Friday, December 25, 2015

2015 Christmas Day Messages

Rt. Hon Justin Trudeau - Prime Minister of Canada:

“Around the world and across Canada, Christians gather on Christmas to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. This is a time when families, friends, and colleagues come together to celebrate the spirit of the season.

“Christmas is an opportunity for giving as well as receiving. Whether it is volunteering time at a local food bank, buying gifts for children in need, or opening doors to someone who may be celebrating alone, the true spirit of Christmas is about connecting with our neighbours and our community.

“This year, Canadians are welcoming thousands of Syrian refugees to our country — people who have been forced to flee their homeland due to war and conflict. I encourage all Canadians to show them a warm holiday welcome in keeping with our values of compassion, kindness, and generosity.

“From our family to yours, Sophie and I wish you all a most joyous holiday season and a merry Christmas.”

Christy Clark - Premier of British Columbia:

Todd Doherty - Member of Parliament for Cariboo-Prince George:

Steve Forseth - Cariboo Regional District Area 'D' Director:

On my own behalf - I wish everyone within Electoral Area 'D' from Marguerite to the North to Commodore Heights to the South a very Merry Christmas and may 2016 be full of health, happiness and success for you all!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

City of WL on Frizzi Rd Closure

From the Goat FM Facebook Page:

The City of Williams Lake would like to advise residents and recreational users that the Frizzi Road access to the River Valley is open to traffic, however, the roadway will not be maintained by the City through the winter into 2016.
Residents accessing Frizzi Road are asked to exercise extreme caution when accessing this roadway, it has a steep incline/decline. Signage has been placed to advise users to be careful, proceed at your own risk and exercise caution.
An alternative route for recreational users is the Comer Street access, this is pedestrian access only, this roadway will be utilized for vehicular purposes by City staff and residents of Moore Mountain. 
River Valley recreational users are asked to use caution and to keep children and pets close when entering the River Valley from Comer Street and Frizzi Road.

Wildwood Transfer Station Hours - Christmas Day 2015/New Years' Day 2016

The Wildwood Transfer Station will be closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays over the holidays as usual, but will also be closed on Christmas Day (Friday, Dec 25th) and New Year’s Day (Friday, Jan 1st) which both fall on a Friday.

Please remember to keep foil gift wrap, ribbons, bows, and musical cards out of your recycling. If you don’t want to throw them out, you can always re-use them next year.

Christmas lights do not go with your household recyclables, but can be recycled in the metals area at the site.  

Year End Interviews - Christy Clark/John Horgan

Earlier this month - both BC Premier Christy Clark and BC NDP Leader/BC Leader of the Official Opposition John Horgan.

Videos below....

Christy Clark:

John Horgan:

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Frizzi Road Closure rescinded by WL Council

After the City of Williams Lake announced last week the temporary winter closure of Frizzi Road into the River Valley and to a number of residents who live on Moore Mountain nearby.  This was posted on Facebook this evening:

FRIZZI ROAD UPDATE - We have just been notified by City Hall that Frizzi Road will be reopened this evening. The residents of Moore Mountain would like to thank all of you for your amazing support! We would also like to thank the Mayor and City Council of Williams Lake for taking the time to revisit the winter closure of Frizzi Road. We appreciate each and every one of you and hope you all have a very happy holiday season.

2015 Year End Report - Electoral Area 'D'

As we wind down 2015 - I thought I would take an opportunity to look back at 2015...

Firstly - let me thank all of you in the various communities that make up Electoral Area 'D' - whether you live in McAlister, McLeese Lake, Tyee Lake, Soda Creek Valley, Deep Creek, Xat'sull, Wildwood, Pine Valley, Commodore Heights, Mile 168 Rd or Fox Mountain - for the great honour/opportunity to serve you as the Cariboo Regional District Area 'D' Director.  It is a privilege that I take very seriously as I work in partnership with you to make your rural neighbourhood the desirous place you wish it to be.  Thanks also to all of YOU for your warm/encouraging comments as I served you this past year.  It's nice to know that I'm doing the right things on your behalf

Also - thank you to ALL of the volunteers in the aforementioned communities, it is thanks to your efforts that these rural communities are such great places to live.

As to initiatives that I have been working on:

1) 2016 Cariboo Regional District Budget (Draft)

I am pleased to report that the overall budget will see a tax requisition increase of just 1.9% region wide, of which 1.1% is for 3 new services in the South Cariboo which leaves just 0.8% for the rest of the region.  In Area 'D' - most services that you pay for will see no increase.  Exceptions include Wildwood Fire Protection (4%), Central Cariboo Recreation (1%), Central Cariboo Arts/Culture (0.5%).  Also, Area 'D' Grants for Assistance is proposed to decrease from $12,500 in 2015 to roughly $10,000 for 2016.  Once the 2015 Year End Numbers are in - I project that the final tax requisition number will hit 0% for 2016

Unlike in 2015, the public consultation for this year's budget will consist of placing of our proposed 2016 Budget in our libraries and posted on our website (  Like always - if you have concerns about the budget or any concern involving the Cariboo Regional District/Area 'D' - you can reach out to me on Facebook, via email at or via phone at 250-267-6725

2) New AED for McLeese Lake Community Hall

Earlier this year - I was able to help secure an new AED (Portable Defibrillator) for the Hall from the Public Access to Defibrillator Program from the BC Heart/Stroke Foundation.  Given my grandmother's life was saved by an AED - I'm now a firm believer of having one available to our rural facilities.  In 2015 - the CRD applied to Northern Development Initiative Trust for funding for two projects in 2016 for the Hall - ceiling painting and a new floor.  I remain hopeful that NDIT will grant the funding request and these projects will proceed to make the Hall an even greater place to come together

3) McLeese Lake Volunteer Fire Department (MLVFD)

Much progress was made by the MLVFD Society to get the Department fully operational.  The CRD gave the MLVFD Society a $5,000 Grant for Assistance in 2015 and the Society was given preliminary approval for a $3,000 Grant in 2016.  Furthermore, the Society was given an $8,000 Community Gaming Grant for their training/equipment needs.  Their fundraising efforts still continue, as many Independent Fire Departments do throughout BC.  Work progresses on selection of a site for a Fire Hall so I hope this item progresses throughout 2016.

