Friday, October 31, 2008

C-CBAC Final Plan

There will be a public meeting in Council Chambers (450 Mart Street - WL City Hall) on Thursday, November 6th at 6:30pm. The meeting is being hosted by the Cariboo-Chilcotin Beetle Action Coalition (C-CBAC). They will be presenting their Final Plan (Mitigation Plan - they call it) to the Provincial Government.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Today's WL Tribune

Browsing through WL Tribune this morning...

Story about Charlene Hays running in CRD Area 'F' can be found here

Story about Blair Engel running in CRD Area 'D' can be found here

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Steve Rant - Budgets, Process and Respect for Staff

1) In today's WL Tribune, Natalie Lynn Montoya suggested the following:

"Saying that we didn’t require all the money this year and saying we’re going to lower the budget next year and put the money that we didn’t use this year elsewhere is not using a budget properly.

I don't agree with Ms. Montoya, in this case. If you have a surplus in a fund and it is not required, then provided that your strategic goals are being met, using the surplus money elsewhere would be appropriate, provided that Council signed off on the spending and it was not wasteful spending.

2) At the Oct 28/08 Central Cariboo Joint Committee, the issue of the Central Cariboo Arts and Culture Function came up during discussion for 2009 Grant-in-Aides. Although Duncan Barnett didn't mention me by name, he mentioned that there was a individual that was vocal in opposition to this Function and suggested that residents' in Area 'F' were in favour on this Function. Establishing an Arts and Culture Function, as an Economic Development tool, is not a bad thing and I'm not opposed to that, provided that the Function is used for that purpose and it is something that has broad support from Area residents and all necessary information is provided to the residents' so they can make an informed decision (i.e.: Synopsis of Bylaw and Draft Business Plan and any other relevant documentation)

In this case, the above was not done and consequently, residents' want the Arts and Culture Function withdrawn, at least that is the message I'm receiving at the door while I'm out campaigning in Area 'F' of the Cariboo Regional District

3) During discussions on amendments to the Solid Waste Function for Central Cariboo, Duncan Barnett clashed, or at least, appeared to me to be clashing with CRD Staff. I've said time and again, you must treat Staff like human beings and you treat them the same manner as you would like to be treated. It is, after all, the right and humane thing to do. I intend to push aggressively for a "Code of Conduct for CRD Directors" to ensure clashes between CRD Directors and CRD Director(s) - CRD Staff come to an end. We have many issues to deal with and clashing publicly between a CRD Director and CRD/City Staff is not efficient useful of meeting time, either at the CRD Board or at the Joint Committee level

4) Also today in the WL Tribune, CRD Director for Area 'E' Brandy Dickey, while announcing her bid for a 2nd Term, said this:

"I saw phase one of Cariboo Memorial Complex completed on-budget and on time"

Unfortunately, the above statement can not be supported by fact. The fact remains that Director Dickey, along with WL City Councillor Surinderpal Rathor and CRD/City of WL Staff worked together, as a team, to get the Phase 1 Upgrade to the Cariboo Memorial Recreation Complex done on time and on budget. I've sent a "letter to the editor" correcting her statement to the Williams Lake Tribune. There is an old saying that applies in this case: "There is no "I" in Team"

WL Council Highlights - Oct 14/08

Delegation - Daniel Hutchins, Operations Manager for Interior Roads and Elcy LePage, Quality Manager for Central Cariboo Interior Roads spoke to Council regarding winter preparedness and road maintenance issues


1) A letter requesting a grant for the Rotary Club using Opportunity funds to support the
Gibraltar Room rental fee for the Citizen of the Year Banquet was received and approved

2) Council supported a request from the Royal Canadian Legion for the Poppy Campaign sale
days from November 1st to the 8th, authorized the use of the City Hall Lobby for the ceremonies
and approved the parade route for November 11th

3) Council approved a recommendation from the General Manager of Financial Services to lease a folder/inserter machine. Currently all folding and inserting of property tax notices, utility invoices and payroll cheques are done manually. The payback period would be approximately 3 years and will free up staff time to focus on other important tasks

4) As the Country Club Boulevard project is now complete and under budget, Council confirmed
that $400,000 of the $2,600,000 borrowed for the project will not be needed. The City’s
Liability Servicing Limit will be increased by $400,000. This “frees up additional borrowing capacity which will be available for future projects.

5) Council granted authorization to enter into the agreement with the Cariboo Regional District,
School District 27 and Thompson Rivers University for joint use of Recreation Facilities.
Under the agreement the parties will work together in a reciprocal arrangement for use of
properties, parks and facilities to benefit the residents of the broader Central Cariboo.

