Association for Community Living makes proposal to Cariboo RD re: Central Cariboo Transfer Station Share Shed Attendant program - read here.  I think a decent program based on the proposal but I'm looking forward to hearing other comments from other Cariboo RD Directors

d) Cariboo RD to notify Mountview residents' of 2nd denial for Mountview Water/Sewer grant - read here. Director Kemp, in my opinion, will soon need to meet with Mountview residents' to give an update on this file and to realistically lay out the options available for these residents (water from Bond Lk Rd, water/sewer from City of WL or build a community system)

e) Final report from the 2013 Budget Consultations - read here.  One thing I'd like to see, either Facebook or directly on the Cariboo RD website, is a method to collect input prior to starting the CRD Budget Process for 2014 (Fall of 2013)

f) Proposed Audio Recordings Policy - read here.  Having read the policy myself, I think it is a well-developed policy and strikes the right balance and has appropriate protocols in place

g) New Grants-in-Aid Policy - read here
h) Ministry of Forests says Nina Dam, near Likely, gets decommisioned unless locals take it on.  Read here. I was frankly disappointed with the tone of the letter but I'll be interested to see what Cariboo RD Area 'F' Director Joan Sorley has to say on the letter

"Forests for BC" comes to WL/100 Mile

On the Quesnel Council meeting agenda - "Forests for BC - A community dialogue presented by BC's Forest workers" - is coming to our area as follows:

100 Mile House -- Feb 25th at 6:00pm, 100 Mile Lodge and Conference Centre
Williams Lake - Feb 26th at 6:00pm, Ramada Williams Lake (old Overlander Hotel)

You can read the poster info here

You can view the "Forests for BC" website here

You can register online at the "Forests for BC" website (see link above) or call 1-855-784-0784

Finally - view a video below outlining the concerns from "Forests for BC":

Friday, February 22, 2013

Local Gov't Mtgs - Wk of Feb 25th - March 1st

A number of local government meetings are occurring next week as follows:

Wells - No meeting until March 5th

Quesnel - Public Hearing at 6:30pm on Monday, Feb 25th on Bylaws #1714/1715.  The Agenda for the Public Hearing can be viewed here.  Then at 7:00pm, the Regular Council and Budget Meeting will start.  The Agenda can viewed here.  Both meetings will be held in Quesnel Council Chambers (2nd Floor - 410 Kinchant Street)

School District #28 (Quesnel) - No meeting until March 20th
School District #27 (Cariboo-Chilcotin) - Regular Board Meeting on Tuesday, Feb 26th at 6:30pm in the SD #27 Boardroom (350 North 2nd Avenue, Williams Lake).  View the Agenda here

Williams Lake - As of this writing, there was a scheduled Committee of the Whole meeting on Tuesday, Feb 26th but the City's "CivicInfo" website does not indicate a meeting will occur.  The next meeting of Williams Lake City Council will therefore take place on March 5th at 6:00pm in WL Council Chambers (450 Mart St)

Cariboo Regional District - 

Special CCRHD Board meeting on Thursday, Feb 28th at 4:00pm in the CRD Boardroom.  View the Agenda here with the public meeting to commence at 6:00pm in the CRD Boardroom

Regular Board Meetings on Friday, March 1st with the CCRHD (Local Hospital Board) starting at 9:30am.  View the CCRHD Board Agenda here.  The CRD Board meeting will commence at 9:45am.  View the CRD Board Agenda here.  Both Boards' meetings will be held in the CRD Boardroom (Suite D - 180 North 3rd Avenue, Williams Lake)

Editor's Note - pls note, as CRD Area 'D' Alternate Director, I may be attending the CRD/CCRHD Board meetings in an official capacity, should CRD Area 'D' Director Deb Bischoff be unable to attend herself.  She has committed to letting me know no later than Feb 27th

Please remember - there is a Interior Health Public Meeting on Thursday, Feb 28th at 6:00pm in the CRD Boardroom

Local RCMP Services suffer due to IUOE Strike

From Williams Lake Tribune:

Police services continue to be affected by what is now a week-long strike by city union workers in Williams Lake, said RCMP Insp. Warren Brown.

Around 110 employes, members of the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 882B, began strike action on Saturday afternoon Feb. 16.