4) McLeese Lake Library

The decision was made this past fall to build a new community library at McLeese Lake, across from the McLeese Lake Resort.  CRD Staff are working on the plans now so we should see something concrete by Spring or early Summer of 2016

5) Soda Creek Cemetery

I received a request from the caretakers' of the Soda Creek Cemetery for possible funding to update the fencing at the old/current Soda Creek Cemetery.  Staff are working with the caretakers' on possible solutions.  I hope to have something to announce in 2016 on this

6) Wildwood Community Centre

Unfortunately - 2015 saw the closure of the former Wildwood Elementary School.  However, in collaboration with the Wildwood Community Association, plans are underway to acquire the property to convert it into a community centre.  I hope for much progress on this item in 2016

7) Dog Control Service - Commodore Heights/Pine Valley/Wildwood

As a result of two requests for a dog control service in both Wildwood/Pine Valley - I am working with the City of Williams Lake to look at feasibility of this proposed service.  Once I have a firm proposal to present - I will be holding a public meeting sometime in 2016 to review the proposal with affected residents' and see if there is a desire to proceed

Other initiatives that I was involved with in 2015:

* Central Cariboo Multi-Agency Forum back on Nov 2nd - many that I have talked with found the Forum a success and hope to see it continue

* Mt Polley/Gibraltar - the CRD Board has passed letters of support to encourage provincial permits to see these mine sites continue.  Watch for public meetings in 2016 to permit Mt Polley to return to full operational status.

* Attend Rural Economic Development Conference in Salmon Arm this past May

* Attend LGLA/NCLGA/UBCM Conferences in Prince George (LGLA/NCLGA) and Vancouver (UBCM) - LGLA - Local Government Leadership Academy; NCLGA - North Central Local Government Association; UBCM - Union of BC Municipalities

* Financial Contributions to Fraser River RiverFest, 30th Anniversary of the Wildwood Volunteer Fire Department, Tyee Lake Community Association AGM, Communities that Care project for youth at risk and Xat'sull Save the Salmon event in Horsefly

And much more....

As for 2016 - I plan to report out on what I'm up to often as I can plus my monthly expenses/meeting calendar as  - both here and on my Facebook page which you can view at

On my own behalf - I wish ALL of your families a very Merry Christmas and a happy/healthy 2016

Steve Forseth
Director - Electoral Area 'D'
Cariboo Regional District
Ph: 250-267-6725

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Cariboo RD Area 'F' 2015 Year End Report

Earlier today - Cariboo RD Area 'F' Director Joan Sorley published her 2015 Year End Report.

In the report - she reports out on various initiatives such as the proposed 2016 CRD Budget, Mount Polley, and various other issues that she was involved in this past year

Read the full report here

Tomorrow - I will be publishing my own year end report as to Area D affairs this past year...


Friday, December 18, 2015

Local Gov'ts on Christmas Break

With Christmas just 7 days away - all local governments/Boards of Education are now on Christmas Break until January 2016.

Quesnel City Council will be first to resume in 2016 with a Regular Council Meeting on Tuesday, January 5th, 2016


Moore Mountain residents' express concern about Frizzi Rd Closure

Earlier today - Tony Ball, a resident of Moore Mountain posted the following to the WILLIAMS LAKE Stay up to Date Facebook page on behalf of all Moore Mountain residents:

"The road has washouts and in amongst that we made the determination," Muraca said.
“Then in the spring of 2015 there were numerous washouts that made the road dangerous, Muraca said.”
We would like to point out to Mr. Muraka that the residents of Moore Mountain travel this road daily.
The residents would like it known that there were not “numerous washouts that made the road dangerous”.
In fact there was one large pile of mud and water that came down in the spring of this year, not more. This did not happen on the hill where the steep road is, where it is said to be dangerous. This mud came down on the flat lower part of the road just below Sigurdsons and before the bridge at the bottom of the valley. This made a mess across the road and forced water to run down the road into the creek. We had to drive over a pile a mud for a few days until the City came down and moved some dirt, it didn't create a danger to anyone in the valley trail, residents and recreation users still used the road AND this could have happened anywhere including the road we are being rerouted to. In late September / early October of this year the City had excavators dig ditches all along the road where this happened to provide more than adequete drainage for any run off that drains right into the creek.
We find Mr. Muraka’s statements to be not quite right. If this is the position the Mr. Muraka would like to take, we encourage him to bring forward his incident reports and work orders to prove his position.
We encourage both the public and the City leaders to get out of their offices and come down and see this for themselves.
"When you couple that with winter snow, ice and large equipment, we didn't feel comfortable maintaining the road in the winter. We decided we would do some reassessment in the spring and see if we can put some capital funding into the road to make it safer for everyone," he added.If the city work crews ___________________________________________________________
We would like it known that at no time during this ordeal has any City representative spoken about Capital upgrades to this road until this press release. In fact during Mrs. Hillegeist’s somewhat heated initial conversation with Mr. Muraka he stated that we pay our taxes to the CRD and not the City to contribute to any maintenance on the road and that I should take it up with the CRD. Mr. Muraka’s prompted us to do just that. We took it up with both the CRD and the Ministry of Transportation both of which advised the residents that this is a City issue and a decision was made entirely by the Mayor and Council.
After several days pushing and fighting for information, we were told that the road would be re-evaluated in the spring.
We would also like to ask Mr. Muraka and the City officials, if the road is suddenly so dangerous, why he had his work crews go down Frizzi Road, sand and plow from top to bottom, not once but twice, THIS WEEK. Why would you do this when the road is being shut down and why would you risk the lives of your workers, being that this road is so dangerous. There were also several City vehicles travelling up and down the road yesterday.
The Moore Mountain residents are requesting the City to step down immediately on their closure of Frizzi Road, stop or remove the gate they are installing to block access, and make the right decision to begin open, honest consultation with the residents, public and other Government bodies in the New Year.
This is no longer just an issue of a road closure affecting 17 residents, this is an issue of Public Officials showing professionalism, honesty and ethics to the public in general.

Landowners and Residents of Moore Mountain

100 Mile House nets a 2016 Age-Friendly Grant

Courtesy of the BC Government Caucus:

100 Mile House is among 28 B.C. communities that have been awarded 2016 Age-friendly Community Planning and Project grants, to support strategies to help seniors stay mobile, physically active, socially connected and healthy.
The District of 100 Mile House will receive a grant of $7,000 for the South Cariboo Age-Friendly Initiative,Moving Forward.
Working with the South Cariboo Community Planning Council and other partners, the district will consult with the community in order to assess and explore options for seniors’ housing and supports for aging in place, and will develop a transportation plan for the South Cariboo.
“The District of 100 Mile House is doing great work to ensure its citizens have the services they need as they age,” Cariboo-Chilcotin MLA Donna Barnett said. “These initiatives and our government’s support will result in the community becoming an even more attractive place to retire.”
“This is great news,” 100 Mile House Mayor Mitch Campsall said. “Knowing the province supports local leadership in addressing the needs of our growing senior population lays the foundation and also provides confidence that we’re moving in the right direction for the benefit of the whole of the South Cariboo.”
This grant program is a partnership between the B.C. government and the Union of British Columbia Municipalities. Each successful local government receives up to $20,000 to help undertake a variety of activities that address the needs of older residents – from setting public policy to delivering information and services.
For the 2016 grants, communities were encouraged to consider projects that focus on accessibility, elder abuse prevention, dementia and non-medical home support.
Applications were reviewed by a committee from the UBCM and provincial government. To date, age-friendly community planning and project grants have funded 268 projects in 142 local governments in all areas of B.C., totalling $5.25 million.
To learn more about Age-Friendly B.C. please visit:

City of WL Closes Frizzi Rd Valley Access for the Winter

Courtesy of the City of Williams Lake:

The City of Williams Lake is temporarily closing the Frizzi Road switchback to the River Valley. The closure through winter months is taken to ensure safety of the river valley recreational users, the rural residents at Moore Mountain, and the city road crews.