6) Applications for the Revitalization Tax Exemptions were approved for Scott & Jaz
Rentals Ltd. @ 267 2nd Ave North, Woodland Jewellers Ltd @ 150 Oliver Street, AJAX Holdings Ltd Inc @ 197 2nd Ave. N. and Dr. J.D. Neufeld Inc. @ 402 Borland Street. Under the exemption, properties in the specified downtown area who invest over $20,000 in renovations, will receive a three year exemption for tax increases on the City portion of their taxes

7) Council approved entering into a cost sharing agreement with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure for an engineering study at the intersection of Toop Rd. and Hwy 97 North. In addition, the engineering contract was awarded to L&M Engineering Ltd. This intersection has experienced a high number of vehicle crashes. Council wants the public to know that there
may be significant changes to these intersections including the possibility of closures

8) After negotiations with Safeway, it was agreed to add natural stone below the windows along the front face of the front elevation of the building. This links in with the City’s Façade program. Council approved the Development Permit for the upgrade.

9) Council supported a proposal submitted to UBCM for Healthy Food and Beverage Sales in
the Cariboo Memorial Complex. An audit of the food environment will start the process followed
by meetings with sports organizations, vending contractors and patrons to create awareness. A
Healthy Food Committee well then be formed to create a plan to have 70% of the food onsite
meet the Healthy Food Guidelines.

10) The annual Halloween Fireworks show will once again take place at the Stampede
Grounds. Bonfire will be lit at 6:30 followed by the fireworks show at 7:45. Council encourages
everyone to attend

11) Council approved Policy #198, which will restrict the installation of private aviation fuel
systems at the Williams Lake Regional Airport and will establish fuel discounts for lease
holders, license holders and volume purchasers. Restrictions are necessary to control the storage and dispensing of aviation fuel on Airport Lands and to mitigate the environmental/public safety and liabilities associated with third party fuel storage

12) Approval was given for the Winter Lights Christmas Magic Light-up Event and Santa’s
Candlelight Procession on Friday November 28, 2008. Staff was authorized to erect the
community Christmas Tree in Court House Square as well as heat barrels for the event

Next Council Meeting: November 4th, 2008

School Trustee All Candidates Forum - hosted by Cariboo-Chilcotin Teachers' Association

The CCTA (Cariboo-Chilcotin Teachers' Association) is hosting an All-Candidates Forum for Trustee Candidates in Zones 4, 5, 6 on November 4th at 7:30pm at Williams Lake Secondary's Commons' Area. Come out and ask the candidates about the education system in the Greater Williams Lake Area

In today's Williams Lake Tribune

Today, CRD Area 'E' Director Brandy Dickey announced that she is seeking a 2nd Term. The story is found here

Also, the last City Councillor candidate, Natalie Lynn Montoya announces her bid for a City Council seat. The story is here

As well, the race in the Board of Education - School District #27 (Zone #6 - Bruce Mack vs Rob Zacharias) is covered in today's WL Tribune. Bruce Mack's announcement is here and Rob Zacharias's announcement is here

Monday, October 27, 2008

Mayor Candidates Forum - hosted by WL Chamber of Commerce

There will be a luncheon, being hosted by the WL Chamber of Commerce and for WL Chamber of Commerce members + guests only to hear from the City of Williams Lake Mayor Candidates on Tuesday, November 4th. You can contact the Chamber at 250-392-5025 for more details.

All Candidates Forum - Miocene Community Hall on Wednesday, Nov 5 from 7-9pm

The Miocene Community Association is hosting an All-Candidates Forum for candidates running in the Cariboo Regional District - Electoral Area 'F' Election. Format to include opening statements from candidates, written questions from the public and then closing statements from the candidates. The forum is being held at the Miocene Community Hall. I would encourage those living in Miocene, 150 Mile or Big Lake to come out and watch your candidates in action

Special Committee of the Whole Meeting - WL Council (Oct 27/08)

Meeting started at 5:01pm

Mayor Nelson and Councillors Barr, Mead, Rathor and O'Neill in attendance

Staff in attendance - CAO A. DeFeo, General Manager of Community Services B. Carruthers and General Manager of Financial Services D. Lazzarin

Delegations - None


1) Communications Policy (Amended Draft) - Committee to recommend to Council that the amended Draft Communications Policy be approved

2) 2009 Grant-in-Aide - '09 Grant-in-Aide spreadsheet matrix of $55,000 approved, subject to Staff clarifing a concern with the BIA Grant-in-Aide application. '09 Grant-in-Aide spreadsheet referred to Tues, Oct 28/08 meeting of Central Cariboo/City of Williams Lake Joint Committee for discussion. Grant-in-Aide Budget for CRD Areas D-E-F + City of Williams Lake is $50,000 per year.

Meeting adjourned at 5:25pm

Prosperity Project - Environmental Assessment Review (Public Comment Period)

There will be open houses Friday Nov. 7/08 and Saturday November 8/08 for the general public to look at documents and comment as part of the Environmental Assessment review of the proposed Prosperity mine at Fish Lake.