Picket lines went down and workers returned to work Monday. After talks broke down between the city and union, and the union left the table, workers began a full-blown strike at noon.

Normally six civilian clerks work at the RCMP detachment.

Under essential service levels, one watch clerk is being kept on day shift, seven days a week.

Brown said the front counter will remain closed over the weekend, but will be open from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Friday.

"The strike has had a very significant impact on the administration and records management at the detachment. This increases the pressure on all other employees and may deter the police presence on the streets should the strike linger."

All calls for service continued to be routed through Prince George and residents should be prepared for longer wait times for less serious offences such as thefts, hits and runs.

The city warns residents there may also be longer wait times for less serious offences (thefts, hit and runs, etc.), however residents will still be able to talk to local police officers at the RCMP station, but there will likely be delays in this process.

Picketers at the Cariboo Memorial Complex Friday afternoon milled around a fire barrel. Some said they hoped the strike doesn't last too much longer.

Others said they wished they were at work because they were used to working.

Many cars going by honked in support, and strikers said for the most part feedback has been positive.

Other city-run facilities include the fire hall and the airport.

Friday afternoon the city posted a fact sheet on its website, responding to comments made by the union to theTribune Thursday about the ice in the rink.

Interior Health Public Mtg - Feb 28th

Courtesy of the Cariboo Regional District:

City of WL disputes IUOE statement on Ice at CMRC

Courtesy of the City of Williams Lake:

The Union’s Chief Shop Steward is quoted in the Williams Lake Tribune as follows:

“It was the union that went to the city and said it would supply the operators to make sure the ice remained at the complex”.
"So it seems funny that when they say they are trying to do something for the public, their idea was to take the ice out. He said, “Their track record is lousy".

The Unions’ statement is, at best, misleading. Here are the facts:

· When the City and the Union were meeting at the Labour Relations Board in Vancouver on February 1st, the City proposed that the Union agree that in the event of a strike, the ice would stay in, although all programmes and services would still be cancelled. The City said that if the Union wouldn't agree that the ice had to come out because of a strike and it would be too costly to put it back in so the remainder of the ice season would have to be cancelled and Union members would be laid off.

· The Union said “no” to the idea of keeping the ice in, and even after several attempts by the LRB mediator to have them do so they still would not consider it. The City recognized that the Union was not going to agree to keep the ice in and that keeping the ice in was not going to be deemed an “essential service”. The City therefore asked that the Union cooperate in taking the ice out properly which might take longer than the 72 hours permitted by strike notice. The reason for this is that the melting ice would have caused hundreds of thousands of dollars damage to the CMRC if not taken out properly. Only reluctantly the Union agreed to just ensure the ice would be taken out properly and were adamant they would not support keeping the ice in.

· At a Union meeting in Williams Lake on the following day, the City was told that general union members expressed their disagreement with the Chief Shop Steward for the position the Union was taking on not keeping the ice in. Additionally, the City has been advised by several ice user groups that they also expressed their opinion to the Union during this time as they were made aware of the Union’s position on not keeping the ice in.

· After the union meeting, the Chief Shop Steward approached the City and agreed that the ice could stay in and the Union would provide operators to monitor the ice making equipment. The parties signed an agreement to that effect.

So whose idea was it to keep the ice in? You decide.

Mobile Abattoir comes to 100 Mile House

Courtesy of Gov't of BC:

The B.C. government’s new meat inspection system reinforces the province’s reputation for safe and wholesome meat by continuing the current safeguards and inspection system in provincially licensed Class A and B abattoirs.

The new system follows extensive consultation with ranchers, abattoir operators, local governments and small-scale ranchers with licences to sell their meat at the farmgate. Abattoirs will continue to require the presence of a trained government meat inspector to inspect each animal (livestock) or flock (poultry) beforehand and each carcass after slaughter.

The new system will also:

·         Require all Class A and B plants to develop and maintain comprehensive written food safety procedures for maintaining meat safety, facility hygiene and animal health and welfare.
·         Include the development of an audit program of all Class A and B abattoirs.
·         Train inspectors to provincial standards, including enhanced knowledge and skills in humane livestock handling and humane slaughter.
·         Maintain third party government inspection and the use of a government stamp on inspected products.
·         Maintain the graduated enforcement approach to support the integrity of the inspection system.

