Sunday, August 31, 2008

Reminder of Upcoming Events

September 2 - Quesnel Council meets' at 7pm in Quesnel Council Chambers. As well, WL Council will be meeting in Committee of the Whole with 2 items for consideration (i) 80th Anniversary of City, ii) Permissive Tax Exemptions for 2009) following a Special Council Meeting, which starts at 6:30pm in Williams Lake Council Chambers, to deal with 1 item (Building Canada Fund - Grant Application)

September 8 - BC Liberals' - Cariboo-North Riding Association are having their AGM and Delegate Selection Meeting for the BC Liberals' Convention at Whistler in late October - early November. AGM Meeting starts at 7:00pm which is being held at Begbies' on Reid Street in Quesnel

September 9 - Public Hearing (City of Williams Lake) starting at 7pm in WL Council Chambers on a development proposal by Cariboo Friendship Society for Transitional Housing, then the Regular Meeting of WL City Council to start at 7:30pm, also being held in WL Council Chambers'

September 13 - BC Liberals' Cariboo-Chilcotin Riding Association are having their AGM and Delegate Selection Meeting for the BC Liberals' Convention in late October - early November. AGM Meeting starts at 1:30pm at Pioneer Complex (351 Hodgson Road). Directions to be emailed out.

September 18 - CRD Board of Directors' are hosting a Community BBQ at Lebourdias Park from 5pm - 7pm. All North Cariboo residents' are invited to attend

September 19 - CRD Board of Directors' are holding their regular meeting in Quesnel Council Chambers', starting at 9:30am.

BC Liberals' are holding their Golf Tournament in 108 Mile Golf Course with the following Schedule:

8am - Registration
9am - Tee-Off
4:30pm - Wrap-up events and Dinner

September 30th at 9:00am - October 10th at 4:00pm - CRD, City of Williams Lake/Quesnel and Boards' of Education (School District #27 + 28) will accept nominations for City Councillors'(Williams Lake/Quesnel), Mayor (Williams Lake/Quesnel), Electoral Area Directors' (CRD) and Trustees (SD#27 + 28). Remember - only 2 electors are necessary to nominate a individual for office. No nominations will be accepted, by CRD, City of Williams Lake/Quesnel and local Boards' of Education (SD #27 and 28) after 4pm on October 10th

Bits 'n Pieces

1) Recycling Program - Williams Lake and Cariboo Regional District:

At its' August 26th meeting, Williams Lake Council gave its' go-ahead to award a new 5 year contract to Central Cariboo Disposal for the City's Garbage/Recycling program. The City's New Recycling Program will be door-to-door, via City provided bins and residents will be allowed to place all recyclables' in one bin and the Contractor will sort out the different recyclables, which will now make the jointly funded City/CRD Recycle Bins for both Rural/City residents' redundant. According to the WL Tribune, Brian Carruthers (City's General Manager of Community Services) was quoted as saying:

"We have a funding arrangement with the CRD to operate the Transfer Station and they would assume responsibility.”

He notes that that is something the City still needs to talk to the CRD about, however, as it is only a suggestion at this point."

Area 'F' Director Duncan Barnett raised a concern (and frankly, he was rather excited) about the above quote, at the CRD Board on Friday, August 29th, and felt Staff/City were rushing ahead without consulting with Central Cariboo Directors and was not respecting CRD Board motions on recycling. Quite frankly, Mr. Barnett should get off his "high-horse" and recognize that the City of Williams Lake has said, with respect to the Recycling Bins, that negotiations will take place around financial responsibility for those bins. Quite rightly, with the City having a door-to-door recycling program, I would expect that the City wouldn't want to continue help paying for the bins, however there may be opportunities to partner with the City on getting cardboard, plastics and other recyclables (if appropriate) to Quesnel, via locally placed recycle bins at all Transfer Stations in Areas D, E and F. So, let's all work together to provide maximum recycling opportunities for all residents, not beat our chest just because of what we read in the local newspapers' and why Staff failed to respect motions, etc. Cooperation is always better than confrontation