The open houses are:

• 6 pm to 8 pm Friday, Nov.7 at the Gibraltar Room - Cariboo Memorial Recreation Complex
• 10 am. to 12 pm Saturday, Nov. 8 at the Gibraltar Room - Cariboo Memorial Recreation Complex
• 4pm to 6 pm Saturday, Nov. 8 at the Alexis Creek Community Hall.

The public will be able to see the draft federal-provincial environmental impact statement terms of reference, which outlines what studies Taseko Mines Ltd. must conduct to provide a proper environmental impact study.

The public can also view the terms of reference for establishing a federal review panel.
The comment period on both documents runs from Monday, Nov. 3/08 to Dec. 3.
The documents will be available for viewing at the Williams Lake Public Library (180 North 3rd Avenue - across from WL Credit Union) and at Williams Lake City Hall (450 Mart Street) as of Monday, November 3rd, 2008

Carole James statement - Premier's 10 Point Economic Plan

This evening, Carole James gave her official response to the Premier's 10 Point Economic Plan that he delivered last Wednesday. It was filled with the usual NDP rhertoric. It is surprising that she is still calling the carbon tax - a gas tax. Many seniors I talk to are not as concerned about the carbon tax as they now see it as "revenue neutral" through tax rebates and income tax cuts. While the Premier's statement was "live" and carried on Hansard TV (BC Legislature Channel) and on Global-BC and CTV - British Columbia. Ms. James's speech was carried live on CTV - BC but not on Global-BC. Ms James's speech was "taped" earlier in the day

The Premier's speech was filled with government actions to protect British Columbians during the economic challenges that we find ourselves in and took pains to ensure his speech was not political in nature, although you could infer that his speech was the "unofficial" kick-off to the 2009 Provincial General Election.

Friday, October 24, 2008

All Candidates Forums - Mayor + Council (City of Williams Lake)

On Monday, November 3rd - an All-Candidates Forum for City Councillor candidates is being held at the Gibraltar Room (Cariboo Memorial Recreation Complex) from 6-9pm and is co-sponsored by the Northern Real Estate Board and the WL Chamber of Commerce and is being moderated by Brian Goodrich. I'd encourage all members of the public to come out and question the candidates on the issues.

On Wednesday, November 12th - an All-Candidates Forum (World Cafe Event) for City Councillor + Mayor candidates is being held at the Gibraltar Room (Cariboo Memorial Recreation Complex). This event is being sponsored by the Social Planning Council . This event is an opportunity for all the candidates to sit at tables and mingle with community members and answer questions on social issues of concern.

The idea is to engage in meaningful dialogue that is informal and relaxed. There will be opportunity for individuals to move from table to table and meet all the candidates for Councillor and Mayor.

Candidate Meet 'N Greet - hosted by WL Chamber of Commerce

Last night, all candidates (WL Mayor + Council) along with the candidates for CRD Electoral Areas D-E-F were at the Tourism Discovery Center talking politics with themselves and with members of the local Chamber of Commerce and local community members

Many candidates, myself included, talked about local issues including arts and culture, crime, etc

I had a 10 minute conversation with Anna Barley (Executive Director - WL Community Arts Council) regarding Bylaw #4420 (Central Cariboo Arts and Culture Function) and made mention to her that people in Area 'F' see this proposed Function as a tax and encouraged her to write a letter to the editor from the local Community Arts Council explaining the purpose for the Central Cariboo Arts and Culture Function and explain how it benefits residents' in Areas D + E + F of the Cariboo Regional District. I still believe the timing for this Function, given the local economic climate, is not good and would suggest postponing implementation of CRD Bylaw #4420 until 2010 would be "the right thing to do". Also, delaying implementation for 1 Year would allow for more public consultation with Area 'F' residents at Miocene, Big Lake, Horsefly/Likely, 140/150 Mile House and to get "buy-in" from rural residents on a Arts and Culture Function.

It was a good event and I'm looking forward to the All-Candidates Forum (City Councillors) on November 3rd from 6-9pm at the Gibraltar Room

City of Williams Lake - Committee of the Whole Meeting on Oct 21/08

Delegations - None


1) 2009 Grants-in-Aid - referred to Finance Portfolio for discussion and recommendations from Finance Portfolio to be discussed on Monday, Oct 27/08 Special Committee of the Whole Meeting. Central Cariboo/City of Williams Lake Joint Committee to discuss on Tuesday, Oct 28th at 5:00pm in the Cariboo Regional District Boardroom

2) Communications Policy - Staff requested to make amendments to Policy and bring revised Policy back to next Committee of the Whole meeting on Monday, October 27/08

3) Downtown Parking Commission - Staff requested to research options for dissolution of the Downtown Parking Commission and to report back

4) Proposed 2009 Sculpture Project - Approval-in-Principle to proceed with the Project was granted

All Recommendations from Committee of the Whole to be ratified at WL Council's November 4th, 2008 meeting

CRD Board Highlights - Oct 10/08


1) Tatjana Bates from Interior Health made a presentation to the CCRHD Board (Cariboo-Chilcotin Regional Hospital District) regarding local food procurement for hospitals/schools. Ms. Bates highlighted the Healthy Eating Guidelines for Schools and the new Policy for BC Public Buildings which includes recreation centres and local communities. Ms. Bates also discussed current projects underway for the local Food Action Network.


