Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Brenner makes Nine!

In the race for the 6 Williams Lake City Councillors' seats -- Local resident Marnie Brenner filed her nomination papers today as did publicly declared Councillor candidate Wayne Lucier

According to Ms. Brenner's documents - she is a Interior Health worker & works also at TRU.  While she hasn't announced with the local media yet - I expect that to come in the next few days ahead.  View Ms. Brenner's nomination papers here.  On her Facebook page, she stated:

It is official, I am announcing my intention to seek a seat on the Williams Lake City Council.
I have lived here in Williams Lake since 2000 and worked as an RN in various positions including as the Diabetes Nurse Educator.
We have raised a family here and have found Williams Lake to be an awesome place to live. I would like to work with the new city council to continue to make Williams Lake a desirable place to live.
Besides being a nurse I have owned and operated a small business that continues to grow after 9yrs.
What I am bringing to the table is a commitment to be invested, to be approachable, willing to listen and help you navigate the system to get the desired results that will benefit all of us.
I look forward to working with the people of Williams Lake and will do my best to serve the community- Come talk to me!!

If you wish to see the nomination papers of those who have filed with the City of Williams Lake's Chief Election Officer - go here

Meanwhile - I filed my Cariboo RD Area 'D' Director nomination papers this morning with the CRD's Chief Election Officer

Only incumbent Williams Lake City Councillor Sue Zacharias and former Williams Lake Mayor Scott Nelson have yet to publicly declare their election plans in addition to any others planning a WL City Councillor or Mayor bid.  While I have no doubt Councillor Zacharias will seek re-election, I still do not know if Mr. Nelson will run for Mayor or Councillor, but Oct 10th at 4pm for Scott Nelson will come quickly so he'll need to make a decision fairly quickly....


Wildwood Transfer Station Hours set

After public consultation and a local survey - CRD Environmental Services Staff have set the Wildwood Transfer Station hours effective October 10th, 2014

View those here

Time will tell if local residents' who make use of the Wildwood Transfer Station can live with these hours... but I remain hopeful that it will be...


CoW Mtg (WL Council) - Sept 30th

Present: Mayor Cook (Chair) and Councillors Bonnell, Hughes, Walters and Zacharias

Absent: Councillors G. Bourdon and SPS Rathor


Darrell Garceau - City Manager
Cindy Bouchard - Mgr of Legislative Services/Corporate Officer
Margaret Stewart - Director of Finance
Jeff Bernardy - Engineer Tech
Nigel Whitehead - Planner

Public: 7

Meeting called to order at 6:03pm
Agenda approved/Mins from Aug 26th CoW Meeting approved

Delegations - None


1) "Open Government" Presentation

The Director of Finance presented the item to the Committee

Main Points:

* Presentation from "Open Gov"staff
* Open Financial Reporting Platform
* Site to go live soon - link to Site to be posted on City of WL website

A Question and Answer period ensued
The Chair, on behalf of the Committee, thanked the Director of Finance for the presentation

2) Highway 97 Project - Proposed Changes Update

The Engineering Technologist reviewed his report with the Committee along with Todd Hubner, District Mgr of Transportation - Min of Transportation

Discussion ensued thereon

Resolved - That the Committee recommend:

Council approve the revisions made to the proposed changes as identified in the Road Safety Audit and grant the following approvals:

1. Close the Jubilee Place driveway off Carson Drive, and relocate the main entrance and reception
to the rear of the complex at no cost to the City of Williams Lake

Affirmative -  Mayor Cook and Councillor Bonnell, Walters, Zacharias
Negative - Councillor Hughes

2. Close the Western Avenue highway access, but permit a southbound right-in movement only with coordination with upgrades to Donald Rd

Affirmative - Mayor Cook and Councillors Zacharias and Walters
Negative - Councillors Bonnell and Hughes

3) New Street Name - Development at 199 Eagle Crescent - "Stevenson Court"

The Planner reviewed his report with the Committee
Discussion ensued thereon

Resolved - That the Committee recommend:

Council approve the name of “Stevenson Place”, as per Street Naming Policy No. 157, for the extension of road currently identified at 199 Eagle Crescent; and further, Council direct staff to bring forward to a regular Council meeting City of Williams Lake Street Naming Bylaw No. 2221, 2014, designating the name “Stevenson Court” for the portion of Road proposed to be dedicated over Lot 13, District Lots 8840 and 8841, Cariboo District, Plan PGP39470, Except Plan PGP45352 off “Eagle Crescent”.