2) Arts Council "Open-Houses" for CRD Bylaw #4420 (Central Cariboo Arts and Culture)

I was recently informed that starting September 10th from 4-7 at the Gibraltar Room, the Central Cariboo Arts Council will host an "Open House" as to why the "Central Cariboo Arts and Culture Function Bylaw - CRD Bylaw 4420" is necessary. More Open-Houses are planned at their temporary home - Heritage House. Ads for these Open-Houses are set to roll out this week. At this point, I have no information that suggests that the local Arts Council intends to have Open Houses at Miocene, Wildwood, 150 Mile, Horsefly/Likely. In my opinion, that is a big mistake, in terms of open, honest communication for the following three reasons.

1) 4-7pm - most people are still working so you won't get a huge capture of the voters' which may have questions on this new Function including why this is necessary, where other alternatives considered, etc

2) It is far easier for people to drive to their local community hall for various Regional District Initiatives than making them drive from Horsefly/Likely, Miocene, 150 Mile after work back to WL.

3) WL Arts Council Website ( - this Website is in its' infancy, yet September 10th is coming up fast and you would think that the local Arts Council would have its' information up as to why the Arts and Culture Function needs to occur

Bottom Line - This Function should be withdrawn and all other options for supporting Arts and Culture should be looked at with a full, consultative process used to ensure residents' have maximum opportunities to state their views on whether or not taxpayers' should/shouldn't support Arts and Culture and other non-profit groups and under what conditions

CRD Board Meeting Highlights - Aug 29/08

Delegations (2) -

i) BC Hydro - Dave Conway gave an overview to the CRD Board on the Site C Dam project. Pros/Cons on the Site C Project. The Board was happy to see the information. Chair Wolbers, on behalf on the CRD Board, thanked Mr. Conway for coming

ii) Allison Ruault from Interior Health gave an presentation to the Regional Hospital District Board on IH Activities in 100 Mile/Williams Lake/Chilcotin including Staff, Capital and Operational initiatives. Chair Richmond, on behalf on the Regional Hospital District Board, thanked Ms. Ruault for her presentation on recent IH Initiatives to the Board


1) The Regional District agreed to support their application to Northern Trust’s Small Community Economic Development Capacity Building Program. To leverage the Northern Trust application, the CRD will access funds from the 2008 South Cariboo Economic Development function

The Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation has given $10,000 to the Regional District for to 2008/2009 fiscal year. The funding will be used for Treaty Advisory Committee Chair, Ted Armstrong to participate in treaty negotiations with the Northern Secwempemc te Qeltnucw First Nation

3) The second of two Board-on-the-Road events for 2008 will be held in Quesnel on September 18 and 19. On the evening of Thursday, September 18, a community barbeque in celebration of the CRD’s 40th Anniversary and will take place in Lebourdais Park from 5to 7 p.m. The regular Board meeting on September 19 will take place at 9:30 a.m. in Quesnel City Hall Council Chambers. Everyone is welcome to attend.

4) The Regional District Board announced appointments to the CRD’s new Heritage Committee. Joan Sorley and Jim Gibson were named as representatives for the central Cariboo, while George Atamanenko will sit on the committee as the representative for the Chilcotin.

5) The Williams Lake Fringe OCP took one step forward during the Board meeting as the Directors reviewed comments from the recent public meeting and comments from the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC). The ALC visited Williams Lake on June 24, and met with staff to discuss the OCP and conducted a field trip around the Fox Mountain area. The CRD will now contact rural property owners affected by the ALC requirements and determine support for an Agricultural designation. Information on the Williams Lake OCP is available online at

6) The Cariboo Regional District has agreed to a proposal from School District No. 27 (Cariboo-Chilcotin) to move the Cariboo Regional District Library to a portable located at the Likely Elementary School grounds. The two year agreement will be effective immediately with plans for the library to be relocated to this new facility this fall.