1) CRD Bylaw #4446, 2008 (Williams Lake Fringe OCP) was read a 1st and 2nd time. The Bylaw now goes out for formal public consultation including referral to different agencies and a public hearing at a future date

2) The CRD will be holding a Referendum on the proposed North Cariboo Multi-Centre in conjunction with the November 15, 2008, local government elections. As part of the process a substantial communications strategy along with support materials have been designed to help residents make an informed decision about the proposed North Cariboo Multi-Centre. Four of the major components of the plan include a newsletter that is being delivered to all residents within the North Cariboo Recreation Boundary, a telephone survey of the residents, two public information sessions, and a comprehensive informational advertising campaign

On Thursday, October 9, 2008, the Cariboo Regional District hosted the official launch of the new Cariboo Chilcotin Promotional DVD in the Gibraltar Room of the Cariboo Memorial Complex. Staff from local governments including the CRD, Williams Lake, Quesnel, the Districts of Wells and 100 Mile House, along with tourism associations from across the region have been working on this production for the past two years. The video highlights opportunities for tourism, economic development, investment and lifestyles within the Cariboo Chilcotin.

On behalf of the Regional Hospital Districts within the Interior Health jurisdiction, the Cariboo Chilcotin Regional Hospital District (CCRHD) will be sending a letter to the Ministry of Health expressing concern about the recently implemented capital health planning process. While the Regional Hospital Districts respect the desire for a process which allocates funds on a provincial basis to all levels of government-funded programs, assurance that the process will be reasonable, cost effective, inclusive and timely is required

5) The CRD Board agreed to use $10,000 of its Community Works Funding for Bouchie Lake Community Hall. The request was received from the Bouchie Lake Recreation Commission to assist in adding insulation and siding to the Bouchie Lake Community Hall. The recreation commission will contribute $5,000 towards this project to meet the 25 percent community group commitment required for the CWF Community Hall Energy Efficiency program

6) The Cariboo Regional District and City of Williams Lake developed a proposal to provide fire protection services to rural fringe properties located on the south west portion of Fox Mountain, the Esler subdivision and a portion of the Dog Creek area. A total of 334 petitions were distributed, with only 148 being returned, which is under the required 50 percent return rate. Based on these results, the fire protection proposal for these areas cannot proceed at this time

7) The Cariboo Regional District Board discussed the increasing volume of issues with pre-engineered metal buildings, patio covers and sunrooms. These products are built from pre-engineered components, sometimes from provinces that have differing provincial building codes than British Columbia. The Cariboo Regional District reminds residents to check their local or provincial building codes prior to purchasing and installing a prefabricated structure

Friday, October 17, 2008

A Quesnel City Councillor Candidate withdraws his nomination

From Sunday's Quesnel Cariboo Observer, published Friday afternoon...

Curtis Harvie has now withdrawn his nomination for City Councillor. The revised ballot for Quesnel Council, pending the official list from Quesnel's Chief Election Officer is:

City of Quesnel Ballot

Office of Mayor (1 to be elected)

Nate Bello (Incumbent Mayor)
Mary Sjostrom (Incumbent Councillor)

Office of Councillor (6 to be elected)

1) Ron Paull (Incumbent)
2) Coralee Oakes (Incumbent)
3) Sushil Thapar (Incumbent)
4) Peter Couldwell (Incumbent)
5) Brent Oxenbury
6) Laurey-Anne Roodenburg
7) Paul Kainth
8) Michael Cave
9) Gino DeRose
10) Richard Forman

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Voting Dates - Cariboo Regional District and Cities of WL/Quesnel + Districts of 100 Mile/Wells

Hello all:

Advance Polls for All Local Governments (City of WL/Quesnel + District of 100 Mile/Wells and Cariboo Regional District) are:

CRD - Wednesday, November 5th and Friday, November 7th

City of Williams Lake - Wednesday, November 5th and Wednesday, November 12th

City of Quesnel - Wednesday, November 5th and Saturday, November 8th

District of 100 Mile House - Wednesday, November 5th

District of Wells - Wednesday, November 5th

Advance Polls to be conducted at the following locations:

CRD - WL Office (180 North 3rd Avenue - across from Sam's Restaurant)

City of WL - 450 Mart Street

City of Quesnel - 410 Kinchant Street, Quesnel, BC (old Gold's Gym Complex)

