Monday, September 30, 2013

2nd Budget 2014 Mtg - City of WL

With 10 people present - City of WL Council (Councillors Bourdon, Hughes, Rathor and Walters present) and their Staff (CAO D. Garceau, Director of Finance P. Higgins, Director of Municipal Services K. Goldfuss, Manager of Economic Development A. Madrigga and local Fire Chief D. Webster) held their 2nd budget meeting

After a short Powerpoint Presentation by the City's Director of Finance, the meeting broke into two tables discussing various issues including infrastructure, taxes/financial planning and recreation as some discussion topics.  Some of the ideas I brought forward include:

a) Ensure annual reviews of water/sewer rates so no "spiked" rates (raise rates then no raises for a few years and then have a big rate increase as 'catch up')

b) Have a proactive conversation with Heavy Industry and take their concerns into consideration as 2014 Budget is drafted.  IN fact, Kamloops Council has been requested to do this with their local heavy industry however they have not agreed to this request yet

c) Consider idea around "e-Town Hall" (Facebook or other vehicle) meeting to develop input on budget, but this option could be expanded to other topics

d) Consider investing in Internet Cameras in Council Chambers to allow people to watch Council meetings and other public information meetings at people's leisure.  Rough cost is $10,000 to put in equipment but cost for better decision-making could be recouped over years...

e) Budget supplementary requests from Staff should identify how they align with the City's OCP/ICSP.  A point that was recently reinforced to me by the City's CAO (D. Garceau) at a previous meeting I had with him

The other table had some robust discussions as well around how to seize opportunities with the local TRU Campus here in Williams Lake but it seems it was good discussion overall by the attendees

Next meeting: Oct 10th (all day) - WL Fire Hall on Hodgson Road (across from Canadian Tire) to present 2014 Business Plans for all Departments

Saturday, September 28, 2013

South Lakeside Drive Update #13

Courtesy of the City of Williams Lake:

Sub-excavation of South Lakeside Drive is now completed. Work is to begin on installing an electrical conduit and a streetlight at Pioneer Drive.

Next week final preparation will be made for pavement, and paving is slated to start mid-week.

With rain forecast for the few several days, the City would like to urge residents to drive slowly and use caution while travelling on South Lakeside Drive.

Rain softens the gravel road base, causing it to deteriorate very quickly. While the road is saturated, though, any attempts to perform grading or repairs will be ineffective or cause further damage.

The public is reminded that the portion of South Lakeside Driveway between the Cariboo Adventist Academy and Hodgson Road is a construction area, and rough patches of road are to be expected. The contractor is regularly working on grading and repairing rough areas, but patience is requested because the high volume of traffic causes road condition to deteriorate quickly. Motorists are also reminded to obey the posted 30 km/h speed limit. Traffic flow will be single-lane alternating.

South Lakeside Drive will be repaved from Hodgson Road to the Cariboo Adventist Academy, the merge lane from Hodgson Road will be extended to Pioneer Drive, and a pedestrian/bike lane will be added from Hodgson Road to the Cariboo Adventist Academy. Work on the project is expected to continue through September.

WL Council at UBCM

Courtesy of the City of Williams Lake:

Williams Lake City Council and the Chief Administrative Officer enjoyed a productive week at the annual Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM) in Vancouver.

The convention allows local government officials to network with each, debate resolutions for submission to the provincial government, and to meet with the Premier and cabinet ministers to discuss priorities for the communities.

The City, along with the Cariboo Regional District, the Esk’etemc First nation, the City of Quesnel, and the Districts of 100 Mile and Wells were honoured with the UBCM Excellence in Partnerships Award for their work on the St. Joseph’s Mission Residential School Commemorative Project.

“We were honoured to be part of the project, and we look forward to enhancing partnerships and relationships based on our work so far,” says Williams Lake Mayor Kerry Cook. “UBCM recognizes the importance of relationships with the province’s First Nations as well, declaring 2013 the Year of Reconciliation.”

While in Vancouver, Council met with the Premier and a number of cabinet ministers to discuss the New Prosperity mine, Cariboo Memorial Hospital capital improvements, the Community Forest application, crime reduction, aboriginal reconciliation, and grant opportunities. Cariboo Chilcotin MLA Donna Barnett attended the meetings as well to support the City.

Council attended a “Tools, Resources & Funding for Local Governments”, workshop, a session providing an to meet with representatives from agencies that provide tools, resources, funding or other supports that help local governments to undertake planning, projects and development.

Council attended a workshop titled “Stewardship of sustainable services, assets, and finances.” The session highlighted the benefits of asset management through practical strategies and best practices. There are benefits to taxpayers and decision makers from establishing asset information, ensuring efficient and effective management of assets from a fiscally responsible and sustainable viewpoint.

Other sessions at the convention included Exploring a BC Crime Prevention Strategy, Local Government Election Reform, and a plenary session on Strong Fiscal Futures, a presentation of the UBCM select committee on local government finance. Finance system reform is an important priority, and the report proposed a number of key directions for reform aimed at improving the way service and infrastructure are financed.

As a member of the Rural BC project steering committee, Mayor Cook was involved in three presentations: to the premier, cabinet’s rural caucus, and at a clinic for delegates to advance a rural development strategy. The Rural BC project is a focused strategy to assist all levels of government deal with the complex social and economical recovery for regions affected by the forest industry and other sectors, increasing public awareness of the issues rural BC communities are facing in a constructive and political non-partisan manner and debate what is required to meet the challenges faced by rural BC communities.

Members of the steering committee and other rural elected officials were pleased to hear the Premier speak about the importance of rural British Columbia in her speech to delegates,” says Mayor Cook.

Mayor Cook gave a presentation to the Mid-Sized Community Forum delegates, which was an opportunity to emphasize the resilience of Williams Lake, most recently during the economic downturn.

Mayor Cook also attended the fourth meeting of the BC Mayors Caucus, with 124 mayors attending to share best practices, and to speak to the provincial government with a unified voice when it comes to municipal priorities.

The City’s two resolutions, concerning genetically modified organisms and prolific offenders, did not make it to the convention floor due to time constraints, but have been referred to the UBCM Resolutions Committee for consideration.

As always, this year’s UBCM convention was an excellent opportunity to highlight Williams Lake and to make sure our priorities are heard by the provincial government,” Mayor Cook says. “We look forward to working with all levels of government to moving our community forward.”