This follows efforts started in 2008 to find an alternate route of access to the River Valley. The Frizzi Road switchback is identified as an area of high potential for land failure resulting from poor water drainage. The spring of 2015 brought a number of land slippages to the City’s attention and the safety of Frizzi Road was reconsidered. In November, on the advice of staff, City Council approved a temporary closure through the winter months for safety reasons. Signage is now being posted at top and bottom of the Frizzi Road hill advising recreational users of the closure to vehicles.

Frizzi Road is used daily by a dozen residential properties situated along the Frazer River. The residents have been provided keyed entry to the River Valley access at Comer Street and will be permitted to use the public works road as a detour to Frizzi. Provincial resource traffic and emergency response vehicles are also being rerouted through the Comer Street entrance.

River Valley recreational users are being asked to use caution and to keep dogs and children close by when entering the River Valley through Comer Street.

For further information, contact:

Gary Muraca,
Director of Municipal Services
250 392 1783

Mayor Walt Cobb
City of Williams Lake
250 392 2311

Best Place to Work/Live in BC - 2016

Every year - BC Business Magazine ranks 36 BC Communities with 10,000 or more in population as to the following:

* Core Economic Indicators
* Average Household Income
* Income Growth
* Population Growth
* Unemployment Rate
* People with Degrees
* Average Household Income - Under 35

and has determined that Fort St John is the best community in BC to Live and Work. The top 3 communities ranked by BC Business were:

1) Fort St John
2) Dawson Creek
3) District of North Vancouver

Quesnel was ranked #34 while Williams Lake was ranked #32 of 36 Communities. Other regional communities include Prince George (#19 of 36) and Kamloops (#13 of 36)

Read more here (Global BC) and here (CKPG - Prince George TV Station)

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Mines' Chief Inspector Report on Mt Polley TSF Breach Released

Courtesy of the BC Ministry of Energy and Mines:

More background documents can be viewed here

RD Chairs' after 1st year - 2014-18 Term

Regional District Boards' each year, after December 1st, hold elections to determine their Chair/Vice-Chair for the subsequent year.  The process sees a CAO (Chief Administrative Officer) or other corporate officer run the election process.  Prior to the election - a Director or Directors' usually lobby each other to see if they have enough support to get elected either as Chair or Vice-Chair

Most of the Regional District Boards have already held their elections for Chair/Vice-Chair for 2016

So far - only the Capital, Strathcona and Peace River Regional District Boards' have decided to change their Chair after one year of elected office.  In the Capital Regional District - the Board there decided to elect Esquimalt Mayor Barb Desjardins over Oak Bay Mayor Nils Jensen - read more here while in the Strathcona Regional District - the Board there decided to change its' Chair from SRD Area C Director Jim Abram to Sayward Mayor John MacDonald - read more here, finally in the Peace River Regional District - the new Chair there is Tumbler Ridge Mayor Don McPherson - read more here

Other Regional District Boards' retaining their Chairs' for 2016 include Cariboo, Fraser Valley, Thompson Nicola and Central Okanagan Regional Districts' (Al Richmond, Sharon Gaetz, John Ranta and Gail Given)

Later today - Fraser Fort George Board Chair Art Kaehn finds out if he gets to keep his job for another year (I'm betting that he will)


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Partnership/Collaboration Watchwords for 2016 LGLA Conference

Courtesy of the Union of BC Municipalities:

Local government in BC is founded on respect for democratic principles, partnership and collaboration. To bring these principles into the spotlight and build on the conference theme of Respectful Leadership, the long-standing partnership between elected officials and professional staff in BC has developed workshops for the 2016 LGLA Leadership Forum.
This partnership has deep roots in British Columbia. The Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) and the Municipal Officers Association (MOA), now the Local Government Management Association of BC (LGMA), were founded in the early 1900s and held joint conferences from 1919 to 1939. During that time the UBCM and the LGMA worked together as partners to shape the strong and resilient local government system we enjoy in BC today.
Fast forward to today, the Local Government Leadership Academy (LGLA) and the LGMA join forces to deliver leadership workshops focused on relationship building and managing conflict at the 2016 LGLA Leadership Forum. 
The LGLA’s key strength is promoting leadership development for BC’s local government and First Nations elected officials, while the LGMA promotes leadership excellence for professionals in local governments throughout BC. LGMA members include municipal and regional district managers, administrators, clerks, treasurers, and other senior managers responsible for the daily operations of BC’s communities. The LGMA is a trusted conduit to close to a thousand local government professionals. LGMA policies and programs uphold best practices, professional standards, and a code of ethics, to ensure that the residents of even the smallest communities in British Columbia have access to the highest calibre of local government managers.
The 2016 LGLA Leadership sessions presented by the LGLA-LGMA partnership include a Thursday morning workshop led by Christina Benty, Gorth Horth, Linda Adams and Allison Habkirk who have over 100 years of collective experience in local government and represent both the elected and professional sectors. The morning session will focus on building the kind of constructive relationships with other elected officials and staff members that will make you more successful in your role as an elected official and help you accomplish your goals while in office. 
The Thursday afternoon session, led by Gerrie Waugh, R. Psych. and Michael Shoop, PhD, will focus on managing conflict. Michael and Gerrie will use scenarios to practice skills and tools you can apply to manage and resolve conflict situations while you are in office. Both sessions will be hands on, participative and engaging.
In the spirit of partnership and collaboration the 2016 Leadership Forum aims to demonstrate that by working together as elected officials and professional staff, we can build strong and resilient communities in BC – the very essence of respectful leadership.
The 2016 LGLA Leadership Forum is nearly full. Register now to take advantage of this incredible opportunity to work with six outstanding professionals with decades of experience in both the elected and professional sectors.
Please contact Errin Morrison, LGLA Program Manager, with any questions.

SD27 to repurpose former Glendale Elementary

Courtesy of School District #27 (Cariboo-Chilcotin):

On November 16th, the Board of Education opened up a tendering process to sell six surplus School District properties: Kwaleen, Buffalo Creek, Soda Creek, Sharpe Lake, Deka Lake, and Chezacut. Conspicuously absent from the list was the Glendale School site. The Board of Education is now announcing that it will be repurposing the closed Glendale Elementary School.

The site will be the new home for the School District Administration Office, currently located on 3rd Avenue in Williams Lake. Plans are being contemplated as to what other programs could be accommodated in the facility.