4) Roads and Streets Five Year Plan

The Director of Finance reviewed her report with the Committee
Discussion ensued thereon

Resolved - That the Committee receive the report of the Director of Finance, dated Sept 26th, for information and refer the report to 2015 Budget Discussions

Meeting adjourned at 7:46pm and Council continued its' Closed meeting under the provisions of Sections 90(1)(j) and 90(1)(k) [Business Information Non-Disclosure - FOI Act, Section 21 & Negotiations] of the Community Charter

Smith makes eight!

Craig Smith
Today - local businessman Craig Smith has announced his candidacy for Williams Lake City Council

If elected - he hopes to change the City 'business infrastructure' to proactively assist new and expanding businesses in the City

Mr. Smith is known throughout the community as the co-owner of Tell-Tale Signs and Aboutface Photography

He also has a passion for the Arts and dedicates his time to the local Studio Theatre Society.  He is also President of the local Shiners' Club

The other challengers for WL City Councillors' include Sue Lachance, Peter Bowman, Bobbie-Jo Macnair, Jason Ryll and incumbent Williams Lake City Councillors Ivan Bonnell and Laurie Walters

The civic election is on Saturday, November 15th

Full Craig Smith Press Release:

It is with enthusiasm and a passion for the community, that Craig Smith announces his intentions to run for a position on City Council during the upcoming election. Craig has been a long time member of the community and an even longer resident of the Cariboo. After over twenty years of work, play and participation in the community, Craig felt it time to give back in another way.

Having the opportunity to serve the community in this way, Craig feels that he can bring some of his knowledge and expertise to the Council table. His extensive business past has given Craig an inside look at what it takes to sustain business in the downtown and how to weather the ups and downs. He has a passion for business and understands that a community needs a healthy economy to support and sustain business. He has the drive to look for creative and innovative ways to make the business community prosperous. He feels that stimulation of economic development and the recruitment and retention of business is at the heart of what this community needs to stay healthy for generations to come.

Under Craig’s business stimulation platform comes the understanding that in order to affect business growth and encourage new business there is a need to make the process more user friendly and reduce the red tape for new and expanding businesses. Craig’s vision includes the development of a package for businesses that outlines the steps and process, and streamlines procedures to decrease wait times and save businesses money.

“In order for business to grow, the City’s infrastructure is a need that must be included as part of economic development” Craig says. “It’s not just about wanting to make the City more accountable and fiscally responsible, it’s about having the business background to know how to make it possible, and how to build infrastructure responsibly.”

Another passion of Craig’s is the arts. He had been on stage many times over the years with the Studio Theatre and performed live in many bands. He has been part of the Pipe band, and plays a variety of musical instruments. He is currently the President of the local Shrine Club for kids and volunteers with a huge variety of local groups and charities. Craig believes that giving back to his community is important and gets involved in any way he can.

“To be on Council, I feel, is just the next step in giving back to my community and making it a great place to do business, work, and recreate.”

2014 Nomination Period begins

Today starting at 9am until 4pm on Friday, October 10th (excluding weekends) - candidates running for City Councillor, Mayor, Cariboo RD Electoral Area Director or School District #27 or #28 Trustee may legally file their completed nomination packages with the appropriate Chief Election Officer

Today is also the start of Election BC's "Election Proceedings Period" from today (Sept 30th) until General Voting Day on Saturday, November 15th.

I personally will be seeing Alice Johnston, Cariboo RD Chief Election Officer, this morning to file my nomination papers for the position of Electoral Area 'D' Director of the Cariboo Regional District

Finally - as of Sept 30th and this writing, here are the publicly declared candidates, via local or social media:

District of Wells - no declared candidates but as stated before, it is my understanding that incumbent Mayor Robin Sharpe is seeking re-election

City of Quesnel:

Mayor -- Mary Sjostrom (incumbent) vs Bob Simpson (challenger)
Councillor - Ron Paull (challenger) and Shawna Siemens (challenger)

City of Williams Lake:

Mayor -- Kerry Cook (incumbent) vs Surinderpal Rathor, John Bjornstrom and Walt Cobb (challengers)


1) Ivan Bonnell (incumbent)
2) Laurie Walters (incumbent)
3) Sue Lachance (challenger)
4) Peter Bowman (challenger)
5) Bobbie-Jo Macnair (challenger)
6) Wayne Lucier (challenger)
7) Jason Ryll (challenger)