Friday, September 27, 2013

Local Gov't Mtgs - Wk of Sept 30 - Oct 4th

A few local governments are meeting this week as follows:

Wells - Regular Council meeting at 7pm in Wells Council Chambers (4243 Sanders Ave)

Quesnel - Regular Council meeting at 7pm in Quesnel Council Chambers (2nd Floor - 410 Kinchant St)

On the Agenda:

a) Review and adopt COW Recommendations from Sept 23rd meeting
b) Mayor Sjostrom to report on two QCEDC meetings and the Sept 13th Cariboo RD Board meeting, Councillor Brisco to report on a Museum Commission meeting and the West Fraser Timber Park Advisory Committee meeting

c) Secondary Suite consultation
d) Appointment of new City Auditor
e) Medicinal Marijuana regulations in the City of Quesnel
f) Councillor Brisco to request transfer of funds from Councillor Coleman's to his Travel/Training Budget

Full Agenda here

Also Orange Shirt Day event at 12 noon Monday -- 410 Kinchant Street

Williams Lake - Budget 2014 meeting at 7pm Monday at the WL Fire Hall.  No COW Meeting scheduled.  Orange Shirt Day event at 10am Monday -- Boitanio Park

Cariboo Regional District:

Sat Sept 28th - Area C Town Hall meeting -- 1pm at Barlow Creek Fire Hall

Mon Sept 30th - Area F Town Hall meeting -- 7pm at Big Lake Community Hall
Mon Sept 30th - Area E Town Hall meeting -- 7pm at Mountview Elementary

Tues Oct 1st - Area J Town Hall meeting - 7pm at Anahim Lake Community Hall
Tues Oct 1st - Quesnel Town Hall meeting - 7pm at Quesnel Council Chambers

Wed Oct 2nd - Area K Town Hall meeting - 7pm at Alexis Creek Community Hall
Wed Oct 2nd - 100 Mile Town Hall meeting - 7pm at 100 Mile Council Chambers

Thurs Oct 3rd at 5:30pm.  Committee of the Whole meeting in the CRD Boardroom (180D North 3rd Avenue in Williams Lake).

On the Agenda:

a) Further debate on Medicinal Marijuana regulations
b) CAO Evaluation Form discussion
c) Volunteer Recognition Program
d) At request of Area F Director Joan Sorley, discussion on Code of Conduct after she raises a concern that a Cariboo RD Director was disrespectful towards CRD Staff, City of WL Alternate Director Sue Zacharias, CRD Area 'B' Director Heloise Dixon-Warren and CRD Area H Director Margo Wagner at the Sept 13th Board meeting.  Should make for interesting watching as the Committee discusses this item

There will be an In-Camera meeting at this meeting as per Section 90(1g - potential or actual litigation) of the Community Charter

Full Agenda here

Fri Oct 4th at 9:30am -- Cariboo-Chilcotin Regional Hospital District meeting in the CRD Boardroom.

On the Agenda -- a) Adopt Directors' Remuneration Bylaw, b) CMH Capital Upgrade moves forward

Full Agenda here

Fri Oct 4th at 9:45am - Cariboo RD Board meeting in the CRD Boardroom

On the Agenda:

a) Fraser Basin Council to address the Board on its' activities
b) Various land use planning items
c) Petition against lock up of Forest Grove refuse site
d) Community Works agreements for Barlow Creek and Bouchie Lake
e) 2014 Board Calendar adoption
f) District of 100 Mile request Board support for their "Age Friendly Rural Community Grant" application

g) Adoption of Recommendations from South Cariboo Rural Caucus/Joint Committee
h) Adoption of Recommendations from North Cariboo Rural Caucus/Joint Committee
i) Adoption of Cariboo RD Directors' Remuneration Bylaw

There will be an In-Camera meeting under provision of Sections 90(1) c, e, and k of the Community Charter (labour/employee relations, property and negotiations)

Full Agenda here

Orange Shirt Day Monday

On Monday, an Orange Shirt Day event will take place in Boitanio Park at 10am in Williams Lake

Cariboo RD Chair Al Richmond, Williams Lake Mayor Kerry Cook and SD #27 Superintendent Mark Thiessen will all be in attendance as well as AFN National Chief Shawn Atleo.  As well, children activities will be occurring at this event.  You are reminded to wear an orange shirt to this event in support of those who suffered at residential schools.  Cariboo RD Area D taxpayers contributed funds ($300) to this event so as the Cariboo RD Area D Alternate Director, I plan to be in attendance.

View the Facebook page here or

See the poster below:

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Water Main break in Quesnel

Courtesy of the City of Quesnel website:

A major watermain break occurred overnight (Wed pm/Thursday am) at the corner of St. Laurent Avenue and McLean Street in the downtown core. A six inch cast-Iron watermain ruptured. The City of Quesnel had to shut down Water Service to an area that affected businesses up to a 2 block radius from this intersection.

Here is the latest update on the break from the Director of Public Works and Engineering Mike Bolch.

The City of Quesnel's Public Works crew has discovered where the watermain leak originated.
The crew Is repairing and replacing the damaged pipe at this time.
The City can confirm that water will be back on by 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning (September 27) or earlier.
The City suggests that when the water does come back on, there will be turbidity so please run your cold water tap for approximately 20 minutes.
The City confirms that repaving will occur in approximately two weeks from today.
The Director of Public Works and Engineering Mike Bolch has just confirmed that the water is now on and the intersection will be open by tomorrow morning.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the City of Quesnel at 250-992-2111 or email

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Central Cariboo Joint Committee Meeting - Sept 25th


CRD - Directors J. Sorley and B. Kemp
City of WL - Mayor Cook (Chair) and Councillors Bonnell, Bourdon, Hughes, Rathor, Walters and Zacharias

Absent - CRD Area 'D' Director D. Bischoff


City of WL CAO D. Garceau
City of WL Director of Community Services G. Paynton
City of WL Records Managements Coordinator R. Schill
CRD Manager of Community Services D. Campbell

Meeting called to order at 6:01pm
Agenda with 1 Late Item (oral report of Director J. Sorley) approved
Minutes from July 10th CCJC Meeting adopted


1) Sheila Wyse - Museum of the Cariboo-Chilcotin

Ms. Wyse appeared before the Joint Committee to discuss the activities of the Museum
A Question and Answer period ensued