The current School District Administration Office was built in 1951 as a dormitory and has since undergone many renovations and additions. The Ministry of Education’s Capital Asset Management System has identified that all systems including heating, ventilation, cooling, electrical, air circulation and water supply are now “beyond useful life”.

The Board, in its considerations, looked into more permanent solutions to these issues. Research has been done exploring options of major renovations to the present building, purchasing a new facility, leasing a facility, or renovating a current facility already owned by the School District.

In the end, the Board selected the most practical and cost-effective option by supporting the motion to repurpose a currently owned facility. It is anticipated that the new facility will be ready for August 2017.Board Chair, Tanya Guenther stated,

“One of the greatest benefits to the community is that this would allow the option for the Williams Lake Studio Theatre to remain in its current location. We are also hopeful that one or more District programs with temporary homes may be able to be housed permanently in the new facility. We anticipate that the Plan will increase the amount of meeting space, as there is a current lack of space for meetings without disrupting school classrooms and gyms.”

A Question/Answer circular can be viewed here

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

SD27 2014/15 SOFI Report

At its' meeting  tonight at 6:30pm - the Board of Education for School District #27 (Cariboo-Chilcotin) will receive its' latest version of the SOFI or Statement of Financial Information Report to cover the previous fiscal year (July 1st, 2014 - June 30th, 2015)

This is a requirement on all School Boards + Local Governments' 6 months after their fiscal year ends as per the Financial Information Act.  Schools Boards use the July - June financial calendar while local governments (Regional Boards/Municipal Councils') use the standard January - December financial calendar.

As to the current School Board (2014-2018) - the top 3 Trustees in remuneration/expenses are:

1) Tanya Guenter (SD27 Board Chair/Zone 2 - 108/Lac La Hache SD27 Trustee) who earned $23,580.98 in remuneration with $10,251.80 in expenses

2) Sheila Boehm (Zone 5 - WL Fringe SD27 Trustee) who earned $16,031.60 in remuneration with $4,140.94 in expenses

3) Chris Pettman (Zone 3 - 100 Mile House SD27 Trustee) $15,184.94 in remuneration with $2,698.77 in expenses

Read the full SOFI Report here (Agenda Item 3.1.3)


Monday, December 14, 2015

Sam Ketcham Pool Project Update - Dec 14th, 2015

From the Sam Ketcham Pool Project's Facebook Page:

As we head into the Christmas season, we wanted to ensure that we provided you with a bit of a project update before the new year. Given the magnitude of this project, we will continue to post more information as it becomes available. At this point we have a construction timeline update and some general information about some things you need to know as we head into this next phase.

Construction Timelines

You can expect to see actual construction preparation start in the beginning of March, 2016 (weather permitting). The site will be prepared for construction with fencing, signage and an on- site project management trailer.

After this preparatory phase, work will begin on temporary walls between the existing pool tank and the Phase One construction area. Temporary power, HVAC and plumbing will also be installed at this point so the existing pool tank can continue to operate during construction. The current sauna, hot tub, steam room, wading pool and fitness centre will be closed at this point. Demolition and excavation of the new construction area will follow the completion of the temporary walls.

Phase One includes construction of the new pool tank, change room additions, fitness centre and hot tub.

Helpful Information

There may be unexpected closures of the pool tank during Phase One, however we expect the pool tank will be open most of the time during this phase with minimal service interruptions. We will communicate these closures with as much notice as possible. Follow us on Facebook at or contact the Cariboo Regional District or the Cariboo Memorial Recreation Complex for updates and notifications.

We will be moving much of the cardio equipment, and some of our smaller equipment, into the current pool viewing area to create a new gym space for the duration of Phase One. This new space will not include free weights, nor much of the larger equipment such as bench press, squat racks, benches, Universal, etc. This equipment will go into storage until the new fitness centre space opens.

We will be moving many of the free weights and other small equipment into storage in the Gibraltar Room and will offer opportunities for use of this equipment through expanded scheduled programs which will run for the duration of Phase One. Stay tuned for details on these programs.

The Pool viewing area will be temporarily moved onto the pool deck in front of the current viewing area (inside the pool enclosure). Available viewing space will be limited and users will be required to leave their footwear at the entrance door.

We would like to thank you in advance for your patience during the upcoming construction period. We know there will be frustrations during this time and we will do our best to minimize them.

Happy holidays from the Sam Ketcham Pool Working Group and Project Management team.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

CRD 2015 Year End Address

Courtesy of the Cariboo Regional District - as delivered by CRD Chair Al Richmond:

“Today, I have the distinct pleasure of reviewing the Cariboo Regional District’s key accomplishments and successes for 2015. Looking back over the past year, our region can be proud of its achievements. The CRD experienced many successes in 2015.

The year started with three sub-regional budget consultation meetings taking place in 100 Mile House, Quesnel and Williams Lake. During these meetings we presented the proposed 2015 budget to our residents to seek feedback from them before adopting the budget at the end of March.

In February, the North Cariboo Joint Planning Committee unanimously endorsed a resolution to proceed with the Arena Replacement Project on the site of the former Cariboo Regional District Library, as proposed during the public consultation process prior to the referendum in June 2014. Construction of the new West Fraser Centre is scheduled to commence in the early spring of 2016.

On the heels of the Cariboo Regional District’s successful display during the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games, the Regional District once again partnered with our member municipalities, the Northern Shuswap Tribal Council, the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Tourism Association and Pioneer Log Homes of BC Timber Kings to promote the Cariboo Chilcotin to the nation and the world at the 2015 Canada Winter Games. The display, which was located within the Northern BC Tourism pavilion, featured an indoor display area including a photo booth for visitors to have their picture taken with a beautiful Cariboo Chilcotin backdrop and some fun props such as gold pans, cowboy hats, fishing gear and more items which can be found in and around our region. Over 25,000 visitors passed through the trademark Cariboo Chilcotin entranceway during the two weeks of the Games.

Following a yes vote for the Sam Ketcham Pool Referendum which was held in November, the newly formed working group which was formed from elected officials and staff of the Cariboo Regional District and the City of Williams Lake got to work on the major renovations project. The Project Management firm was selected in March. Construction is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2016 with and estimated completed in the fall of 2017.

In May of 2015, the CRD attended the North Central Local Government Association Conference which was held in Prince George. Delegates and their partners were able to attend some great workshops, business sessions and of course some spectacular entertainment and social events. I would also like to take this opportunity to again thank the many volunteers who dedicated their time and efforts to put on this conference. The hospitality which was offered to delegates and their partners was second to none.

In June, the CRD Board of Directors and staff travelled to Esler Sports Fields for the first of two 2015 Board on the Road events. The traditional Board on the Road BBQ was put on in support of the Williams Lake Youth Soccer Association to raise funds for its teams representing our region at tournaments across the province.