District of 100 Mile House:

Mayor - Mitch Campsall (incumbent) vs Maureen Pinkney (challenger)
Councillor - Len Doucette (challenger)

Cariboo Regional District:

Area A - Ted Armstrong (incumbent) vs Susan MacNeill and Cory Delves (challengers)
Area D - Steve Forseth (challenger)
Area F - Joan Sorley (incumbent)
Area G - Al Richmond (incumbent)
Area H - Margo Wagner (incumbent)

School District #27 (Cariboo-Chilcotin) -- no candidates have declared with the exception of Zone 1 Trustee Will Van Osch who has previously stated that he will not seek re-election

School District #28 (Quesnel) - no candidates have declared

This Wednesday evening (October 1st) is a candidate information session being hosted by the City of Williams Lake for those interested in running for WL City Councillor, WL Mayor, CRD Area D, E, F Directors or School District #27 School Trustee.  Refreshments will start at 5:30pm with session to start at 6pm until 9pm.  After opening remarks from representatives of the City of WL, Cariboo Regional District and School District #27, the bulk of the session will be led by famed parliamentarian Eli Mina

Register for this session with Cindy Bouchard (City of WL Chief Election Officer) at 250-392-2311 or cbouchard@williamslake.ca


Monday, September 29, 2014

WL Council asked to rescind 'Celebrate Life' proclamation

At their September 16th, 2014 meeting - Williams Lake City Council resolved the following in regards to "Celebrate Life Week":

That pursuant to the request of the Choice for Life Society in their letter dated August 29, 2014, the week of September 28 to October 5, 2014 be proclaimed as "Celebrate Life Week" in the City of Williams Lake, pursuant to City policy.

Since that meeting - those in the "Pro-Choice" movement have lobbied WL Council to rescind that passed proclamation including issuing a press release on the matter which you can view here

For her part - Williams Lake Mayor Kerry Cook says to the Williams Lake Tribune:

The proclamation "certainly doesn't fit within our local government mandate," however said she felt the proclamation was carefully worded to be respectful.

"The intent certainly wasn't to offend anyone," Cook said, adding she has been in correspondence with Julius and is willing to meet with her in person regarding her concerns.

More on this story from the Tribune here

I can not recall when the pro-choice movement has objected formally to the passing of the "Celebrate LIfe Week" proclamation.... that is until today

I wonder if this will come out in the election, especially if Council does not agree to rescind the "Celebrate Life" Proclamation


How to increase overall voter turn-out?

In Part 1 of a 2 part letter posted to the City of Merritt website - Meritt Mayor Susan Roline pleads with her voters to make November's vote the best ever by making the simple point:

Skipping November's vote is not "Rebellion" but "Surrender"

Read her Part 1 Letter posted on the City of Merritt website below verbatim:

With Municipal Elections taking place in November this year, there is much talk about who will run again, who will run and who would be good to run. Politics is certainly not for the faint of heart or for someone whose feelings are injured easily. With Municipal Government being the most accessible level of government, they are the first to hear of the issues, whether or not they are actually under the local government’s control. Elected officials live, work and play in the communities they serve.

An elected official’s role is not one of individual power where it takes only you to make changes, get things done and determine where tax dollars are spent. You have one vote on council and you may be able to influence others through debate, but you must work as part of a team to get anything done and you absolutely need to work for the greater good. Often an elected official feels obligated to those individuals that say they supported them in the election, or to an organization they have been involved with and passionate about for years, but when you sit in that council chair you are now obligated to make decisions that are best for the overall community.

It is said that Cynicism is rampant in politics today. The vitriol increases, civility is abandoned. The public is left fuming and frustrated. I firmly believe that when elected officials ensure individual concerns and overall public benefit remained balanced, that this statement could be turned around. When Councilors are participating in open respectful debate around the table; when councilors listen in order to understand versus to reply; when a good cross section of our community are represented; when quality people with the necessary balance of skills and attributes are elected; when the voters are able to make an informed decision on who to elect and when residents understand that when you skip voting, it is not REBELLION – it is SURRENDER, we would see a better participation rate in people willing to put their name forward, a better turn out at the polls and therefore a better governance body.

Please watch for Part 2 next week.