The Chair on behalf of the Committee thanked Ms. Wyse for her time/information

2) Justin Calof - Cariboo Mountain Bike Consortium

Mr. Calof appeared before the Joint Committee to discuss next steps for permanent funding for the Consortium

A Question and Answer period ensued

Committee Action -- Delegation received and request by the Consortium was referred to the Oct 23rd CCJC Meeting


1) Code of Conduct

The Chair reviewed the item with the Joint Committee
Discussion ensued thereon

Committee Action - That the report be received and endorsed

2) Appointment of Sub-Committee for Review of 2014 Grant-in-Aid Applications & GIA Criteria Review

The Joint Committee reviewed the report of the City of Williams Lake Director of Finance
Discussion ensued thereon

Point of Order called by Councillor Rathor - Chair not recognizing Director Kemp's desire to speak.  The Chair thanked Councillor Rathor for bringing this to her attention

Committee Action -- That Joint Committee appoint Councillor Bonnell and Director Sorley to the sub-Committee and the sub-Committee report back on GIA criteria as it relates to 'Capital' and 2014 GIA applications and bring those recommendations to the Oct 23rd CCJC Meeting

3) Pool Finance Committee Update

Moved: Councillor Zacharias
Seconded: Director Kemp

That the agenda item summary from Darron Campbell, Manager of Community Services, dated September 12, 2013, regarding an update report and recommendations from the finance committee for the pool renovation and upgrade project, be received.

Further, that the initial recommendations be endorsed including confirmation that the referendum for the project will request authority to borrow up to $10 million over a 20-year term and that the provisional Central Cariboo Recreation and Leisure Service 2014 financial plan reflect a taxation increase to the maximum extent possible to support building reserves for replacement of the main tank.

The Manager of Community Services (CRD) discussed his report with the Joint Committee
Discussion ensued thereon

Moved: Councillor Bonnell
Seconded: Director Sorley

That this matter be tabled until the next meeting

Carried Unanimously

Discussion ensued on a date for a referendum - either in May/June or November 2014

4) Verbal Report from Director Sorley re: Director Bischoff

Director Sorley informed the Joint Committee that Director Bischoff has decided to no longer participate on the Central Cariboo Joint Committee and intends to withdraw from a number of Central Cariboo functions

Moved: Director Sorley
Seconded: Councillor Zacharias

That Director Bischoff's appointment to the Pool Finance Committee be rescinded.  Further Director Kemp be appointed to the Pool Finance Committee.

-- Defeated

City of WL CAO will place a copy of the email from Director Bischoff to Central Cariboo CRD Directors re: Withdraw from CC Joint Committee and other Central Cariboo functions on the Oct 23rd Central Cariboo Joint Committee Agenda for consideration

5) Action Page

Committee Action - Receive Action Page

Meeting recessed at 8:35pm to go In-Camera under Section 90(1k) of the Community Charter (negotiations or proposed municipal service)

Long-term City of WL employee praised

Courtesy of the City of Williams Lake:

The City of Williams Lake would like to congratulate Water and Sewer Division foreman John Halfnights on being named the Environmental Operators Certification Program (EOCP) Operator of the Year.

John, a City employee for over 40 years, was presented the award recently in Nanaimo at the Public Works Association of British Columbia Technical Conference. He was nominated by a fellow Water and Sewer Division employee Pat Mahood. Part of his submission to EOCP follows:

“John goes the extra mile to support our system, customers and crew. His experience is an invaluable asset to our department...junior operators coming into our utility and being trained by John get a leg up in the industry. Not every operator can say they have worked with such a good mentor, with experience in so many aspects of the field, and with the dedication required to provide water and sewer services for a community 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Working with John “rubs off” and creates a better operator that has seen and worked with a true and dedicated professional.”

“John is an invaluable asset to the City of Williams Lake as a Water and Sewer Operator as well as a role model for all public works employees,” says Manager of Water and Waste Joe Engelberts. “He leads by example with a very strong work ethic and dedication rarely seen in this day and age. Although he could have retired several years ago, his dedication to his profession keeps him coming to work for the citizens of Williams Lake.”

In addition to his work at the City, John is an active volunteer for a number of organizations, and has served as the president of the local Royal Canadian Legion branch.

“The City is very proud of John, who has been a dedicated employee for over 40 years,” says Williams Lake Mayor Kerry Cook. “He has an extensive knowledge of the City’s water and sewer systems, and passes this knowledge on to other operators, improving delivery of these vital services. This is a well-deserved award, and I am pleased to see his commitment and caring for his crew and community acknowledged.”

John will be recognized by Council at the October 8th Council meeting.

Eating Habit Busting Program

Courtesy of the City of Williams Lake:

Brand new for Recreation Services this fall is a program called “Eating Habit Busting.”  This 12-month program works on the premise that to successfully make lifestyle adjustments you need to change one thing at a time, which allows the body and mind to adjust to each modification.   
In this 12 step, 12 month program, you will learn how to lose weight by healthy eating and a sustainable exercise routine. Many weight loss programs demand drastic diet changes and hard to maintain restrictions. This program will focus on gradual monthly adjustments to your diet and exercise program, one baby step at a time. There will be three motivational lectures and every month tips and advice will be delivered via email and package pick-up.  These face to face exchanges will be paired with optional weekly weigh-ins and a 12-month Cariboo Memorial Recreation Complex membership.

The theory behind the program is that it takes three weeks for the body to accept the modifications you make and the program will encourage only one change per month.  Instead of trying to exercise and diet all at once, the first month will be about focusing on exercising, three times a week.   The second month, the group will track what they eat, each month will have an additional modification.   The first six steps are based on problems that all overweight people face, while others steps will be individual pitfalls that they are able to identify. 

Your choice for optional weigh ins will be 8:00am – 9:00am, 12-1 or 4:00pm – 5:00pm.  Three times in the year the group members will attend motivational lectures that will further encourage them on their healthy lifestyle journey.  The first lecture focuses on what is happening in the brain and why it is difficult to resist high fat, high sugar food.  The other two talks will be based on group needs.  If for example, many of the participants are struggling with emotional eating, a counselor will be booked for a session to address this issue. 

The annual membership can be paid monthly.  The first and last month payment must be paid when you register.  The Complex membership includes a full spectrum of Aquafit and dry land fitness classes, the fitness centre, pool, and ice rink.  The annual membership also includes a personal training session with one of our BCRPA certified instructors. 