In July, our Emergency Operations Centre was opened again, this year as a result of the Puntzi Lake Interface Wildfire. The EOC provided assistance to residents and co-ordinated efforts to ensure public safety. Our EOC web site and Facebook page became the go-to place for news media, agencies, and the public for up to date information during the fire season. Our staff and many volunteers worked tirelessly side by side to meet the needs of the people directly affected by the fires, evacuations and alerts for the duration of the Puntzi Lake fire. We worked closely with our friends from the Redstone Indian Band under the leadership of their Chief, Percy Guichon. Chief Percy’s staff worked closely with CRD Emergency Operations staff to help keep local residents up to date on the fire activity and evacuation orders, provided a meeting spot for fire information meetings and helped in any way possible. We thank Chief Percy and his staff for their support and teamwork during this event. We are also most appreciative to Emergency Management BC for continuing to support our staff during emergencies. As with the Mount Polley Tailing Pond Breach of 2014 and the firestorms of 2010, our staff is to be commended for their dedication to helping those in need and finding solutions to daily challenges as they presented themselves.

Throughout 2015, the CRD continued to monitor the Mount Polley situation and attended many sessions discussing the temporary discharge permits. The CRD met with Chief Donna Dixon of the Soda Creek First Nation to hear the Bands concerns about the discharge permits and continue to meet with Chief Anne Louie of the Williams Lake Indian Band to discover ways in which we can all collectively move forward in the aftermath of Mount Polley. Mount Polley will be a major project that we will continue to work on and monitor with all of our First Nations and Non First Nations communities to create a better tomorrow for all residents.

On August 29, the Cariboo Regional District’s Chief Election Officer declared the results as official for the South Cariboo Highway Rescue and the Deka Lake Fire Service expansion referendums. Just under 700 south Cariboo residents participated in the two referendums through advance polls, mail ballots and general voting day.

The second Board on the Road event took place on September 10 and 11. The first day featured a Community to Community forum with the Canim Lake Indian Band. This event was the first step in strengthening our relationship, exploring shared services and developing an MOU with the Canim Lake First Nation. We look forward to continuing discussions in the coming year and the formalization of agreements between our communities. During the evening, the CRD hosted the traditional Board on the Road BBQ which was a community fundraiser for the Forest Grove Community Association who used the monies raised to help repair the roof on the Forest Grove Community Hall.

From September 21 to 25, the Cariboo Regional District Board of Directors attended the annual Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM) convention and AGM which took place in Vancouver, BC. Throughout the convention the CRD met with provincial ministers, attended workshops and spoke to CRD resolutions.
During the conference, the CRD met with the Premier of BC, the Honourable Christy Clark, the Minister of Environment, The Honourable Mary Polak and staff from the Minister of Energy and Mines to discuss the next steps in the clean-up and recovery from the Mount Polley Mine Tailings Pond Breach.

Throughout the year, the CRD unveiled six new wheelchair accessible trails throughout the region including the 108 Lake, Dugan Lake, Barkerville Cemetery Trail, Kostas Cove, Claymine and the Stanley Cemetery Accessible Trails.

The Cariboo Regional District declared September 30 annually as Orange Shirt Day. The municipalities within the region, along with School District 27 and 28 have also made this same declaration to aide in the healing and reconciliation process and to create a better future for generations to come.

In 2015, the CRD successfully applied to a number of different provincial and federal funding programs such as the Building Canada Fund, the Towns for Tomorrow program, Northern Development Initiative Trust, the Community Tourism Opportunities program and UBCM’s Fuel mitigation fund for a total of approximately $1 million. The CRD also received approximately $1.7 million from the Community Works Fund which focuses on green initiatives and energy efficiency projects.

So often we forget how far we have come, and the challenges and issues we have overcome, or resolved along the way. Part of the reason for this report is to remind you of our accomplishments, and to compliment you on your successes.

Creating new partnerships, enhancing services, undertaking capital projects, informing the public and responding to residents’ needs is what building this region is all about. Our organization will continue to respond to community and residents’ needs thereby achieving our goal of:

Building Communities Together

I would like to thank all the Board members and staff for your dedication, perseverance and support throughout 2015. Thank you.”

Friday, December 11, 2015

Local Gov't Mtgs - Wk of Dec 14-18

The following local governments are meeting next week:

Quesnel - Regular Meeting on Tuesday, Dec 15th at 7pm in Quesnel Council Chambers (2nd Floor - 410 Kinchant St).  On the Agenda:

* Council Initiatives - 2016 1st Quarter
* Transit Service to the North Cariboo Community Campus
* Upcoming Marketing Projects and Grants

View the full Agenda here

Wells - Regular Meeting on Tuesday, Dec 15th at 7pm in Wells Council Chambers (4243 Sanders Avenue).  When available, the Agenda can be viewed here

Williams Lake - Budget Meeting at 5pm then Regular Council Meeting both on Tuesday, Dec 15th at 6pm in WL Council Chambers (450 Mart St).  On the Regular Council Meeting Agenda:

* Delegation: Mary Forbes to update Council on Potato House affairs
* Atlantic Power Landfill Expansion Agreement - Crown Lease No. 512688 - Partnership Agreement
* Adopt 5 Committee of the Whole Recommendations

View the full Agenda here

School District #27 (Cariboo-Chilcotin).  Regular Board of Education Meeting on Tuesday, December 15th at 6:30pm in the SD27 Boardroom (350 2nd Avenue, Williams Lake).  When available, the Agenda can be viewed here

Community Events this weekend/next week:

* Williams Lake Tribune Food/Toy Drive - Saturday, Dec 12th from 10:30am - 3pm at the Tribune office.  View more details here

* Barkerville Old Fashion Victorian Christmas December 12th to 14th.

CRD Board Highlights - Dec 11th meeting

Present: Directors Armstrong, Bruce, Massier, Forseth, Kemp, Sorley, Richmond, Wagner, Cash, Anderson, Coakley, Sharpe, Simpson, Cobb and Campsall

Meeting called to order at 9:55am by CAO J. Bell

Election of Chair:

Director Armstrong nominated Director Richmond.  Director Richmond accepted his nomination
Director Coakley nominated Director Forseth.  Director Forseth accepted his nomination

CAO J. Bell called 3 times for further nominations.  None received

Directors Forseth/Richmond both gave short candidate speeches to the Board.  After voting, the CAO declared Director Richmond Chair of the CRD Board for 2016

Resolved - That the ballots for election of Chair be destroyed

Election of Vice-Chair:

Director Coakley nominated Director Armstrong.  Director Armstrong accepted his nomination

CAO J. Bell called 3 times for further nominations.  None received

Director Armstrong declared elected by acclamation as Vice-Chair of the CRD Board for 2016