7) The CRD Board reviewed information regarding the new Accord between the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) and the Province regarding the Trade Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement (TILMA). In 2006, the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia signed an agreement to remove barriers to trade, investment and labour mobility between the two provinces. The agreement builds upon the prosperity in both provinces by giving businesses and workers seamless access to a larger range of opportunities in all areas, including energy, transportation, agriculture and investment.

WL Council Meeting - Aug 26/08

Delegations - None


1) New Fire Hall Borrowing Bylaw was adopted by Council, after 200 electors' filed the necessary form registering their opposition to Council adopting the Bylaw. 775 electors' needed file the necessary form in order to prevent Council from going ahead and adopting the Bylaw.

2) A development variance permit was approved for the Pioneer Family Land Partnership to allow for off-site storm water management for their proposed subdivision (South Lakeside Drive Wal-Mart site ). Council also approved the Advisory Planning Commission’s recommendation to include green space with walking trails and landscaping to encourage public use.

3) Council accepted a rezoning application from Aviator Hotel and Oakdale Mobile Home Park Ltd. and gave first reading for the proposed construction of a 136 Unit hotel which will be
located on the property adjacent to the Loon Hotel. The residence would be removed prior to
building. The proposed hotel would be five stories with underground parking. The application will be forwarded to the Advisory Planning Commission for their comments and recommendations.

4) Central Cariboo Disposal was awarded a 5-year contract for the City's Garbage/Recycling Contract. Rates include:

Garbage – Multi Family Units per year - $70.20
Garbage - Single Family Unit per year - $70.20
Recycling – Single Family Dwellings - $37.56
Recycling – Multi Family Units - $37.56
Civic Facilities $2004.00

Council also authorized a tender process for the purchase 6000 carts to be funded by self borrowing from the Landfill Closure Reserve and negotiate with the Cariboo Regional District
for assumption of the recycling bins at the Central Cariboo Transfer Station.

5) The Williams Lake Community Arts Council moved into the Heritage House Facility at
Cariboo Lodge in April after vacating Skyline School to accommodate realignment of
Hodgson Road. The agreement provides terms and conditions for their occupancy of Heritage
House for a term ending December 31, 2009. In addition, an in-camera report was made public
which outlined the issues associated with maintaining the Cariboo Lodge building.
Council authorized Staff to investigate feasibility and costs of deactivating the mechanical
systems in the older wings of Cariboo Lodge and establishing a stand-alone central heat and
domestic hot water system for Heritage House.

6) Council concurred with a Committee of the Whole recommendation to accept Staff's recommendations on the implementation of the Water Advisory Committee's Recommendations'

Thursday, August 28, 2008

WL Arts Council + CRD Bylaw #4420 (A Bylaw to establish a Arts and Culture Function in the Central Cariboo)

In today's WL Tribune, there is a letter from Harry Jennings (President - WL Arts Council) advising residents' about consultation in September re: CRD Bylaw #4420 (Central Cariboo Arts and Culture Service Establishment Bylaw). This is the same group that requested the Central Cariboo Joint Committee to consider establishing this Function.

As I have stated before, Arts and Culture does have a place in our society and it was reported yesterday from a recent Conference Board of Canada report that Arts and Culture, nation wide, was responsible for $84.5 Billion in economic activity.

However, as the old saying goes "The ends can never justify the means"

I'm not saying that establishing a Function shouldn't be considered, but however there needs to be a process to ensuring residents' are consulted early and often to ensure that they (the taxpayers') are completely on-side before the tax comes into being. That means after a request, from voters/groups', comes to either a Area Director(s) or to the Central Cariboo Joint Committee, then the Director(s) needs to raise the subject at the next available Town Hall before a Function establishment Bylaw is granted 3 readings by the Regional Board. This way, residents' can have their say as whether or not they wish to pay for this new Function and what their property taxes will look like overall. Residents' should not have to read about new Functions in the local media, but really, as a matter of leadership, should hear about new Functions from their elected representative directly. Because residents' priorities, may or may not, include supporting local arts and culture from their property taxes. Let's always ask residents', first, if they are willing to pay for a new Function before we proceed to the next step, which is 3 readings of a Function Establishment Bylaw so residents' don't get upset as to why they weren't asked first if they were willing to pay for a new Function, because at the end of the day, Area Director(s) should never impose their views/wishes on their local taxpayers'