Mayor Susan Roline

Last 4 Cariboo RD Town Hall Mtgs This Week

The remaining 4 Cariboo RD Town Hall Meetings will be occurring this week as follows:

Electoral Area
Sept 29th
10 Mile Community Hall
Sept 30th
Lone Butte Community Hall
Oct 1st
City of Quesnel
Quesnel Council Chambers
Oct 2nd
Kersley Community Hall

Should you miss your Electoral Area or Municipal Town Hall Presentation - you can view that presentation and fill out a budget survey form here


WL Council to hold In-Camera Mtg Tuesday

The City of Williams Lake gave notice this past Friday that Williams Lake City Council will be holding an In-Camera meeting on Tuesday, September 30th from the hour of 5-6pm and continuing, if necessary, after the open Committee of the Whole meeting of WL Council on the same day

The meeting will be closed to the public under the provisions of Sections 90(1)(j) & 90(1)(k) of the Community Charter.

The actual closed meeting notice is below for your information:

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Borland St. Reconstruction Update #9

Courtesy of the City of Williams Lake:

Borland Street is now open to traffic, though motorists are advised work continues on the street. Please use caution and obey traffic control personnel.

The intersection of Borland Street and 4th Avenue is also open to traffic.

Please note that Borland Street will be completely closed Saturday, Oct. 4 through Monday, Oct. 6 for paving.

Fedorkiw seeks Conservative nomination in Cariboo-PG

Yesterday, Nick Fedorkiw, 35 and a resident of Prince George announced that he would be seeking the Federal Conservative nomination for the federal electoral district of Cariboo-Prince George.  Gerald Caron, of Vanderhoof, also is seeking the nomination with rumoured bids from current PG Mayor Shari Green, Todd Doherty and TJ Grewal, with Green, Doherty and Grewal residents' of Prince George

The Prince George Citizen interviewed Mr. Fedorkiw yesterday.  Read that here

Meanwhile - current Cariboo-PG MP Dick Harris has yet to officially state if he seeking re-election but rumours online suggest that an announcement could be forthcoming as early as late October while the Federal Conservative Party has yet to declare the nomination race open to candidates to submit a formal application

I have met with each of Mr. Fedorkiw, Mr. Caron and Mr. Grewal and while I believe Mr Grewal/Caron would no doubt do a good job as the local MP.  I believe Mr. Fedorkiw is the best candidate and I'm looking forward, as a Federal Conservative supporter, to the formal nomination race once it commences

The federal election is scheduled for October of 2015

Read Mr. Fedorkiw's full press release below:

Community Bus - 10 Mile/Bouchie Lake

Courtesy of Cariboo RD Area 'B' Director Heloise Dixon-Warren:

The communities of Bouchie Lake/Milburn Lake and Ten Mile Lake / Moose Heights are excited to announce the launch of the Bouchie Lake – Parkland Community Bus to serve both communities. The official launch is Monday, September 29th at 12:00 noon at the Bouchie Lake Hall. Everyone is invited to come!

Led by the Area B Healthy Communities Steering Committee, the introduction of a community bus is a pilot project to evaluate the need for public transportation in these two rural communities. The routes the bus will begin with is a weekly trip from both communities into Quesnel. As the project proceeds and needs are determined, it is possible that there might be opportunity for some other routes to be established. It is hoped that this will include providing transportation to community events. The bus is wheelchair accessible.

Earlier this year, the communities of Bouchie Lake and Parkland participated in Phase 1 of a Healthier Communities Project. Phase 1 involved holding several workshops which brought residents and stakeholders together to collaborate and share ideas on what were the opportunities and barriers to having a healthy community within the two communities. 3 priorities were identified that the communities could test to improve the health of our communities. These were Transportation, Recreation, and increased utilization of our rural facilities. This summer, the Cariboo Regional District, accessed funding through BC Healthy Communities to support Phase 2 of the project. Phase 2 includes further collaboration, the development of partnerships, the opportunity to test ideas, and finally, the development of a Community Healthy Living Action Plan.

The Community Bus for Bouchie Lake and Parkland is the result of creating partnerships with Parkland Recreation, Bouchie Lake Recreation, BC Healthy Communities, the Cariboo Regional District, and Baden Powell Traditional Scout Association. Additional information on the bus can be found online at www.bouchielakerec.ca or on the “Bouchie Lake – Parkland Community Bus” Facebook page.