Director Richmond then took the Chair

Meeting recessed at 10:05am
Meeting resumed at 10:14am

Meeting Agenda adopted/Nov 13th CRD Board Minutes adopted

Delegation MOB as of Dec 11th adopted

Development Services:

a) CRD Chilcotin Area Rural Land Use Amendment Bylaw No. 4994, 2015 was given 1st/2nd Readings

b) CRD North Cariboo Area Rural Land Use Amendment Bylaw No. 4996, 2015 was deferred for up to 90 days, to allow the applicant time to address the concerns raised by Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

c) CRD Quesnel Fringe Area Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 4969, 2015 was given 3rd Reading
d) CRD Quesnel Fringe Area Official Community Plan Amendment Bylaw No. 4967, 2015 was given 3rd Reading/Adoption
e) CRD Quesnel Fringe Area Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 4968, 2015 was given 3rd Reading/Adoption
f) DVP #44-2015 (Area L) was deferred for up to 120 days (4 months) to allow the applicant time to request amendment of the flood covenant from Ministries of Transportation/Environment to 1.5 m elevation
g) Building Stats for month of October 2015 was received
h) The Board deferred to the March 24th, 2016 Committee of the Whole meeting further discussion on a First Nation Engagement Policy to allow Staff time to seek a legal opinion and to provide the Board with a recommendation

i) Staff were directed to hire a contractor to remove debris on property owned by Thomas Schoeler in accordance with Section 7 of Bylaw No. 4628, 2011 and that costs be billed to the registered owner, and if not paid by December 31, 2016, assigned to property taxes as taxes in arrears.

j) A report from the Mgr of Development Services in regards to the Provincial discussion paper and proposed Minister’s Bylaw Standards regarding Agri-tourism and Farm Retail Sales in the Agricultural Land Reserve was received and Staff submit questions as comments from the Board

Environmental Services:

a) The Rural Refuse Site Inspection Report was received

b) The Board received a Solid Waste Management Update report from the CRD Supervisor of Solid Waste Management

c) The Board authorized reallocation of $800,000 for 108 Mile water system treatment plant design and construction towards the construction of a 3 kilometre water main and provision of 3 phase power.

d) Late Item - The Board agreed to delay the upcoming assent vote for the 108 Mile Water System improvements, originally scheduled to be held on January 30, 2016

Meeting recessed at 12:11pm for lunch
Meeting resumed at 12:45pm

The CAO introduced the new Manager of Procurement to the Board

Community Services:

a) The Board endorsed 2 NDIT (Northern Development Initiative Trust) applications as follows:

i) 2016 Business Façade Improvement Program
ii) Xat’sull Gas Bar, Restaurant & Convenience Store

and received an NDIT Application for Xeni Gwet’in Community Airport Development - Phase 2


a) The Board received/ratified the Monthly Expenditures Board Summary Report for the month of November 2015, in the amount of $814,295.60
b) The Board endorsed the Provisional 2016 Business/Financial Plans, as amended (Forest Grove Fire Grove - sale of Engine 12 as 2016 Business Plan Goal), for public consultation
c) The Board approved appointing AON Risk Solutions as the CRD's Insurance Provider from 2016-2020 and Staff were directed to investigate options for insurance coverage for CRD Community Halls and event insurance

d) Staff were tasked to look at WCB-like insurance for Directors'.  Approved by the following vote:

- Chair Richmond; Directors Armstrong, Bruce, Massier, Forseth, Kemp, Sorley, Wagner, Cash, Anderson, Coakley, Sharpe, Simpson, and Campsall

Negative - Director W. Cobb


a) The Board received an additional two letters with regards to concerns about burning rail ties at Atlantic Power's Co-Gen Plant in Williams Lake

b) The Board received an NCLGA (North Central Local Gov't Association) Update for the 2016 AGM/Convention in Dawson Creek, BC + 2016 Resolution Process and 2017 Convention Bid Package. The Board further authorized a 2016 NCLGA Resolution with respect to Effect of Treaties on Crown Tenure and License Holders

c) The Board received the Consent Calendar and Financial Consent Calendar as of Dec 11th, 2015

d) The Board received two letters from the Province -- one from Hon. Mary Polak (Min of Environment) concerning 2015 UBCM Meeting and one from Hon. Steve Thomson (Min of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations) concerning Wolf Reduction Plan

e) The Board received a letter from the Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation concerning the proposed Dasiqox Tribal Park

e) The Board received a copy of a letter from the District of Squamish to BC Transportation Minister Todd Stone concerning BC Transit funding concerns

Committee or Commission Minutes/Recommendations:

a) The Board received Heritage Steering Committee Meeting Notes - May 26, 2015 and Oct 15th, 2015

b) The Board received South Cariboo Joint Committee Minutes - November 9, 2015 and adopted recommendations from that meeting (2016 Grants for Assistance, Functional Integration for the South Cariboo Fire Departments, District of 100 Mile House - Lodge Tour and Working with School Board No. 27)

c) The Board received North Cariboo Joint Planning Committee Minutes - November 10, 2015 and adopted one recommendation from that meeting (2016 North Cariboo Recreation and Parks Business Plan and Five Year Financial Plan)

d) The Board received the Finance/Budget Committee Minutes - November 12, 2015 and adopted recommendations from that meeting (Invasive Plants, extra-
territorial contracts, including renewal options, specifically with regard to the Hixon Fire Protection area and fire dispatch services)

e) The Board received Central Cariboo Rural Directors Caucus Minutes - November 25, 2015 and adopted recommendations from that meeting (2016 Grant for Assistance applications, City of Williams Lake - Offer from Patenaude Family to Donate 153 Mile Store as Heritage Building)

f) The Board received Central Cariboo / City of Williams Lake Joint Committee Minutes - Nov 25th, 2015 and adopted recommendations from that meeting (Central Cariboo Arts and Culture Fee for Service Management Committee appointments, Request for Letter of Support - Williams Lake Cycling Club, Sam Ketcham Pool Upgrade Project)

g) The Board received Central Cariboo Rural Directors Caucus Minutes - December 2, 2015 and adopted two recommendations from that meeting (Resolution from Central Cariboo Rural Directors Caucus - Request for Electoral Area D, F, G, H and K Discretionary Funds - Communities that Care Prevention Needs Assessment Survey and Williams Lake Cycling Club Grant for Assistance Application - Electoral Area 'E')

Corporate Bylaws:

a) The Board gave 3rd Reading, as amended, to 103 Mile Water Service Establishment Bylaw No. 4980, 2015

Directors' Reports/Requests:

a) The Board rejected a request of Director Forseth to not renew the Cariboo Regional District's membership in the Federation of Canadian Municipalities

b) The Board appointed Director (and Wells Mayor) Robin Sharpe to the North Cariboo Healthy Communities Committee

c) The Board received a report of Chair Al Richmond concerning FCM Meetings in Ottawa held on Nov 17th-20th, 2015.

d) The Board endorsed a request of Director Sorley for $1,000 from the Electoral Area F Discretionary Fund toward the cost of acoustic improvements in the Big Lake Community Hall

Directors' reported out on their activities in their Electoral Areas/Muncipalities

Meeting recessed at 3:07pm
Meeting resumed at 3:17pm

At 3:17pm - The Board recessed its' public meeting to hold an In-Camera meeting as per Section 90(1a,e,i,k) of the Community Charter

At 3:35pm - The Board resumed its' public meeting and adjourned

CCRHD Board Highlights - Dec 11th mtg

Present - Chair J. Massier; Directors Armstrong, Bruce, Forseth, Kemp, Sorley, Richmond, Wagner, Cash, Anderson, Coakley, Sharpe, Simpson, Cobb and Campsall

Meeting called to order at 9:30am
Meeting Agenda adopted/Mins of Nov 13th CCRHD Board Meeting adopted


1) The Board adopted the Hospital Consent Calendar as of December 11th, 2015.