There are three easy ways to register: online at; by phone at 250-398-7665, or in person at the Cariboo Memorial Recreation Complex at 525 Proctor Street.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

WL Council Highlights - Sept 24th mtg

Present - Mayor Cook and Councillors Bonnell, Bourdon, Hughes, Rathor, Walters and Zacharias

Staff present:

Darrell Garceau - City Manager
Cindy Bouchard - Manager of Legislative Services
Ken MacInnis - Communications Coordinator
Chris Hutton - Planning Technician
Jeff Bernardy - Engineering Technician

Meeting called to order at 6:00pm

Agenda approved
Mins of Sept 10th WL Council meeting approved


Mayor Cook on behalf of Williams Lake City Council presented Mr. Randy Isfeld with a Certificate of Appreciation for his dedication as the City's former Fire Chief


1) Council received for information the Cheque Runs for Sept 13, 17 and 19th
2) Council approved the permissive property tax exemptions for 2014; and further, that Bylaw No. 2195 was read a 1st, 2nd and 3rd time

3) Council ratified an email poll in regards to authorizing approval of the Women's Contact Society's annual "Take Back the Night" event being held Friday, September 20, 2013

4) Council received and endorsed the Fraser Basin Council's final designs for their 'Celebrating Diversity Mural Project' at Jubilee Place, located at 845 Carson Drive.

5) Council authorized Staff to:

i) Reimburse the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) $16,047.81 for electricity used on the vacant side of the Cariboo Lodge during the period of March 23, 2010 through to May 21, 2013;

ii) Reimburse CMHA annually for the City’s portion of electricity consumed on the vacant side of the Cariboo Lodge (May 24, 2013 through to December 31, 2013 will total $1,088.01);

iii) Utilize the Cariboo Lodge Future Expenditures Reserve Account, #46290043, to reimburse CMHA for annual Cariboo Lodge electricity costs.

6) Council considered the feedback received from the Open House in conjunction with the various advantages and disadvantages to the proposed Johnson Street connection option, and directed Staff to work with MOTI to host another public consultation session in regards to the Johnson St/Highway 97 project as soon as possible

7) Council approved the annual Halloween Fireworks Show & Bonfire on Thursday, October 31, 2013 at 7:15 PM at the Williams Lake Stampede Grounds

8) After a public hearing - Council adopted Bylaws #2174/2175 and 2182/2183 (Keeping of Bees/Hens in backyards)

9) Council passed two Proclamations as follows:

a) September 29 to October 6, 2013 - Celebrate Life week
b) November 17 to 24, 2013 - Restorative Justice week

10) Late Item #1 - Council approved moving forward on the adding of infrastructure for a left turn light at South Lakeside Dr and Prosperity Way

11) Late Item #2 - Council approved closing off a portion of Western Ave by Jubilee Place for the unveiling of the mural there when it occurs

12) Council received the 'Council Information Package' as follows:

• September 7, 2013 - Youth Parliament of BC re 85th BC Youth Parliament;
• September 9, 2013 - NDIT Release re 'Regional procurement database will drive revenue and job creation in northern BC';
• September 13, 2013 - CRD Board Highlights;
• September 19, 2013 - IHA News Release re 'RFP Marks Next Step in Future CMH Redevelopment';
• September 20, 2013 - Walk for Harmony on October 8, 2013 Poster.

13) Council received Mayor Cook's report outlining her bi-weekly activities

Members of Council outlined activities that they were involved in

Meeting adjourned at 7:27pm and after a short recess, Council went into an In-Camera session pursuant to Sections 90(1)(c) and (g) of the Community Charter (labour or other employee issues & potential or actual litigation)

Area F & CMRC

In the last 24 hours, I've have several inquiries if Area F of the Cariboo Regional District supports the Cariboo Memorial Rec Complex (CMRC) and the answer is:

Depends on where you live in Area F

The Function that looks after the CMRC and other recreation issues is called:

Central Cariboo Leisure Services

Those who pay into this Function are:

Area F - Duggan Lake, 150 Mile House
Area E - Esler, Russet Bluff and those living on Hodgson Road
Area D - Wildwood, Pine Valley, Fox Mountain and Commodore Heights

I hope that answer the question for those searching on this subject.  If not -- I can be reached by email at or by phone at 250-267-6725 or contact your local Cariboo RD Area Director as follows:

Area D - Deb Bischoff, click here
Area E - Byron Kemp, click here
Area F - Joan Sorley, click here

Letter 'B' Newsletter - Sept 2013

In her September edition of her Letter B newsletter -- Cariboo RD Area 'B' Director Heloise Dixon-Warren discusses the following:

News from Me to You… across Electoral Area B
North Cariboo Multi-Centre Project Information Sessions
Electoral Area B Town Hall Meetings – Thursday, Sept. 26th (Bouchie Lake Hall)
North Cariboo Recreation & Parks Taxation Map
Grant Information – Grants for Assistance & Imagine Grants (Northern Health/ HEAL)
North Cariboo Multi-Centre Update
Rural Recreation Commission Budget Timeline
UBCM – Convention 2013

Read the full newsletter below:

Area G Town Hall meeting

Last night before 22 people - Area 'G' Director (and CRD Chair) Al Richmond along with CAO J. Bell, CFO S.Reid and the CRD's Manager of Communications S. Burich discussed ideas in advance of the Regional Board's discussions for the 2014 Budget.  You can view the full presentation here

Topics of Discussion:

a) Mission Statement, Values and Vision
b) 2013 Strategic Plan
c) Discussion on CCRHD/CRHD
d) 2013 Budget -- Source of Funds/Expenditure/Departmental Breakdown
e) Discussion of Function (2013 Numbers)
f) 2013 Tax Rate Summaries
g) Discussion topics

i) Current Level of Taxation
ii) Current Level of Services
iii) Reserves vs Borrowing
iv) Community Engagement
v) Specific Financial Questions
vi) Secondary Suites
vii) Beekeeping/Chickens
viii) Transfer Stations
viii) Speeding on Lakes
x) Orange Shirt Day
xi) UBCM

Public Comments:

a) Cariboo Memorial -- Equipment vs Capital Site Plan
b) Cost over-runs?
c) Unpaid tickets -- add as unpaid property taxes?
d) Sick leave for Staff/Contracting out, Staff benefits
e) Congrats to Cariboo RD for Aboriginal Reconcilation Partnership Award
f) MMBC Recycling Program
g) Lobbying Efforts by local governments

Meeting adjourned at 9:16pm

Monday, September 23, 2013

Orange Shirt Day -- Sept 30th

Courtesy of the City of Williams Lake:

The community is invited to affirm its commitment to ensure everyone matters by participating in Orange Shirt Day, proclaimed in Williams Lake and the Cariboo for Sept. 30.