The new system will be fully implemented by Jan. 1, 2014, and will replace the B.C. government’s arrangement with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to inspect provincially licensed Class A and B abattoirs, which has been in place since 1988. The current service agreement ends Dec. 31, 2013. The CFIA will continue to inspect the 11 federally registered abattoirs in B.C.

The Ministry of Agriculture is also in discussion with the retail sector in B.C. to expand the domestic market for meat processed in a provincially licensed Class A or B Abattoirs as well as working with the BC Association of Cattle Feeders to further develop and promote their “Certified B.C. Beef” brand.

The B.C. government is also beginning a two-year pilot project in the Regional District of North Okanagan for up to five Class E Licence operations. These pilot licences will be available to operators within a two hour travel distance of a provincially licensed abattoir.
Current Class E Licence holders are small farms located in areas where there is no provincially licensed abattoir to fill the consumer demand for locally produced meat. Class E Licence holders are permitted to sell restricted amounts of meat at their farm gate and temporary food markets such as a farmers market.

In addition to the new meat inspection system, the B.C. government also announced that a mobile abattoir will be stationed in 100 Mile House to help address the need for safe and wholesome local meat, providing the community can meet specific criteria. Upon the full implementation of the mobile abattoir in 100 Mile House, other B.C. communities demonstrating a similar need will be able to apply for a mobile abattoir to be based in their community, subject to meeting the same criteria.

Full details can be viewed here and here

Exceptional Volunteer in Quesnel?

Courtesy of the City of Quesnel website:

Do you know an exceptional volunteer, someone who works tirelessly to make our community a special place and who deserves recognition? If so, submit your nomination today!
Deadline is March 28, 2013.
To learn more about Quesnel's Volunteer Citizen of the Year, click here.

PST Seminars coming to WL/Quesnel

Courtesy of the Gov't of BC:

Businesses in Williams Lake and Quesnel that want to learn about returning to PST are invited to take part in seminars held on Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2013.

Held in partnership with local chambers of commerce, these seminars will cover the general principles of the PST and the new eTaxBC online business registration service.

Seminars are being held in over 40 B.C. communities. An interactive map with locations and other details can be viewed at: Please check with your local chamber of commerce for further details.

Government is partnering with chambers of commerce across B.C. to ensure businesses have the support they need to make a smooth transition back to the PST on April 1, 2013.

Additional tools and services available to help businesses prepare for the re-implementation of the PST include:

·         One‐on‐one consultations with a government tax specialist.
·         Online webinars covering the general principles of the PST and eTaxBC.
·         PST bulletins and notices.
·         Videos:
o        Returning to the PST – An Overview for Business
o        PST in B.C. Online Registration
·         Businesses with questions about the PST can call our toll‐free help line – 1 877 388‐4440 or email questions to:
·         Final legislative amendments required for the re-implementation of the PST on April. 1, 2013, have been introduced subject to approval of the legislature.

Quick Facts:

·         Businesses that sell or lease taxable goods, or sell software or taxable services in B.C., are now able to register to collect the tax.
·         Businesses can register three ways:
o   Online – go to:
o   In person – go to the nearest Service BC Centre. See locations – or visit our office at 1802 Douglas St. in Victoria.
o   By mail or fax – complete the Application for Registration for Provincial Sales Tax (FIN 418) found at: (Go to Forms and Publications.)
·         A new PST number will be assigned once the business registration application is processed.

Learn More:

·         Learn more about the services available to businesses to support the transition to
·         Find a seminar near you using the PST Outreach Map:
·         View and track the progress of the final legislative amendments for the return of the PST (Bill 2) at:    
·         More information on the return to PST and links to publications, tools and services can be found at:

WL Council Performance Survey

Yesterday - the Prince George Free Press (sister paper to Williams Lake Tribune) announced that they were conducted a survey on the performance of Prince George City Council after their 1st year in office

I thought - why not do the same here for Williams Lake City Council

I've created a quick 10 question survey.  It should take you no more than 2 mins to fill out.  I'll share the results next Saturday

The link to the survey is here

The deadline to fill out the survey is Friday, March 1st at 4:30pm

Thanks for your help!

Oakes approves BC Liberal Budget

Courtesy of

The Liberal candidate for Cariboo North likes what she sees in the budget.