District of 100 Mile House - 385 South Birch Avenue, 100 Mile House, BC

District of Wells - Barkerville/Wells Community School

Advance Polls are open from 8am - 8pm

*** A reminder that General Voting Day for ALL Local Governments (CRD, Districts of 100 Mile/Wells and City of WL/Quesnel) is Saturday, November 15th from 8am - 8pm ***

Canada's 40th General Election

Sorry for the late post on this item. My congrats go out to Dick Harris, re-elected MP for Cariboo-Prince George. He had 2-to-1 vote count over his nearest competitor Bev Collins from the NDP. Final Vote Count is:

Dick Harris (C) - 22, 619
Bev Collins (NDP) - 10, 579
Drew Adamick (Lib) - 4,309
Amber van Drielen (Green) - 2,614
Doug Gook (I) - 729

One thing that really disappointed me was the typical "Natural Governing Party" aka Liberal Party Canada response to the election. Drew Adamick stated his view that Dick Harris keeps getting re-elected and Mr. Adamick stated on Prince George TV that it is "disturbing". Hey, Mr. Adamick, how about policies that people in Cariboo-Prince George can support and then perhaps you will have a fighting chance at getting elected here. Not policies like a national carbon tax. The provincial carbon tax here is hated dearly.

Final Seat Count in the House of Commons is:

Conservative - 143 seats
Liberal - 76 seats
Bloc Quebecois - 50 seats
NDP - 37 seats
Independents - 2 seats (1 from Quebec, 1 from Nova Scotia)

Total - 308 seats

The House of Commons is slated to be re-called for the Opening of the 40th Parliament sometime in early November

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

SD#27 Trustee Elections

School District #27 (Board of Education) - Trustee Elections:

Zone #1 - Will Van Osch (Incumbent) vs Caren Folster

Zone #2 - Pete Penner (Board Chair/Incumbent) vs Deb Ostrander

Zone #3 - Pattie Baker (Incumbent) vs Paul T. Scott

Zone #4 - Steve Relkov (Incumbent) vs Heather McKenzie

Zone #5 - Wayne H. Rodier (Incumbent) vs Peter Robert Smith

Zone #6 - Rob Zacharias (Board Vice-Chair/Incumbent) vs Bruce Mack

Zone #7 - Jacqueline Clement (Incumbent) vs Richard Elliot

The deadline for candidates to withdraw from School Board, Cariboo Regional District + Muncipal Elections is Friday, October 17th at 4:00pm. Chief Election Officers' from the CRD, Muncipalities (Quesnel/Wells/Williams Lake/100 Mile House) will publish the official list of candidates for election to offices on the week of Monday, October 20th with the election dates being as follows:

Week of November 3rd to November 7th (Advance Polls for all Local Governments - check with your local government for exact dates and times)

Saturday, November 15th - General Voting Day for all local government elections from 8am - 8pm. Results of City of Quesnel/Williams Lake will be within minutes of the polls closing as voting is done electronically. Polls for Districts of 100 Mile House/Wells and the CRD may take longer as voting is done and counted by hand. As is my practice, I will post as soon as reasonably possible, election results for all local governments as soon as I have the results

Cariboo Regional District - Local Government Elections

I have received the list of nominations for Areas A to L of the Cariboo Regional District (CRD):

There will be elections in Areas B, D, E, F, G, H and L of the CRD

CRD Ballot:

Director - Electoral Area 'B' (1 to be elected)

Ken Falloon (Incumbent)
Roberta Faust

Director - Electoral Area 'D' (1 to be elected)

Debbie Bischoff
Blair Engel

Director - Electoral Area 'E' (1 to be elected)

Brandy Dickey (Incumbent)
Steve Mazur

Director - Electoral Area 'F' (1 to be elected)

Duncan Barnett (Incumbent)
Steve Forseth
Charlene Hays

Director - Electoral Area 'G' (1 to be elected)

Al Richmond (Incumbent)
Herb Korenberg

Director - Electoral Area 'H' (1 to be elected)

Art Dumaresq (Incumbent)
Garry Love

Director - Electoral Area 'L' (1 to be elected)

Bruce Rattray
Ray Carlson

Directors for the following Areas have been elected by acclamation for a 3 year term:

Area A - Ted Armstrong
Area C - John Massier
Area I - Jim Glassford
Area J - Alex Bracewell
Area K - Rick Mumford

General Voting Day - Canada's 40th Parliament (House of Commons)

Today's the day where Canadians' coast-to-coast-to-coast can vote in Canada's 308 MP's (Member of Parliament). I encourage you to vote at your polling place. Your exact polling station will have been identified, when you received your voting card a number of weeks ago, like I did.

I would be very surprised if Canadians vote a Majority Government. I still believe it will be a Conservative Minority, how strong that Minority will be - we'll see....