Monday, August 25, 2008

Steve's Political Intentions

As I promised, this morning I had a meeting with the Williams Lake Tribune announcing that I would be filing papers on September 30th challenging Duncan Barnett for the Cariboo Regional District - Area 'F' Directorship

Issues that I would like to deal with are over the next 3 years are:

1) Transit - re-visit the bus route to ensure maximum usage by 150 Mile, Lexington and WL Indian Band residents' and create a Function to get stable funding into this service

2) Encourage Continued High-Speed Internet access into Borland Valley Estates, Pigeon Rd, Frontier Estates and other areas where High-Speed Internet Access is feasible

3) Commence work ASAP on starting the process for the creation of a Regional Growth Strategy from #4 of the CRD Board's Strategic Priorities to #1 or #2

4) Invite City of Williams Lake into CRD Planning Function in order to Williams Lake to have a say on any development(s) that may affect the City's long-term interests

5) Include "Public Consultation Meeting(s)" on OCP Amendment(s) in the CRD's Development Procedures

6) Withdraw CRD Bylaw #4420 (Arts and Culture Contribution Service Bylaw) and refer the Subject-Contents of the Bylaw to the 2009 Area 'F' Town Hall Meeting

7) Establish Full Recycling Opportunities at all Transfer Stations in Area 'F' by 2011

As well, I intend to be a Director that has a "open door" policy to discuss any issue at any time and anyplace. Now, I am being interviewed tomorrow morning at 10am by the News Department of The Rush/The Wolf (local radio station)

The CRD Board of Directors' meets on Friday and we'll wait and see what Duncan Barnett's response to my announcement will be and when I know, I'll post it here

Friday, August 22, 2008

BC Ombudsman to Review Seniors' Care in BC

Yesterday, Kim Carter (BC's Ombudsman) announced that she was initiating an investigation into all forms of seniors' care in BC. She didn't give a deadline as to when her investigation would be complete, but indicated that her investigation would take about 6 months to complete. It will be interesting to see her report on seniors' care in BC. Her counterpart in Ontario effectively slammed the Ontario government on its' handling of seniors' care there with similar problems surfacing there as have been reporting in the media here. No doubt that Ms. Carter's report, one way or the other, will be used during the 2009 Provincial General Election

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Steve's Political Intentions vis-a-vis November's Muncipal Elections'

Due to publishing deadlines of the WL Tribune, I have decided to move up the date of announcing my political intentions for November's local government elections'. Instead of Thursday, August 28th, it will now be Monday, August 25th, following my 9:00am meeting with the Williams Lake Tribune.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

WL City Councillor P.T. French announces he wants to be the next City of Williams Lake Mayor

WL City Councillor P.T French announced in today's Tribune that he wants to be the next Mayor of Williams Lake. He stated why he thinks he would be a good Mayor including pushing for development of Esler Ball Fields, development of the working relationship between the Cariboo Regional District and the City of Williams Lake among others.

I would certainly request, that anyone that lives in the muncipal boundaries of Williams Lake and can vote in this November's election, to strongly consider Paul French for Mayor. Personally, I find Paul to be both approachable and one that listens' to all sides before making a decision. He is the kind of leader we need at the moment. Also, one of with political (City/CRD) experience that should make the choice for Mayor really easy

Anyhow, the full story is at:

Quesnel Council Meeting Highlights - Aug.18/08




1) Quesnel Council agreed to extend hourly Transit along North Fraser Drive along with enhanced service to the Carson Subdivision and North Cariboo Community Campus. The City of Quesnel will also be offering a 2 for 1 student transit pass promotion in early September

2) Quesnel Council approved the awarding of the West Quesnel Sewer Force main replacement to Insituform technologies Ltd. for $626,397.34

3) Quesnel Council reviewed a draft environmental policy statement, with an eye towards developing a final version. The policy will formalize what the City is committed to regarding environmental protection and sustainability, with a goal of becoming a leader in municipal environmental performance.