Coralee Oakes says some tough decisions had to be made, like increasing MSP payments, but she says they were made in order to be able to increase healthcare by 2.4 billion dollars.

Oakes says the budget has a lot of good things in it for Cariboo residents like 100 million dollars to continue with the Cariboo Connector and on the forestry end they will be planting 22.7 million seedlings this year which she says is up by 56 percent over the previous year.

Oakes says with everything that is happening in Europe a balanced budget was important.

She says it is a budget that looks to the future of the province and sends a really important message that we will not spend money that we don't have and not leave a legacy of needless debt.

My Visit to the Picket Line (Public Works Yard)

Yesterday afternoon - I took the opportunity to visit our city workers who are striking for a fair and just deal , down at the Public Works Yard, although there are also picket lines at Williams Lake City Hall, the Fire Hall and the RCMP Detachment Building

For a few minutes - I listened to what the workers were looking for and how they are treated by management and I now see why worker morale is so low.  They only want what all of us ask for in our own workplaces - to be paid a fair wage and receive a fair benefit package for our/their families.  I don't think that is too much to pay to those who go out in the middle of the night to fix our broken water or sewer pipes or clear our streets of snow in challenging conditions, and who make sure that our City looks neat and clean

Stay Strong Guys and Gals!! :)

Contrary to Mayor Cook's statement yesterday -- I firmly believe that workers have the vast support of the general public

Thursday, February 21, 2013

IUOE responds to Mayor Cook statement re: IUOE Tactics

Earlier today - Williams Lake Mayor Kerry Cook issued a press statement in regards to the IUOE's tactics involving its' four press statements.  Now, John Dube with the IUOE locally says, in response:

IUOE (the union) does not have to justify what it's putting out to the public.

"The union has been very truthful and open and welcomes the public to come and talk to our people to find out that what we're putting out there are the facts. The union does not have to prove itself and that it has not lied to the public."

It was the union that went to the city and said it would supply the operators to make sure the ice remained at the complex, Dube added.

"So it seems funny that when they say they are trying to do something for the public, their idea was to take the ice out. Their track record is lousy," Dube said. "They had to go to arbitration with the Cariboo Regional District [fire protection], they are trying to shove arbitration down our throats because they can't do what they are supposed to do, and it's us that are putting out mis-information?

"They haven't proven that we've put out one piece of misinformation."

Central Cariboo Arts Centre IS OPEN

The Central Cariboo Arts/Culture Society, on their Facebook page, is reminding everyone that, though the local Arts Centre is adjacent to WL City Hall (picket line site), the CCACS is not party to the labour dispute between the City of WL and the IUOE and encourages everyone to come and make use of the Central Cariboo Arts Centre

-- SBF

Mayor Cook responds to IUOE Tactics...

Editor's Comments - I profoundly regret this statement by Mayor Cook and it may further inflame the dispute, rather than the intended effect to bring the parties together. Earlier today, I visited the picket line at the local Public Works Yard. I'll expand on this tomorrow in a blog post

Statement from Williams Lake Mayor Kerry Cook:
For the first time, the unionized employees of the City of Williams Lake have chosen to go on strike. The Mayor and Council consider the action unfortunate and designed to inconvenience our citizens but respect our employees right to do so.

With the agreement of the City and the Union, the Labour Relations Board has issued an Essential Services Order which will protect services necessary to protect our citizens’ health, safety and welfare during the strike. If necessary, the City will apply for amendments to the order.

Clearly our citizens will be inconvenienced. For example, with Spring Break on the horizon, the Union’s actions have lead to the shutdown of all programmes at the Cariboo Memorial Centre. We regret this.

The Mayor and Council also regret that the Union has chosen to undertake a campaign of personal insults and misinformation, attacking city management, our negotiators and the Council.

We do not know if the Union’s tactics are having the desired effect. We do know that the feedback the Mayor and Council have been receiving has been overwhelmingly positive.

With regard to our management staff who are working hard to maintain essential services and to the City’s negotiating committee, they are doing a remarkable job under very trying circumstances and are having to endure inexcusable personal insults from the Union.

Management and our negotiating committee have the full and unqualified support and confidence of the Mayor and Council.