Everyone is encouraged to wear an orange shirt on this day, and to wear an “Every Child Matters” button. A ceremony at 10 a.m. in Boitanio Park will feature the story behind the orange shirt, Assembly of First nations Chief Shawn Atleo, Juno Award-winning blues musician Murray Porter, and a children’s presentation. In addition, resources available in the community to help children will be highlighted.

At the launch of the St. Joseph’s Mission Residential School Commemoration and Reconciliation project on April 24, Phyllis Webstad, who is a survivor of the school, shared a very personal story about her first experience going to the school: “I went to the Mission for one year, I had just turned 6 years old. We never had very much money, and there was no welfare, but somehow my granny managed to buy me a new outfit to go to the Mission school in. I remember going to Robinson’s store and picking out a shiny orange shirt. It had eyelets and lace, and I felt so pretty in that shirt and excited to be going to school! Of course, when I got to the Mission, they stripped me, and took away my clothes, including the orange shirt! I never saw it again, except maybe on other kids. I didn’t understand why they wouldn’t give it back to me, it was mine! The colour orange has always reminded me of how my feelings didn’t matter, how no one cared and how I felt like I was worth nothing.”

This was the experience of many, if not all First Nations children for over a hundred years as they attended the school for the first time. Orange Shirt Day has been proclaimed in recognition of the harm the residential school system did to children’s self worth, sense of self-esteem and wellbeing, and as an affirmation of our commitment to ensure that everyone around us matters.

“The Commemoration and Reconciliation project was a great beginning, but we want to carry the healing and positive relationship building forward,” says Williams Lake Mayor Kerry Cook. ‘Orange Shirt Day is a good opportunity for all of us in the community to carry on the momentum from the St. Joseph’s Mission events this spring.”

The City of Williams Lake proclaimed Orange Shirt Day in May, was a leading partner in the Residential School Commemoration and Reconciliation project, and continues to support ongoing reconciliation efforts, including Orange Shirt Day.

Buttons are available from local businesses, or can be obtained from Phyllis Webstad at 250-989-2222 or Joan Sorley at 250-243-2261.

Northern Healthy Communities Grant available...

Courtesy of Cariboo RD Area 'B' Director Heloise Dixon-Warren:


Northern Health is pleased to launch a new season of IMAGINE Grant funding opportunities.  If you have a great idea for a health promotion or prevention project within Northern BC, we invite you to apply for funding now.

What are IMAGINE Grants?  Northern Health grants that would support health promotion and prevention and will aid in the health and wellness of Northerners – where they live, work, learn and play.

Types of IMAGINE Grants available are:  HEAL (Healthy Eating Active Living) (up to $2,000), HEAL for your HEART (up to $3,000), Injury Prevention (up to $2,000), Tobacco Free Communities (up to $1,000), RoadHealth (up to $5,000), HIV Prevention (up to $5,000) and Harm Reduction (up to $1,000).  For more information, please visit our webpage at IMAGINE Grants:

The grants fund projects that: 
·         Last – your project has a good chance of living on after the funding ends
·         Make a difference – your project will broadly impact community in a positive way
·         Reduce health inequities – your project will help support those who are disadvantaged or marginalized
·         Build relationships – your project will help people connect to each other and their community and share successes
·         Support collaboration & partnerships – your project will encourage diverse groups to work together toward a common goal
·         Improve health – your project will reduce the risks and impacts of chronic illnesses and injuries

Who is it for?  IMAGINE Grants are for all northern community partners, including groups, organizations, schools or districts, that have a great idea for a health promotion or prevention project.

Where & how do I apply?  Applying is easy!  Go to the webpage.

Northern BC will be the proud host of the 2015 Canada Winter Games (February 13 – March 1).  We encourage you to consider this once in a lifetime opportunity and develop projects that support the vision of the Canada Winter Games, creating health legacy linked with healthy and safe activity, recreation and sport. 

A developing resource, “Every Child and Coach a Winner” (ECCAW) is being designed for Northern schools and teachers, aimed at supporting school health plans and building healthier kids.  When you apply for an IMAGINE Grant, let us know if you would like more information on the ECCAW resource.

We will be reviewing all grant applications in the fall of 2013.  Awarding will be based on a variety of factors, including alignment with the Position Statements Addressing Risk Factors found in our webpage:

We look forward to another successful year of IMAGINE Grants and to receiving all of your Grant Applications for your great health promotion or prevention projects today!

If you have any questions or require more information, please contact us by phone or email or visit our webpage.

1-888-645-6555 or 250-645-6407 or


2nd City of WL Budget Mtg -- Sept 30th

Courtesy of the City of Williams Lake:

A bridge from the City’s west side to downtown, more signage leading visitors to downtown, and a washroom in Courthouse Square are some of the ideas Council heard during a public budget discussion September 12.

Residents are invited to bring more ideas and visions for the City of Williams Lake to the next public budget meeting, 7 p.m. Sept. 30 at the Fire Hall. The meeting will be a broad in-depth discussion, where input and information gathered will be discussed and incorporated into the budget deliberations. Areas to be covered will be reviews of the 5-year financial plan, strategic goals and objectives, long term debt, utility fees, tax rates, and service levels.

As part of its commitment to improved long-term fiscal planning, Williams Lake City Council is hosting a number of public budget meetings to engage with residents and listen to ideas and visions for the future of Williams Lake.

“If you weren’t able to attend the first meeting, the Sept. 30 meeting at the Fire Hall is your chance to sit down with members of Council and give us your thoughts, says Mayor Kerry Cook. “We will be there to listen to anyone with something to share about the budget and the future of the city.”

Editor's Note:

With this meeting next Monday at 7pm, we should see slightly better turnout than the 1st budget meeting which saw just 6 people show up.  I know Council will seriously consider your input.  Please note the Cariboo Regional District is presently going through the same budget exercise as the City ofWilliams Lake.  The first Cariboo RD Town Hall meeting is tonight in Area 'G'.  7pm at the Lac La Hache Community Hall.  I will be there and all Area G residents' should plan to be there too! I know your Area Director (CRD Chair Al Richmond) wants to see you there too!