No matter what your political stripe, please vote today - our democracy depends on it

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Candidates for Cariboo Regional District - Electoral Areas A-L

On Friday afternoon (October 10th), I received a press release indicating the candidates for the Cariboo Regional District Electoral Areas A to L. However, it was recalled 10 mins later as it contained 2 errors. Accordingly, I'm not in a position to tell you who the candidates are for the CRD Electoral Areas.

I hope to be in a position to do so on Tuesday, October 14th. When I receive that list from the CRD Chief Election Officer. I commit to share that information with all of you

Candidates - City of Williams Lake/Quesnel + Districts of 100 Mile House/Wells

City of Williams Lake Ballot

Office of Mayor: (1 to be elected)

Paul French (Incumbent Councillor)
Kerry Cook (Served on WL Council - 1996 to 1999)

Office of Councillor: (6 to be elected)

Tom Barr (Incumbent)
Judy O'Neill (Incumbent)
Surinderpal S. Rathor (Incumbent)
Sue Zacharias (Current CRD Electoral Area Director - Area 'D')
Wayne Reeves (Ran in 2005 Election)
Geoff Bourdon
Don Fornwald
Natalie Lynn Montoya
Sheila Mortensen
Chuck Pearson
Laurie Walters

City of Quesnel Ballot

Office of Mayor: (1 to be elected)

Nate Bello (Incumbent Mayor)
Mary Sjostrom (Incumbent Councillor)

Office of Councillor: (6 to be elected)

Coralee Oakes (incumbent)
Peter Couldwell (incumbent)
Ron Paull (incumbent)
Sushil Thapar (incumbent)
Brent Oxenbury
Laurey-Anne Roodenburg
Paul Kainth
Michael Cave
Gino DeRose
Richard Forman
Curtis Harvie

District of 100 Mile House Ballot

Office of Mayor (1 to be elected)

Spence Henderson (Incumbent Councillor)
Mitch Campsall (Former District of 100 Mile Councillor)
Allan Roberts
Mike Kreschuk

Office of Councillor (4 to be elected)

Dave Mingo (Incumbent)
Pattie Baker
Jeanne Best
Michael Bleidstel
Walter Bramslaven
Julian Kenney
Vern Peever
Dan Schaff
Mel Torgerson

District of Wells Ballot

Office of Mayor (1 to be elected)

Jay Vermette
Neva Hohn

Office of Councillor (4 to be elected)

Richard Wright (Incumbent)
Virginia Wilkins (Incumbent)
Judy Campbell (Incumbent)
Sarai Danby
Dan Pinette
Barb Schmode
Aleta Wallace

Proposed Arts and Culture Function (CRD Bylaw #4420, 2008) - AAP Form

I believe my previous views on CRD Bylaw #4420, 2008 (Proposed Central Cariboo Arts and Culture Function) are well known in my previous blog entries. The AAP (Alternate Approval Process) or Counter-Petition Form has now been released. The deadline to hand in the AAP/Counter-Petition Form is Monday, November 17th, 2008 at 4pm. Forms can be delivered to the Cariboo Regional District office in Williams Lake (180 North 3rd Avenue - Across from Sam's Restaurant).

If you want a copy of the form, please email me at and I will e-mail you one. I also intend to go door-to-door in Electoral Area 'F', while campaigning, and make people aware of the proposed Function and give them a AAP Form to fill out if they are opposed to this Function, like I am.

You must be a resident of the City of Williams Lake, or a resident of Electoral Area D, E, F for your AAP Form to count

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Local Government Election News - Update

Hello all:

Councillor Surinderpal Rathor has publicly announced his intention to seek a 6th mandate from the voters' of Williams Lake. The story is here

Also, Geoff Bourdon and Sheila Mortensen have now filed their papers' at City Hall (City of Williams Lake) bringing the number of Councillor Candidates to 4 out of 8. Tom Barr and Laurie Walters have also filed their election papers

Monday, October 6, 2008

Local Government Election - Monday Oct 6/08

I'm going to try and provide an update on Monday and Friday, after the nomination period closes for those whom are seeking office.

As of 11:40am, Monday. The following individuals are confirmed as seeking office for Williams Lake and the Cariboo Regional District:


Electoral Area Director

Area A - Ted Armstrong (has filed papers) - no challenger
Area B - 1 person has filed papers, Incumbent Ken Falloon has not filed his papers yet
Area C - No nomination
Area D - No nomination
Area E - No nomination
Area F - Steve Forseth and Charlene Hays (100 Mile District Councillor) have both filed papers'
Area G - No nomination
Area H - Art Dumaresq (has filed papers, Incumbent) - no challenger
Area I - No nomination
Area J - No nomination
Area K - No nomination
Area L - Bruce Rattray has filed his papers - no other nominations

City of WL


Paul French
Kerry Cook


Laurie Walters
Tom Barr

I will post the full list of candidates as soon as practical on Friday afternoon of all candidates for both City of WL + CRD