4) The City of Quesnel will offer an extension of its recycling contract to Northern Recycling Inc. for eight years, with an annual contract cost increase tied to the B.C. Consumer Price Index

5) Quesnel Council authorized the purchase of 1 Dump Truck in the amount of $154,819.06 from IRL International Truck Centre Ltd. out of Kamloops

6) Council continues to address accessibility awareness in Quesnel. Council resolved to recognize and support the Quesnel Accessibility Advisory Committee in its efforts to reach the vision of making Quesnel the most disability-friendly and senior-friendly community in the North. The City will also revise its vision and mission statements to include statements on accessibility, inclusion, and developing an age-friendly and disability-friendly community.
In addition, the Official Community Plan will be amended to use the Committee’s strategic plan as a tool “for improving all means of transportation to people with a disability, seniors and the general public,” and “for improving and promoting accessibility and inclusion in the community.”

7) Council approved ordering materials that will be used to construct the underpass of Hwy. 97 at Racing Road. Council approved a purchase of $75,258.48 for the concrete box culvert that will be used in the construction of the extension of Quesnel’s outstanding trail network. The underpass will provide a safe link for pedestrians and cyclists under Hwy. 97. The project is valued at $1 million and will be built entirely thanks to grant funding from a variety of sources

Monday, August 18, 2008

WL Regional Airport resumes Operations

WL reports that the WL Regional Airport was to resume operations at around 8:45pm, according to Williams Lake Mayor Scott Nelson.

It is good to see that the airport security screening system along with Emergency Personnel came together to do its' job, which is to ensure a healthy and safe airline transportation system for the public. Since 9/11, it is always been better to shut down an airport over concerns about one's luggage than to allow said individual to board their flight, lest they be allowed to complete their evil intentions'

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Story from Williams Lake Tribune's Website on Incident at WL Airport reports that this morning at 11:00am, WL Airport Staff called 911 after the X-ray scanner detected bomb-making particulate in 1 passenger bags. 1 individual has been detained. All individuals, both passengers and workers, have been moved into a hangar and the WL Airport has been shut down for at least 12 hours. Central Mountain Air (CMA) President, Doug McCrea, reports that 3 more flights from CMA are scheduled to arrive in Williams Lake today and that CMA is monitoring the situation and will respond as the situation warrants it.

Mayor Scott Nelson is at the WL Airport receiving briefings from the RCMP. A Bomb Squad from Vancouver was set to arrive at the WL Airport, around 3:00pm

The full story is at:

150 Mile House Transit

The CRD announced on Friday that the start-up date for the WL Transit System Extension to the Fringe Areas outside the City of Williams Lake (150 Mile, Dog Creek, and Commodore Crescent) will be on Monday, August 18th

While we wait and see how the new transit system extensions will work out, I'm already concerned that the bus route to 150 Mile House will be a failure before it starts

As it stands now, the Bus system to 150 Mile House is as follows:
Run from Williams Lake (Morning - 1 Run only)

i) Leave Boitanio Mall at 9:00am
ii) Leave WL Band Office at 9:13am
iii) Leave 150 Mile Store (Marshall's Store) at 9:19am
iv) Leave 150 Mile Mall at 9:23am

Run from 150 Mile House (Morning - 1 Run Only):

i) Leave 150 Mile Mall at 9:23am
ii) Leave WL Band Office at 9:32am
iii) Arrive at Boitanio Mall at 9:50am

Run from Williams Lake (Afternoon x 2):

i) Leave Boitanio Mall at 1:00pm and 4:00pm
ii) Leave WL Band Office at 1:13pm and 4:13pm
iii) Leave 150 Mile Store (Marshall's Store) at 1:19pm and 4:19pm
iv) Leave 150 Mile Mall at 1:23pm and 4:23pm