-- SBF

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Local Gov't Mtgs - Wk of Sept 23-27

There are various local government meetings this upcoming week as follows:

Wells - next meeting is Oct 1st

Quesnel - Committee of the Whole meeting on Sept 23rd at 7pm in Quesnel Council Chambers (2nd Floor - 410 Kinchant St)

On the Agenda -- Update to Purchasing Policy/Bylaw & Update on Business Facade Improvements

Full Agenda is here

School District #28 (Quesnel) - Regular Meeting at 7pm Wednesday Sept 25th in the SD #28 Boardroom (401 North Star Rd).  Agenda can be found here

Williams Lake - Regular Council Mtg/Public Hearing (Bees/Hens Bylaws).  Regular Council at 6pm and Public Hearing starts at 7pm on Tuesday Sept 24th with both meetings at WL Council Chambers (450 Mart St)

On the Agenda:

a) Certificate of Appreciation to former WL Fire Chief Randy Isfeld
b) Permissive Property Tax Exemptions for 2014
c) Approve Mural at 845 Carson Drive (Jubilee Place)
d) Reimburse CMHA for electricity bills for Cariboo Lodge property
e) Highway 97/Johnson St Open House Summary
f) Public Hearings on Bylaws to allow hens/bees in backyards.  I expect this will receive one or two public concerns but watch for these bylaws to easily pass by Williams Lake City Council

Full Agenda is here

School District #27 (Cariboo-Chilcotin) - Regular Meeting at 6:30pm on Tuesday, Sept 24th.  Agenda when available is here

100 Mile House - Regular Meeting on Tuesday, Sept 24th in 100 Mile Council Chambers (385 Birch Ave).  COW Mtg at 6:30pm with Regular Council at 7pm.  Agenda when available will be here

Cariboo Regional District:

Sept 23rd -- Area 'G' Town Hall meeting at Lac La Hache Community Hall - 7pm
Sept 24th -  Area 'I' Town Hall meeting at West Fraser Fire Hall - 7pm

Sept 25th - Area 'A' Town Hall meeting at Kersley Community Hall - 7pm

Central Cariboo Rural Directors' Caucus at 3pm in the CRD Committee Room (180D North 3rd Ave, Williams Lake)

On the Agenda -- Central Cariboo HandyDART and review MOU between City of WL/Cariboo RD

Full Agenda is here

Central Cariboo Joint Committee meeting at 5pm in the Cariboo RD Boardroom (180D North 3rd Avenue)

On the Agenda -- Code of Conduct, Appt of Sub Committee to review 2014 Grant in Aides applications, update from Pool Finance Committee and two delegations -- local Museum (introduction to body), and Justin Calof (Mountain Bike as part of Ec Dev for Central Cariboo)

Full Agenda is here

Sept 26th - Area 'B' Town Hall Meeting at Bouchie Lake Community Hall - 7pm
Sept 26th - Wells Town Hall Meeting at Wells Council Chambers - 7pm

Banner Yr for Cariboo RD at UBCM

Courtesy of the Cariboo Regional District:

Over the past few days, the Cariboo Regional District Board of Directors has been representing the region at the Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM) convention and AGM which took place in Vancouver from Sept. 16 to 20, 2013. During the convention the CRD met with 3 provincial ministers and Network BC staff which is a part of the Ministry of Technology, Innovation and Citizens’ Services, spoke to CRD resolutions and received some prestigious awards.

The CRD saw some success with the resolutions it had submitted to the UBCM. Resolutions for the support of the Rural BC project, requirements for working smoke alarms, noxious weeds & range lands all met with endorsement from the UBCM membership. Two other resolutions including tax revenue for the protection of animals and Heritage Week, were referred to the UBCM Executive Committee due to time constraints.

During the resolutions sessions, the CRD learned it had earned the Honourable Mention Gold Star Award for its “Noxious Weeds & Range Lands” resolution. The resolution requested the Government of BC do everything possible to assist the ranching community in controlling noxious weeds including provincial requirements, assisting with costs associated with obtaining a pesticide applicator’s certificate and more.

The Gold Star and Honourable Mention resolution recognition initiative was launched at the 2003 UBCM convention, and is intended to encourage excellence in resolution drafting and to assist UBCM members in refining their resolutions in preparation for submission to the annual convention. Each year the UBCM executive awards a Gold Star and an Honourable Mention Award to members for the best-crafted resolutions.

Throughout the week, CRD Board members and staff met with three provincial ministers to discuss issues of local interest. On Tuesday, Sept. 17, Cariboo Chilcotin Regional Hospital District Chair, John Massier and Vice-Chair Margo Wagner, and Williams Lake Mayor, Kerry Cook and staff met with the Minister of Health, the Honourable Terry Lake, to discuss the status of the Master Plans for the GR Baker Memorial Hospital in Quesnel and the Cariboo Memorial Hospital in Williams Lake.

On Wednesday, Sept. 18, the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, the Honourable Todd Stone met with CRD Chair Al Richmond, Directors John Massier and Jim Glassford to discuss a number of issues including improvements to the transportation routes through the Nazko Gateway area. The final meeting was held with the Minister of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training and the Minister Responsible for Labour, the Honourable Shirley Bond to discuss the concept of taxation relief for resort owners and the economic and benefits and employment opportunities that could arise as a result of the development of the Nazko Gateway.

Thursday morning during the Community Excellence Awards Breakfast Reception, the CRD, Esk’etemc, the Cities of Quesnel and Williams Lake and the District’s of 100 Mile House and Wells were presented with the UBCM Excellence Award in Partnerships for their submission The St. Joseph’s Mission Residential School Commemorative Project. The same morning, CRD representatives attended a breakfast meeting with Geoscience BC to receive an update on the work they are doing throughout the province and more specifically within the Cariboo region.

The CRD will once again be well represented on the UBCM Executive Board as CRD Chair Al Richmond and Quesnel CRD Director, Mayor Mary Sjostrom will once again have a seat on the Executive. Chair Richmond now moves to the position of Second Vice-President while Mayor Sjostrom will move to the position as Past- President. This will be Chair Richmond’s sixth consecutive year on the UBCM Board and Mayor Sjostrom’s eighth year.