2) The Board agreed to send a letter to BC Health Minister Terry Lake with a copy to Interior Health CEO Chris Mazurkewich and member municipalities in regards to officially opposing outsourcing of laundry services at IHA facilities by the following vote:

Affirmative - Chair J. Massier; Directors Armstrong, Bruce, Forseth, Kemp, Richmond, Wagner, Cash, Anderson, Coakley, Sharpe, Simpson, Cobb and Campsall

Negative - Director J. Sorley

3) The Board received a letter from the Honourable Terry Lake, BC Minister of Health, regarding the meeting at the UBCM (Union of BC Municipalities) Convention held in Vancouver, BC from Sept 21st - 25th, 2015

4) The Board received a request for funding from Northern Health for renovations to the Avery Health Clinic in Quesnel and directed Staff to come back with the appropriate Capital Expenditure Bylaw for the January 15th, 2016 CCRHD Board meeting

5) The Board endorsed in principle for public consultation the Cariboo Chilcotin Regional Hospital District 2016 – 2020 Provisional Five Year Financial Plan

6) At request of Director Forseth (Area D) - it was agreed to invite BC's Senior Advocate, Isobel Mackenzie, to make a presentation to the Board

Meeting adjourned at 9:55am

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

TNG concerned about Mt Polley Short Term Water Discharge Permit

Courtesy of the Tsilhqot'in National Government:

The Tsilhqot’in National Government (TNG) is concerned about the decision by the provincial government to approve a discharge permit for Mount Polley Mine.

Tailing discharge from Mount Polley Mine will be released into Quesnel Lake, which drains into the Fraser River, the same river that supports our salmon stocks as they migrate. Prior to the tailings being discharged, it does not meet water quality guidelines. This means that Quesnel Lake is being contaminated in a “dilution zone” in order to meet water quality guidelines. Any and all discharge should be treated to a level that meets guidelines prior to discharge. The current level of treatment does not achieve that.

TNG is sensitive to the need for employment opportunities in the region. However, the environment and jobs do not need to be mutually exclusive. All steps need to be taken to ensure that the environment is not further damaged, and that mine disasters such as Mount Polley and the Brazil disaster never happen again. This starts with holding the company to the highest standards: any and all effluent should meet the water quality standards at the outlet, not after dilution in Quesnel Lake.

Chief Joe Alphonse - TNG Tribal Chair stated:

“The Tsilhqot’in leadership have been receiving many concerned phone calls about this permit. We would like to clarify that the Mount Polley project is in Northern Secwepemc territory, but the downstream effects of the dam breach and any effluent are felt by the Tsilhqot’in Nation. The breach already affected our fishing rights, with most of our families refusing to fish in 2014, and many chose not to fish again in 2015. This has had a significant negative impact on our people, our food, social and ceremonial right to fish. We are still waiting to see if the disaster will have a longterm detrimental effect on the smolts and rearing of salmon in Chilko Lake. The Tsilhqot’in are watching this permit closely, and will be re-assessing all options once long term impacts have been understood, with the first indication this coming summer when the smolts begin their migration to the ocean.”

Quesnel Council Highlights - Dec 7th mtg

Courtesy of the City of Quesnel:

Quesnel-Shiraoi Twinning Society

Council heard highlights of the Quesnel-Shiraoi Twinning Society’s summer Japanese cultural exchange. This exchange included 12 students from Grades 6 to 9, 3 chaperones and 4 adults that visited Tokyo and Shiraoi Japan from June 28 to July 10, 2015.  Shiraoi is the sister city to Quesnel.  The delegation visited various sites in Tokyo and Shiraoi. The delegation presented Mayor Simpson with a gift from Shiraoi elected officials and a flag signed by all members who participated in Quesnel/Shiraoi cultural exchange trip.

Council Year in Review

Mayor Simpson provided a review of 2015 that included the following Council highlights:
Governance – Council completed a significant amount of work through the three Council Standing Committees: Executive Committee; Financial Sustainability and Audit Committee; and Policy and Bylaw Review Committee.  “These meetings are open to the public, enable Council to dig deeper into the City’s budget, refresh and update its policies and bylaws and manage Council’s strategic engagement with pubic and potential partners.”
Budget – through significant operational savings in 2015, and continuing in 2016, “a cumulative result over these two budgets is an approximate 10% reduction in overall operating costs (or an avoidance of almost 8.5% increase in general taxation) which allowed Council to increase taxes in 2015 only for the City’s Capital Reinvestment Reserve; a major step toward addressing a long-standing annual infrastructure deficit.”
Strategic Plan – a number of strategic decisions were acted upon:  “dissolution of the external Quesnel Community Economic Development Commission with the economic function now operating in-house; moving along with the process towards building the proposed new public works facility; a general framework for the City’s budget; the rationalization of Council’s Legislative and Community Support budgets; and the City’s future involvement in the West Quesnel Land Stability project.”
Partnerships – Council and the Cariboo Regional District Northern Directors “made a decision to incorporate the soccer facility and the School District 28 contract into sub-regional recreation.  This partnership continues to proactively and collaboratively manage the Arena project.”
Initiatives – “repealed and updated significant number of bylaws, created new ones that help Council market the community as a progressive place to live and invest in.  New Master Parks Plan is in progress; developed new regulations regarding panhandling in the City; through savings found elsewhere in the budget the City was able to assist Northern Health with temporary housing for two doctors during the summer months avoiding curtailments of the hospital’s Emergency department operating hours; all Council UBCM resolutions were adopted; West Fraser, Tolko and C&C Wood Products supported the City’s interface community forest initiative that will see incremental fibre to our local mills; and submitted 16 applications to the Northern Development Trust and have recommended policy changes that would see more of the Trust’s Mountain Pine Beetle fund flow to the City with less impact on local taxpayers.”


Council Committees

Council has revised Council Committees for 2016 as follows:
Standing Committees – Executive Committee; Financial Sustainability and Audit Committee; and Policy and Bylaw Review Committee.
Select Committees – First Nations Reconciliation, Recognition and Partnerships; Tourism and Marketing; West Quesnel Land Stability; and Volunteer Citizen of the Year.
External Committees- CCBAC; NDIT’s Regional Advisory Committee; Post-Secondary Education & Training Council; Air Quality Roundtable; Healthy Communities; and Community Connections.
Council Liaison Appointments – Business Improvement Associations; Chamber of Commerce; and Neighbourhood Associations.
Reference Groups – Accessibility and Inclusion; and Housing.
Council Initiatives – Social Sustainability and Public Safety; and Canada Day.