Run from 150 Mile House (Afternoon x 2)

i) Leave 150 Mile Mall at 1:23pm and 4:23pm
ii) Leave WL Band Office at 1:32pm and 4:32pm
iii) Arrive at Boitanio Mall at 1:50pm and 4:50pm

While I believe that Transit/Handi-DART will eventually be a good thing for Fringe Areas residents and I also believe that buy-in from area residents will need to happen as to route/costs. The present route from 150 Mile House into Williams Lake will be a failure as it is not designed to get maximum buy-in from area residents, in terms of usage

I guess we'll need to see the actual usage numbers to see whether or not my concerns are warranted

Congrats to CRD Area 'J' Director on Grand Opening of Tatlayoko Wilderness Trails

Last Saturday (August 9th), CRD Area 'J' Director Alex Bracewell along with Tatlayoko Community Association Members, members from Measuring Up the North and others were in attendance as the 2 kms of accessible wilderness trails were opened.

I know that Director Bracewell has been working at this for a period of time and I'm glad to see that the fruits of his labour are coming to fruition. I know, though, that this is a small example of his eventual goal of 210 kms of accessible, to all, wilderness trails by 2010

Thursday, August 14, 2008

WL Council Highlights - August 12th

Delegations - None


1) OCP/Rezoning Bylaws for a Supportive Housing Complex from the Cariboo Friendship Society passed 2nd Reading following favourable comments from the City's APC (Advisory Planning Commission) on this application. This application will be scheduled for a Public Hearing on Tuesday, September 9th

2) Pioneer Family Land Partnership has applied to the City for a DVP (Development Variance Permit) to vary a section of the City's Development Procedures bylaw to allow for a off-site storm management was received/referred to the City's APC for recommendation(s)/comments and a future date will be set as to time/date when Council will formally consider this DVP

3) Council also received an application from Lakeview Point Development for a DVP to vary the Zoning Bylaw with respect to setback of lots lines (front and rear). This DVP was referred to the City's APC for recommendation/comments. A future time/date will be established as to when Council will formally consider this item

4) Council awarded winter sand contract to Lake Excavating for 2500 cubic metres of sand for a price of $30, 625

5) Mayor Nelson to issue a letter of support from UNBC's application to the Canada West
Universities Athletic Association (CWUAA)

6) Council endorsed the allocation of $40,000 from the City’s general surplus funds to help
fund RCMP overtime shifts until the end of the year. The focus will be on additional foot
patrols, drug enforcement and investigation and the Prolific Offender Program. Councillor
Ed Mead also indicated the possibility of an additional two officers for 2009


Candidate packages for Offices of Councillor + Mayor will be available on Friday, August 22nd

Next WL Council Meeting - Tuesday, August 26th

2 Dates to Consider

Hello all:

For those of you read my blog on a constant basis, here's 2 dates to keep in mind:

Thursday, August 28th, 2008 - This is the date I intend to reveal my political intentions for the November 15th, 2008 Local Government Elections (both here and I hope the Tribune will be in a position to publish my political intentions for November simultaneously)

Monday, September 8th, 2008 - The BC Liberal Cariboo North Riding Association will be holding their AGM and Delegate Selection Meeting at Begbies (500 Reid Street - Quesnel, BC)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

CRD Bylaw #4420 (Central Cariboo Arts and Culture Service Establishment)

At its' meeting of July 18th - The Cariboo Regional District Board of Directors' gave 1st, 2nd and 3rd Reading to Bylaw #4420 of 2008 (Central Cariboo Arts and Culture Service Establishment)

This bylaw will now be the subject of Public Consultation Meeting or Meetings in September to be lead by the Central Cariboo Arts Council. Depending upon the outcome of this Public Consultation Meetings, Bylaw #4420 could proceed to AAP (Alternative Approval Process) or counter-petition in October