During the annual UBCM Banquet on Thursday evening, CRD Director and Vice-Chair Ted Armstrong was presented with a Special Long Service Award for his 35 years of public office. Director Armstrong was first elected to the CRD Board in 1978 as the Electoral Area A Director after serving as an Alternate Director in 1977. The guests at the banquet also witnessed CRD Director and Quesnel Mayor Mary Sjostrom presented with a lifetime membership to UBCM for her service to the organization.

“It was truly an exciting and productive conference with excellent speakers and professional development opportunities,” stated CRD Chair Al Richmond. “I would like to commend our regional partners, Board and our staff for taking concepts and turning them into award-winning efforts as seen by the Noxious Weeds, and the St. Joseph’s Mission Residential School Commemorative Project.”

South Lakeside Update #12

Courtesy of the City of Williams Lake:

Road excavation east of the Pioneer Drive intersection is expected to be completed next week, and crews will be importing material to fill in sections on the north side of the road. Other work includes mixed-use path preparation and the replacement of the concrete island in the Pioneer Drive intersection.

With rain forecast for the next several days, the City would like to urge residents to drive slowly and use caution while travelling on South Lakeside Drive. Rain softens the gravel road base, causing it to deteriorate very quickly. As soon as conditions permit, crews will be working to improve the road surface. While the road is saturated, though, any attempts to perform grading or repairs will be ineffective or cause further damage.

The public is reminded that the portion of South Lakeside Driveway between the Cariboo Adventist Academy and Hodgson Road is a construction area, and rough patches of road are to be expected. The contractor is regularly working on grading and repairing rough areas, but patience is requested because the high volume of traffic causes road condition to deteriorate quickly. Motorists are also reminded to obey the posted 30 km/h speed limit. Traffic flow will be single-lane alternating.

South Lakeside Drive will be repaved from Hodgson Road to the Cariboo Adventist Academy, the merge lane from Hodgson Road will be extended to Pioneer Drive, and a pedestrian/bike lane will be added from Hodgson Road to the Cariboo Adventist Academy. Work on the project is expected to continue through September.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Cariboo Local Gov'ts win award

Joint Release of local governments and Esk'etemc:

During the Union of British Columbia (UBCM) Excellence Awards Breakfast held this morning, the Cariboo Regional District (CRD), Esk’etemc, the Districts of 100 Mile House and Wells and the Cities of Quesnel and Williams Lake were honoured with the Excellence in Partnerships Award. The local governments and First Nation were presented with the award for their submission about the St. Joseph’s Mission Residential School Commemorative Project. In addition, earlier this week, the UBCM declared 2013 as the Year of Reconciliation.

The Cariboo Regional District is truly honoured to be part of this journey in reconciliation and it is humbling to have won this award for this truly collaborative project,” stated CRD Chair Al Richmond. By gaining a better understanding of each other’s cultures, heritage and the challenges we face, we will be able to create a better Cariboo Chilcotin for all our residents.”

“Reconciliation has begun and we need to keep working together to ensure the future and strength of our communities,” stated Esk’etemc Chief Fred Robbins. “This is just a start, but it is a positive and vital step in our shared journey of remembering, recovering and reconciling of our communities, to begin a NEW Legacy that will span the test of time.”

"We are proud to be a partner in this life-changing event, and to participate in the vision of our local First Nations leadership,” said Williams Lake Mayor Kerry Cook. “We look forward to working together and to continue the good work that has been done in building relationships in our community.”

“On behalf of Quesnel City Council, I consider it an honour to share in the St. Joseph’s Mission Residential School Commemorative Project,” stated Quesnel Mayor Mary Sjostrom. “This initiative has been of benefit to the Region, by allowing us the opportunity to learn about the social injustices suffered by our friends and neighbours and, by allowing survivors to share their stories on their healing journey.”

“I applaud the work of all those involved in the reconciliation initiative - this award speaks volumes as to the positive working relationship that developed and continues to flourish as a result of our collective commitment working collaboratively with our first nations partners," stated District of 100 Mile House Mayor, Mitch Campsall.

"The District of Wells is honoured to be part of the process. Reconciliation means a lot to all of us. We are looking forward to proudly celebrating Orange Shirt Day on Sept. 30th,” says Wells Mayor Robin Sharpe.

The UBCM Community Excellence Awards are held each year during the UBCM Convention to acknowledge and encourage best practices among regional districts and municipalities in British Columbia. Further information about the UBCM Excellence Awards is available online at  

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Cariboo RD Town Hall Mtgs - 2014 Budget

Editor's Note - as the Alternate Director for Area D, I fully plan to attend not only the Area D Town Hall meeting but ones at Areas B, F, G, Quesnel and Williams Lake

Courtesy of the Cariboo Regional District:

Ever feel like every level of government has their hands in your piggy bank? Do you ever wish you had more say? Here is your chance. Dates for the annual Cariboo Regional District Town Hall meetings have been finalized and start next week. The public is encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to provide input to the Regional District to help prepare the 2014 Budget and Five-Year Financial Plan.
The meetings are designed to gather input from residents to ensure their wishes are reflected in the 2014 CRD Budget. The sessions also provide an opportunity to talk about community services and general issues with CRD Directors and staff. The schedule is outlined below.

Following each meeting, presentations for the specific electoral areas or municipalities will be posted on the CRD website along. If you cannot attend your local session, please feel free to view the information online, fill out a survey and email it to the CRD at, or return it to your local CRD office. Further information is also available by calling 250-392-3351 or toll free at 1-800-665-1636.

The Cariboo Regional District currently provides more than 100 local government services to taxpayers including fire protection, land-use planning, solid waste management, and invasive plant management as well as access for residents to libraries and recreation facilities.

West Chilcotin SAR Final Referendum Results

Courtesy of the Cariboo Regional District:

The Cariboo Regional District’s Chief Election Officer has declared the result of the West Chilcotin (Electoral Area J) Search and Rescue Referendum as official. The results are as follows.

West Chilcotin Search and Rescue:   Yes: 34                        No: 33

Polling Station
Anahim Lake School
Tatla Lake School
Naghtaneqed School - Nemiah Valley
CRD Board Room – Williams Lake
Mail Ballots
Rejected Ballots

Total Ballots Cast

For further information about the referendum contact the CRD Chief Election Officer, Alice Johnston or Deputy Chief Election Officer, Darron Campbell at (250) 392-3351 or 1-800-665-1636. Further information is also available on the CRD website at

Williams Lake Joins Bylaw Adjudication System

Courtesy of the City of Williams Lake and BC Government:

Residents of Williams Lake involved in minor bylaw infractions, such as animal and zoning complaints, can now take their disputes to an independent adjudicator working outside the traditional courtroom, Attorney General and Minister of Justice Suzanne Anton announced today at the Union of B.C. Municipalities convention in Vancouver.