Friday, October 3, 2008

WL Civic Election News

Hello all:

I thought I would update you all on those of us seeking local government office:

Cariboo Regional District: (As of Thursday, Oct 2nd)

Electoral Area Director:

Area D -
Sue Zacharias (Incumbent). Rumoured to be running in Williams Lake City Councillor race. No papers filed for this Area

Area E
- Brandy Dickey (Incumbent). No papers filed for this area

Area F - Duncan Barnett (Incumbent). Director Barnett has not filed his papers as of Thursday, Oct 2. Steve Forseth (Challenger) has filed his papers as of Tuesday, September 30th. District of 100 Mile House Councillor Charlene Hays is supposedly looking at running in this Area

City of WL: (As of Friday, Oct 3/08 at 5:30pm)


Councillor Paul French - papers are filed with City Hall
Kerry Cook - papers are filed with City Hall


Councillor Tom Barr
Laurie Walters

*** A Reminder that anyone seeking Local Government Office must have their papers filed with either SD #27, City Hall (City of Williams Lake) or the Cariboo Regional District by 4:00pm on Friday, October 10th, 2008 ***

Update to AAP Process - Arts and Culture Function for Central Cariboo

There is a recommendation going to the CRD Board on October 10th recommending the new date for completion of the AAP or Counter-Petition process be November 30th. I will keep you all informed if this recommendation is approved

WL Council Highlights - Sept 30


1) Leeyann Allan from the Canadian Cancer Society invited Council to attend an upcoming cancer
workshop taking place Oct 18th at TRU. The day-long forum will include Key Note Speaker,
Dr. Lynda Belneaves

2) Steve Griffiths of the Timberwolves organization introduced himself to Council and is eager to get started with the marketing of the team. A corporate season ticket drive is currently
underway. Corporate tickets are $380 and $320 for General tickets which includes 30 home

3) Council was shown the CRD's "Welcome to the Cariboo-Chilcotin" DVD. This project was jointly completed by the City of Quesnel, Williams Lake, Cariboo-Chilcotin Coast Tourism Association, and the Soda Creek Indian Band. Council members were pleased with the DVD. This DVD was also shown at Canada House during the Beijing Olympics


1) A letter from the Community Policing Committe advised that they are seeking a new location for the Community Policing office as the existing location does not adequately serve the public.
The Committee requested Council consider the exiting Firehall upon relocation to a new Firehall. Councillor O’Neill suggested that the high cost of having moved several times is using a large portion of their budget and a permanent home needs to be located for them

2) Council authorized entering into an agreement with the Board of Education - School District No 27 which will allow Williams Lake Emergency Social Services to use School District buildings in the event of a large scale emergency

3) L&M Engineering was awarded the contract for the engineering design contract of Cameron
Street from the cul-de-sac east of 5th Avenue N. to 3rd Ave N. in the amount of $33,880

4) The No Parking zone located at 402 Pearkes Drive will be changed from the west side of the
street to the east side of the street. The block located at 402 Pearkes Drive is a short
and narrow section of road. This section of road serves as the entrance to Sun Ridge Gardens.
City staff have had problems in this area with respect to snow removal and maintenance of the
sidewalk. Staff was instructed to notify residences prior to implementing the changes

5) Council approved the deactivation of all water and mechanical systems in Cariboo Lodge at a
cost of $35,000. The system for Heritage House will remain operational

6) Development Permit application was received which will see the upgrade of the local Safeway
Store. Staff was directed to negotiate the incorporation of natural building materials
such as wood, rock, stone or brick into the exterior in order to suit the downtown façade
program. This is a $3 million project

7) The contract for this year’s winter road salt was awarded to McTar Divison of Lafarge Canada
for the tendered price of $162.64 per metric tonne. The City uses approximately 1,200 tons
per season

8) An agreement with First Choice Marketing (Margaret Lipke) Group will be entered into for
a term of five years for the maintenance and sale of advertising panels on the City bus

9) The following proclamations were made by

“Waste Reduction Week” - Oct 19th to 25th.
“Restorative Justice Week - Nov 16th to 23rd.
“Foster Family Month will be October of 2008.
“Small Business Week" - Oct 19th to 25th

10) At the invitation of Councillor Mary Sjostrom of Quesnel. A member of staff and one Councillor was approved to attend the Measuring Up the North Project Reception on Oct 2nd in Prince George

11) Councillors Ed Mead and Jon Wolbers informed Council that they would not be seeking reelection in November. Both expressed their sincerest thanks to the city staff and fellow
Council members. Mayor Nelson thanked them both for their hard work and wished them well
in their future endeavors

Next Council Meeting: October 14th, 2008 in Council Chambers (450 Mart Street)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