As I recently stated in a letter to the Editor - I believe people will support Arts and Culture, where asked and people have an ability to do so, but at the same time, I don't think taxpayers' want to go down the road of supporting non-profit groups because they can't fundraise enough to support their programs. The only exception I make in this case would be for the local community halls, they are essentially to those who chose to live in rural areas. Otherwise, if you can't get the necessary revenue for your programs, then I guess you have some budgetary decisions to make. I guess the other thing is that it doesn't appear that other options were considered including:

1) Increasing the budget for Grants-in-Aides
2) Look at Fee-for-Service for the Local Arts Groups in the Central Cariboo
3) Increase Budget for individual Electoral Areas Opportunity Funds

Finally, I have a philosophical problem with a group that will be the beneficiaries of a new Function leading Public Consultation, this in my opinion is a blatant conflict of interest. Finally, as I already stated, farmers told CRD Directors' at their July 18th meeting that they can't afford any new taxes. For Director Duncan Barnett (Area 'F') to state publicly that he is sympathetic to their concerns and then agree to 3 readings of Bylaw #4420, given the local economic climate and especially given the fact that Director Barnett is a farmer himself, is at the absolute height of hypocrisy.

The only acceptable option for the Electors' of CRD Areas D, E, F and the City of Williams Lake is to request that this Bylaw be sent to Town Hall meetings in Areas D, E,F and the Joint Town Hall meeting in Williams Lake in January and February of 2009 so that people have a big picture of what their property taxes will look like come July 1st, 2009

WL Council Highlights - July 22nd


1) The Owners' of 3 Amigos Racing Kennels appeared before Council to thank them for their financial and moral support over the years. They are moving to Manitoba to further their dog racing career

2) Certificate of Merit - Mayor Nelson presented a Certificate of Merit to Jason Wright, who saved Riley Timmerman from drowning in Chimney Lake on June 28th of this year


1) Council agreed to give 3rd Reading to Bylaws #2060/2061 (Rezoning/OCP Amendment Bylaws). These bylaws would permit the use of a "indoor storage facility" on Pioneer Family Land Partnership held lands. Nearby neighbours at Terra Ridge were fiercely opposed to this application during the Public Hearing, held earlier in the evening. The City's APC (Advisory Planning Commission) had also recommending that this application be rejected. As a result of 3rd Reading of Bylaws #2060/2061 - Council requested Staff to, within 60 days, put a gate across Hutchison Road barring regular public traffic and still allowing City Staff to access the City's Water Tower on Hutchison Rd. Further, Council authorized Staff to begin the legal process of shutting down Hutchison Road (process takes about 1 year to complete)

2) Council adopted a Recommendation from Committee of the Whole which requests Staff, within 60 days, to prepare a report for Council's consideration to implement all recommendations of the Water Advisory Committee including formation of a new permanent Water Advisory Committee.

3) Council adopted a Recommendation from Committee of the Whole which request Staff to prepare a report for Council's consideration at a future Committee of the Whole meeting with regards to a new Industrial Tax Exemption Zone with Financial implications

CRD Board Highlights - July 18th


1) A group of farmers' from the North, Central and South Cattlemen Associations' presented several concerns they had to the Board, who were quite sympathetic to their plight and ensured the Delegation that the Board would do what it could at this fall's UBCM Convention to raise their concerns with the appropriate Cabinet Ministers


1) The Board gave 1st, 2nd, 3rd Reading to Bylaw #4420 (Central Cariboo Arts and Culture Service Establishment). This bylaw is the final product of discussions from the Central Cariboo Joint Committee and the local Arts Council regarding lack of funding vis-a-vis local Arts programming. (Note: I will expand on this topic further in another post)

2) Aug 9 - Director Alex Bracewell (Area 'J') will be at the grand opening of new Wheelchair-Accessible Wilderness Trails at Tatlayoko Lakes (about a 3.5 hour drive west of Williams Lake). This project is part of Director Bracewell's ulitmate vision of 210 kms of wheelchair-accessible wilderness trails by 2010.

3) Recycling at 150 Mile House - Recycling Bins have now been added at the 150 Mile House Transfer Station and depending upon the outcome of this trial project, more recycling bins may be added to other transfer stations throughout the Regional District