Effective Sept. 30, 2013, the City of Williams Lake, as well as the Regional District of Central Kootenay, the District of Coldstream and the Thompson‐Nicola Regional District will join the bylaw adjudication system, which is offered through the Ministry of Justice.

The adjudication system saves local governments time and money and makes for more efficient use of court resources by eliminating the roles of court and court registries in the administration and hearing of these disputes.

Each jurisdiction determines which bylaws it would like included in the process. Williams Lake plans to use the system to enforce noise, business license, zoning, animal control and licensing, water conservation and other similar bylaw disputes more effectively and efficiently.

As part of ongoing reform to the justice system, the B.C. government is increasing the number of alternative ways to resolve disputes, when appropriate, without requiring individuals to use the courts. Court alternatives help to reduce stress, shorten the time required to resolve disputes and ultimately cut costs for both the individual and taxpayer.

Attorney General and Minister of Justice Suzanne Anton –

“Taking a matter to court can be a lengthy process. This system saves people time and helps reduce pressure on the courts without increasing costs to taxpayers. With the addition of the City of Williams Lake, there are now 65 local governments using or developing the bylaw adjudication system.”

Cariboo‐Chilcotin MLA Donna Barnett –

“The bylaw adjudication system is all about reducing time and costs for citizens, local governments and the court system. I’m thrilled the City of Williams Lake has signed on to the system, allowing residents in the community to handle bylaw disputes more quickly and efficiently.”

Williams Lake Mayor Kerry Cook –

“The City of Williams Lake will now have more power over bylaw fine collection. This is a much more efficient system than the city uses currently and allows anyone wishing to dispute a ticket to do so without having to attend an actual court hearing. This not only frees up time for the offender, but for the courts and bylaw officers, as well.”

Quick Facts:

• There are 65 local governments throughout B.C. using, or in the process of developing a bylaw dispute adjudication system.
• Dispute adjudication issues range from parking tickets to dog licensing and minor zoning infractions.
• The City of North Vancouver, District of North Vancouver and District of West Vancouver were the first in B.C. to establish a bylaw adjudication system as part of a 2004 pilot project.
• Individual municipalities track the number of bylaws managed by the adjudication process, and have screening officers who attempt to resolve disputes prior to the formal adjudication. The overall process has resolved and adjudicated several thousand matters since the inception of the program.
• Independent adjudicators are appointed by the Deputy Attorney General.
• The qualifications are prescribed in regulation and include:
o Experience as an adjudicator of disputes.
o Post‐secondary training in adjudication.
o Successful completion of specialized bylaw dispute adjudication training.

WL Council at UBCM 2013

Courtesy of the City of Williams Lake:

Members of Williams Lake City Council are currently in Vancouver attending the Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM) Convention.

On Monday, members of Council attended a workshop “Tools, Resources & Funding for Local Governments”, a session providing an opportunity for City Councillors to meet with representatives from agencies that provide tools, resources, funding or other supports that help local governments to undertake planning, projects and development.

On Tuesday, members of Council attended workshops on the Rural BC Project. The Rural BC project is a focused strategy to assist all levels of government deal with the complex social and economical recovery for regions affected by the forest industry and other sectors. Increasing public awareness of the issues rural BC communities are facing in a constructive and political non-partisan manner and debate what is required to meet the challenges faced by rural BC communities. The development of a rural strategy is a compelling case to the future and sustainability of rural BC.

At the Mid-sized Communities forum, Mayor Cook presented on behalf of Williams Lake during a panel discussion on Economic Transition. The Williams Lake case reflected on the state of affairs in Williams Lake in 2008. The challenges faced by the community and the great work that was undertaken to overcome the many adversities and challenges that the community had to overcome, crime, job loss and the uncertain future. The community gained ground on the crime prevention front by increasing the detachment members, new crime prevention initiatives, hard work in creating partnerships. Tourism opportunities with the Cariboo Mountain Bike Consortium and the fact that Williams Lake is a mountain biking mecca. Relationships with First Nations has been a success.
The presentation was well received and copies will be available on the city website.

City Council met with Premier Clark and Ministers for Energy, Forests, Justice, Health and Aboriginal Relations. Topics included the capital upgrade to the Cariboo Memorial Hospital, a project that is years in the making and is estimated to be $110 million, the issue of crime reduction and efforts to keep the community safe, the joint Community Forest application, and the New Prosperity mine.

MLA Donna Barnett has been attending the Ministry Meetings along with City Council to show her support and add to the discussion.

Deb Bischoff will not seek re-election in 2014

Deb Bischoff, the Cariboo RD Director for Area D (Commodore Heights-Fox Mountain-Pine Valley-Wildwood and McLeese Lake) announced to the Wiliams Lake Tribune that she would not seek a 3rd term as Director in 2014.  More here

I first got to know Deb Bischoff in the fall of 2008 when I met with her over concerns with the local Arts/Culture Function as the Cariboo RD was seeking approval from taxpayers' for that Function.  At the time, she was seeking the Area D Directorship and I was seeking the Area F Directorship in 2008.  As my readers' well recall - she won her Area while I was defeated by then-Area F Director Duncan Barnett.  Just after the polls closed on the 2008 Civic Election - she called and asked how I did, I told her I was defeated.  It was then she asked me to serve on the Area D Advisory Planning Commission (APC) and I readily agreed

Again in 2011 - I ran for WL Council and lost in that race which saw 14 people seeking 6 seats and just like in 2008, she asked me to once again sit on her Area APC and once again, I said yes

In Feb of this year -- she asked me to become her Area Alternate Director to which I agreed (beside it was good experience for the day I hope to become an elected official).  As of this writing, I have had the privilege to attend 4 Cariboo RD Board meetings and I find the Board meetings fun to participate in (although we have serious moments too)

I personally thank Ms. Bischoff for being not only a friend but a mentor but giving me the opportunity for two terms on her Area APC and for giving me the opportunity to be her Alternate Director (for however long it lasts) and sincerely wish her the very best for the remainder of this term and for her future endeavours - whatever they may entail.  

-- SBF