CRD Board Highlights - Sept.19

Delegations - None


1) The CRD adopted several bylaws which will provide for fire protection in the Interlakes area and an expansion of the Forest Grove Fire Protection boundary to encompass Canim Lake residents. In addition, Horse Lake and Canim Lake water systems bylaws received final approval by the Board

Ruth Lake Road residents in the Forest Grove area of the South Cariboo could soon be included in the Forest Grove Volunteer Fire Department (VFD) protection boundary. The CRD has received expressions of interest from Ruth Lake Road residents and will proceed to a formal petition proposal which, if approved, will allow the expansion of fire protection services in the area

The Board endorsed an updated version of the CRD’s Strong Regions Grow Strong Sustainable Communities report as a discussion paper for senior government during next week’s Union of BC Municipalities Convention. Minor revisions to the document will be incorporated into the final draft for presentation to a future Board meeting

The Board approved a recommendation from the North Cariboo Joint Planning Committee to present a zero percent requisition increase budget for the North Cariboo Recreation and Parks budget

The CRD will be hosting a public meeting on September 30, 2008 to provide information about the upcoming North Cariboo Cemetery referendum. The referendum will be held on November 15 in conjunction with the civic elections and the North Cariboo Multi Centre Referendum

Changes to recycling programs in the south Cariboo are underway to make recycling more effective. The recycling bins currently located at Save-On Foods and Safeway will be removed and residents will soon be directed to the Gold Trail recycling facility on Exeter Road. Funds currently used to cover transportation costs will be used to expand recycling in the south Cariboo to include tin and glass on a trial basis. A public education program will be launched to ensure that residents are aware of the new recycling opportunities. Watch for further details in local newspapers and on the Regional District website in coming weeks

The CRD Board toured the new Quesnel Branch Library construction project on September 18, 2008. The new Library, being constructed in the John Ernst/City Hall building by Vachon Construction Limited of Quesnel, is approximately 80 percent complete. Completion of construction is estimated to occur at the end of October, with the existing Library relocating at that time. The project remains within the original budget allocated for this project

CRD Board members will be travelling to Penticton for the annual Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) convention on September 22 to 26. Board members will be meeting with various Ministers to discuss issues of local concern including the impact of the carbon tax on northern regions, expansion of the Cariboo Connector, sewerage system regulations, and others

The next Finance/Budget Committee Meeting of the Cariboo Regional District is Thursday, October 9th, 2008 at 6:00pm in the CRD Boardroom with the CRD Board meeting being held on Friday, October 10, 2008 in the CRD Board room in Williams Lake

Local Government Election News

Seeing as the nomination period for those who seek Local Government Offices has now commenced, I thought it appropriate to review those seeking office throughout the Cariboo:

City of Quesnel

Mayor - 1 to be elected

Nate Bello - incumbent, confirmed
Mary Sjostrom - challenger, confirmed

Councillor: (6 to be elected)

Sushil Thapar - incumbent, confirmed

City of WL:

Mayor: (1 to be elected)

Paul French - confirmed and has filed papers
Kerry Cook - confirmed and has filed papers

Councillor: (6 to be elected)

Surinderpal Rathor - confirmed
Tom Barr - confirmed and has filed his papers
Judy O'Neill - will announce shortly
Sheila Mortensen - confirmed
Chuck Pearson - confirmed
Geoff Bourdon - confirmed
Laurie Walters - confirmed and has filed her papers at City Hall
Sue Zacharias - rumoured to be running, presently CRD Area 'D' Director

District of Wells - Mayor/Council Candidates unknown at this time

District of 100 Mile House

Mayor - 1 to be elected

Mitch Campsall
Spence Henderson

Councillor - 4 to be elected

Unknown at this time

Cariboo Regional District - 12 Electoral Area Directors to be elected

Area A - Ted Armstrong - incumbent, confirmed/has filed papers
Area B - Unknown - challenger, confirmed/has filed papers
Area C - Seat is open as Incumbent Ronda Wilkins is retiring on December 1st
Area D - Incumbent Sue Zacharias is rumoured to be running in City of WL Election for Councillor so the seat may be open by next week
Area E - Brandy Dickey - incumbent/has not filed papers
Area F - Duncan Barnett - incumbent/has not filed papers although his challenger, Steve Forseth is confirmed/has filed papers, District of 100 Mile Councillor Charlene Hays rumoured to be running in this Electoral Area
Area G - Al Richmond - incumbent/has not filed papers
Area H - Art Dumaresq - incumbent/has filed papers
Area I - Seat is open as Incumbent Mary Glassford is retiring on December 1st
Area J - Alex Bracewell - Incumbent/has not filed papers
Area K - Rick Mumford - Incumbent/has not filed papers
Area L - Seat is open as Incumbent Maureen Pinkney is retiring on December 1st, Bruce Rattray has filed his papers for the Area L seat

SD #27 - No individuals have filed for any of the 7 Trustee seats

As always, I will keep you appraised of any news with respect to the above