For further information, please contact:

Susan MacNeill, Healthy Communities Co-ordinator
Phone: 250.991.9664 / Email: sumac@uniserve.com

Bouchie Lake Recreation
Phone: 250.249.5508 / Email: bouchielakerc@gmail.com

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Siemens for Quesnel Councillor

Shawna Siemens Campaign Brochure
The 2nd candidate for Quesnel City Council has declared.

Her name is Shawna Siemens and she is a 26 year resident of Quesnel

Her platform consists of:

Fiscal responsibility

Economic benefits


Openness, honesty, transparency

She also has a Facebook election page which you can view yourself here.  Beside Ms. Siemens, former Quesnel City Councillor Ron Paull has also declared his intention to run for Quesnel Councillor in November's vote

Finally - none of the current Quesnel City Councillors (Brisco, Cave, Coleman, Elliot, Roodenburg and Thapar) have declared their election plans but I expect that to come either next week or the week following...


3 Way Race for Area A Director

In an interesting turn of developments -- Cory Delves, a former two term Mayor of Port Clements (on Haidi Gwaii) and a former 2011 Quesnel Councillor candidate will be seeking the position of Area A Director on the Cariboo Regional District Board

In addition to Mr. Delves -- current Area A Director Ted Armstrong and Quesnel Seniors' Advocacy Service Coordinator Susan MacNeill is also seeking the position in November's local government elections'

It is the first time ever that Director Armstrong has had to face off against two people.  No word on Mr. Delves's platform but he does tell me that he'll be filing on Tuesday and his nomination papers are completely signed


McLeese Lake VFD Fall Fundraiser

Courtesy of the McLeese Lake VFD:

Friday, September 26, 2014

Local Gov't Mtgs - Wk of Sept 29 - Oct 3

After the annual Union of BC Municipalities Convention held at Whistler this past week, local governments of the Cariboo-Chilcotin are back to work this upcoming week as follows:

Quesnel - Regular Council Meeting on Monday, Sept 29th at 7pm in Quesnel Council Chambers (2nd Floor - 410 Kinchant St).  On the Agenda:

* Ratify CoW Recommendations of Sept 15th
* Master Fee Bylaw
* Quesnel Board of Variance Bylaw and Appointments
* 2 Development Variance Permits

Full Agenda here

Williams Lake - Committee of the Whole Meeting on Tuesday, Sept 30th at 6pm in the Rick Hansen Boardroom.  On the Agenda:

* Open Government Presentation (no report and information as of this writing)
* 5 Year Streets/Roads Capital Plan
* Street Name of Stevenson Court vs Mandarino South
* Highway 97/Toop Rd -- Project Update

View the full Agenda here

100 Mile House - Regular Council meeting on Tuesday, Sept 30th at 7pm in 100 Mile Council Chambers (385 Birch Ave).  View the full Agenda here

Cariboo Regional District:

Thursday, Oct 2nd at 6pm - Regular Meeting of the Central Cariboo Joint Committee to be held in the CRD Boardroom.  On the Agenda:

* Annual Report of the Central Cariboo Arts/Culture Society
* 2015/16 Canada Day celebrations
* Pool Renovations -- Report from the Communications Working Group
* Discussion on NDIT Application for Sam Ketchum Pool Upgrade
* 2015 Meeting Schedule - Joint Committee
* 2015 Business Plan Goal - Support for Outdoor Recreation Site within Central Cariboo

Full Agenda here

Friday, Oct 3rd at 9:30am - Regular Meeting of the Cariboo-Chilcotin Reg. Hospital Board to be held in the CRD Boardroom.  Items on the Agenda:

* Consent Calendar
* Presentation from Northern Health Quesnel Health Administrator Debbie Strang

Full Agenda here

Friday, Oct 3rd at 9:45am - Regular Meeting of the Cariboo RD Board of Directors to be held in the CRD Boardroom.  Items on the Agenda:

* Various Land Use Matters
* Recommendation from CRD Administrator J. Bell to maintain use of current Oath of Office and not change to customized version

* Industry Canada 3500 MHz Spectrum Consultation

* Consent Calendar
* Level 1/2 Corporate Priorities Report
* Receipt of letter from Canada Post about Nemiah Valley Post Office service levels
* Area I Director J. Glassford to ask for funds from his Area I Special Project Fund for emergency repairs to the Baker Creek Community Hall in the amount of $597.38. Staff advise that sufficient funds are available and meet the requirements of the Special Project Funds policy

View the full Agenda here

Other events happening next week:

Sept 30th - Orange Shirt Day events in WL/100 Mile.  More details here (WL) and here (100 Mile House)

Sept 30th - Start to 2014 Nomination Period.  Candidates for various local elected offices may file their completed nomination package with their local Chief Election Officer starting at 9am on this day

Oct 1st - Candidate Info Session from 6-9 at WL Council Chambers (refreshments at 5:30pm).  Those interested in running for CRD Rural Director, School Trustee, Councillor or Mayor should be attending.  After opening comments from the Cariboo RD, City of WL and SD27, the session will be primarily run by Eli Mina - a very experienced parliamentary and constantly sought after by local governments to improve their governance.  To register for this event - contact Cindy Bouchard at the City of WL at 250-392-2311 or cbouchard@williamslake.ca

Oct 2nd - West Quesnel Land Stability Open House at the Legion starting at 6pm with presentation at 7pm.  Full details here

Jr Council UBCM Resolution endorsed

Courtesy of the City of Williams Lake:

Williams Lake City Council’s proposed resolution to establish a youth caucus and encourage Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM) member municipalities to establish youth councils in their communities was strongly endorsed by the UBCM membership during a resolution session yesterday at the UBCM convention. An amendment calls for a youth engagement committee with purpose of connecting with local youth councils across the province to increase participation and support and help connect young elected officials.

“Over the six conventions I have attended there has been some attempt to address the engagement of youth and I am very pleased that our resolution speaks to youth participation in a formal nature and proposes increased participation of youth in the local governance level and political participation and education,” says Councillor Geoff Bourdon, who has worked closely with Williams Lake’s four Junior Councils since 2011. “Congratulations to our Williams Lake Junior Council for authoring the resolution!”

I'm so glad that our resolution passed and I'm looking forward to seeing what other Junior Councils can achieve!” says Williams Lake Junior Councillor Monica Rawlek, who has just begun her second term.

The Williams Lake Junior Council is a group of high school students from Grades 10-12 that suggest ideas that could enhance life for youth in our city. Junior Council members are appointed by City Council and provide a youth voice to decisions made by the city. It is an opportunity to learn about and participate in the process of local government.

Each year Junior Council sets learning goals and then chooses one or more projects to work on. Junior Council receives group facilitator and leadership training, an orientation to city operations, and participates in Council committee meetings. Over the past year they have participated in International Women’s Day, judged the regional Diversity Logo contest, hosted a volunteer fair for youth, organized Pay It Forward Day, learned about logo design and created a Junior Council logo, and helped out with the City Birthday Party.

District of Wells gets its' own Community Forest

Courtesy of the BC Government:

(L-R) John Massier, Hon. Coralee Oakes, Virginia Wilkins,
Robin Sharpe and Hon. Steve Thomson)
The Province and the District of Wells have signed a community forest agreement, enhancing economic opportunities and forest stewardship in the Central Cariboo, Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations Minister Steve Thomson announced today.

The agreement covers 4,530 hectares with a total allowable annual of 5,000 cubic metres.

This is the third community forest established in the Cariboo this year. In March, the province signed a community forest agreement with the City of Williams Lake and the Williams Lake Indian Band, which covered a total of 29,000 hectares and an allowable annual cut of 40,000 cubic metres. In May, Clinton was granted a 62,000 hectare community forest, with an allowable annual cut of 20,000 cubic metres.

Community forest agreements are long-term, area-based tenures designed to encourage community involvement in, and management of, local forests. A community forest is managed by a local government, community group or First Nation for the benefit of the entire community.

Thomson and Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development and Cariboo North MLA Coralee Oakes congratulated the District of Wells during the Union of British Columbia Municipalities annual convention.

BC’s Forests Minister Steve Thomson said:

“Community forests help support regional economies and give communities a say in the management of local forests. This is a great opportunity to create jobs in Wells while helping to make more timber available and diversifying B.C.’s forest sector.”

While local Cariboo-North MLA Coralee Oakes stated:

I know the District of Wells has been waiting a long time for this community forest. This provides a great opportunity for the district in terms of jobs and revenues to support local priorities.”

Finally, Wells Mayor Robin Sharpe stated:

“The people of Wells have been working hard to diversify the local economy, and take steps to ensure the long-term vitality of our town. This forest agreement is a great step forward, and adds another dimension to our rich and diverse community and will add needed local jobs, as well as, income for our infrastructure and public works.”