Before engaging in these personal insults against people doing their job, the Union should remember that at the end of this strike, we all have to work together again. Needless antagonism is uncalled for.

Unfortunately the Union has chosen to publish untruths and misleading statements. We will publish bulletins as necessary to rebut the Union’s falsehoods as necessary and they will appear on the City’s website.”

Poll Question - Re-elect Mayor Cook

Starting later today - I will be throwing up the following poll question:


The poll will be on the right-hand side of the blog site.  Results will be revealed next Friday

CRD Library Calendar - Feb/Mar 2013

Courtesy of the Cariboo Regional District:

Mary Forbes wins Community Achievers award

On Feb 18th - the BC Achievement Foundation awarded the 2013 "BC Community Achievers" award.  Local resident Mary Forbes was a recicipient of this award.  Mary Forbes and I went to high-school together (Columneetza Senior Secondary - Class of 1997).  Well done, Mary

You can listen to her interview with CBC Kamloops here

Press Release - Courtesy of the Gov't of BC/BC Achievement Foundation:

Premier Christy Clark and Keith Mitchell, chair of the British Columbia Achievement Foundation, today named this year’s recipients of the B.C. Community Achievement Awards.

“Communities are built by people who step up to the plate and contribute,” said Premier Christy Clark. “On behalf of all British Columbians, I would like to thank and congratulate the outstanding individuals named today for their contributions. British Columbia’s biggest strength is people like them.”

“The community achievement awards honour individuals who have made a significant contribution either as volunteers or in the course of their work,” said Mitchell. “We’re privileged to showcase and celebrate the contributions of these exceptional British Columbians.”

The recipients of the 2013 awards are:

  • Dr. Jeannette Armstrong of Penticton
  • Patricia Blair of Victoria
  • Helen Boyd of Comox
  • Mel Coulson of Quick
  • Douglas Crow of Victoria
  • John De Forest of Surrey
  • Mary Forbes of Williams Lake
  • Jean Gelwicks of Salt Spring Island
  • Afraj Gill of Surrey
  • Leonora Gregory-Collura of Gibsons
  • Kathy Holmes of Ladysmith
  • Maggie and Kelly Ip of Vancouver
  • Mike Jang of Vancouver
  • Ingrid Jeffrey of Coquitlam
  • Margo Kane of Vancouver
  • Susan Lane of White Rock
  • Chief Jason Louie of Creston
  • Tom Lymbery of Gray Creek
  • Phyllis MacPherson of Lake Country
  • Amrit Maharaj of Vancouver
  • Kelly Mann of Victoria
  • Dr. James McEwen of Vancouver
  • Lennette McLean of Dease Lake
  • John McQuade of Delta
  • Brianne Moore of Kelowna
  • Libby Nelson of Fruitvale
  • Janet Renquist of Prince George
  • Sherri Robinson of Esquimalt
  • Aminollah Sabzevari of North Vancouver
  • Donald Shumka of Vancouver
  • Marnie Simon of Pemberton
  • Karen Stacey of Vancouver
  • Andrea Thomas Hill of Vancouver
  • Catherine Van Alstine of West Vancouver
  • Sing Lim Yeo of Vancouver

An independent advisory council selects the recipients of the British Columbia Community Achievement Awards. This year’s council members are Mayor Mike Clay of Port Moody, Mayor Shari Green of Prince George, and past recipients Don Montgomery of Richmond (2009), Joyce Carlson of Powell River (2009) and Jane Frost of Vancouver (2006).

The recipients of the 2013 British Columbia Community Achievement Awards will be recognized in a formal presentation at Government House in Victoria on March 14, 2013. Each will receive a certificate and a medallion designed by B.C. artist Robert Davidson.

The British Columbia Community Achievement Awards are generously sponsored by Postmedia Network, publishers of The Vancouver Sun and The Province.

The British Columbia Achievement Foundation is an independent foundation established and endowed by the province of B.C. to celebrate excellence in the arts, humanities, enterprise and community service. Launched in 2003, the awards were the first initiative of the foundation, followed by the B.C. Creative Achievement Award for Applied Art and Design, B.C.’s National Award for Canadian Non-Fiction, the B.C. Creative Achievement Award for First Nations’ Art, and the B.C. Aboriginal Business Awards.

A Backgrounder can be read here