Proposed New Public Works Facility

Council approved engaging the electorate for electoral assent for borrowing $10,000,000 to complete the proposed new Public Works Facility.  Next steps include:

·         Conduct public information process:  QCity news, open house – January 2016

·         Alternate Approval Process – First Quarter of 2016

·         Development of construction drawings – 2016

·         Site prep work managed by Public Works – 2016

·         Construction Request for Proposal – 2016

·         Construction start – Spring 2017

·         Construction ends/relocation of Public Works – 2018


Next Meetings

Tuesday, December 15, 2015 at 7 pm
Regular Council Meeting

Tuesday, January 5, 2015 at 7 pm
(If Necessary)
Regular Council Meeting

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

WL Council-in-Committee - Dec 8th mtg

Present: Mayor W. Cobb (Chair); Councillors I. Bonnell, S. Nelson, J. Ryll, C. Smith, L. Walters and S. Zacharias

Meeting called to order - 5pm

Meeting Agenda/Mins of Oct 13th COW Meeting adopted

Delegation - None


1) 2016 Budget - Operating and Capital Projects

Discussion ensued thereon

Resolved - That the Committee recommend:

That a revised 2016 Projects List be brought forward to Council at its December 15, 2015 meeting for approval by resolution that include the following conditions:

1. That City Project Memorandums be completed and signed-off by the CAO and project leader for each project prior to that project’s commencement;
2. That prior to a project’s commencement, the CFO must confirm 2016 funding is in place;
3. That prior to ordering a Fire truck in 2016, a service renewal proposal be delivered to the CRD, and a consulting report be commissioned from Fire Underwriters Survey that evaluates Williams Lake and Area fire risks, infrastructure and department capacity.

Meeting recessed at 7:12pm
Meeting resumed at 7:18pm

2) Sam Ketcham Pool Upgrade - Building Permit Fees

A report from the Director of Development Services & CAO was presented to the Committee
Discussion ensued thereon

Resolved - That the Committee recommend

That the request of Central Cariboo Joint Committee re: limit Building Fees for the Sam Ketcham Pool Project to $10,000 be endorsed in principle, subject to positive discussions around the Solid Waste removal piece of the Pool Project

3) 2016 Grant in Aide Awards

A report from the Director of Finance was presented to the Committee
Discussion ensued thereon

Resolved - That the Committee recommend

Council authorize the following amounts for 2016 Grants in Aide:

a) Cariboo Chilcotin Metis Association - $500

Approved by the following vote:

Affirmative - Mayor Cobb; Councillors Nelson, Ryll, Smith, Walters and Zacharias
Negative - Councillor I. Bonnell

b) Cariboo Chilcotin Youth Fiddle Society - $500
c) Cariboo Chilcotin Child Development Centre - $4,000

Approved by the following vote:

Affirmative - Councillors Bonnell, Nelson, Ryll, Smith, Walters and Zacharias
Negative - Mayor W. Cobb

d) Communities That Care (Prevention Needs Assessment Survey) - $2,500
e) Blue Fins Club - $1,500

Approved by the following vote:

Affirmative - Mayor Cobb; Councillors Bonnell, Nelson, Ryll, Smith, and Zacharias
Negative - Councillor L. Walters

f) WL Cycling Club - $2,500
g) WL Stampeders Club - $2,500
h) Women's Contact Society - $5,000
i) WL Powder Kings - $1,500
j) WL Studio Theatre - $2,000
k) Cariboo Growers - $1,000

And that Staff refer WL Curling Club/Shriners' to the NDIT Granting Process and $5,000 be set aside to help the Museum of the Cariboo-Chilcotin with their operational needs and discuss this item with the Museum Society

Meeting adjourned at 8:05pm

Monday, December 7, 2015

"Shoulder Tapper" program comes to Northern BC

Courtesy of the Northern Development Initiative Trust:

More students in B.C.’s north will connect with the skills and experience they need for the jobs of the future through an expanded $4.9 million Shoulder Tappers program announced today by the B.C. Government and the Northern Development Initiative Trust.

Minister Mike Bernier and Northern Development board chair Evan Saugstad made the announcement while touring Quesnel’s Correlieu Secondary School with officials from the Quesnel School District and community leaders.

Shoulder Tappers are career coordinators or recruitment specialists who work one-on-one with elementary and secondary school students to point them in the right direction with greater mentorship and positive career input. The program is based on the successful Northern Opportunities partnership in northeast B.C., which started with a focus on skilled trades careers. It has now grown to include student access to technical, academic, and vocational courses such as aircraft engineering, heavy duty mechanics, information technology, early childhood education and others.

The Province is providing $1.3 million and Northern Development is providing $3.6 million over five years to expand Shoulder Tappers from three to 15 school districts throughout northern B.C.

Shoulder Tappers work closely with school districts, the Industry Training Authority, the Career Education Society, industry and other organizations to help students benefit from exposure to trades and technical training. They also help connect students with on-the-job experience, allowing them to graduate with dual credit toward advanced trades training.

The Province launched B.C.’s Skills for Jobs Blueprint in April 2014 to re-engineer education and training so British Columbians are first in line for careers of tomorrow. Shoulder Tappers helps government meet this goal.

Shoulder Tappers are now working in the following districts: Peace River North Peace River South, Fort Nelson, Quesnel, Haida Gwaii, Prince Rupert, Bulkley Valley, Prince George, Coast Mountains, Stikine, Nechako Lakes Nisga’a, Cariboo-Chilcotin, Gold Trail and Central Coast. These school districts collectively educate more than 45,000 students.

Over the next three years new K-12 curriculum is being phased in with new standards in mathematics, sciences and applied design, skills and technology. It supports opportunities for students to develop the problem-solving and creative thinking skills they need for success in B.C.'s tech sector.

In partnership with the BC Innovation Council, British Columbia is hosting its first #BCTECH Summit, Jan. 18-19, 2016. The summit will showcase B.C.'s tech industry and includes a career showcase to provide B.C. students and recent graduates with even more opportunities to get involved in the province's rapidly growing tech sector.

To register or learn more, go to:

For his part - NDIT's Board Chair Evan Saugstad stated:

“Building a stronger north means training and retaining our youth workforce. The personalized approach of the Shoulder Tappers program aligns students, schools, parents and industry to generate success for our youth and has been hugely successful in northeast B.C. Our board is pleased to support the expansion of this program across the region.”

While Cariboo-North MLA Hon. Coralee Oakes said:

“The Shoulder Tappers program is an outstanding way to support northern B.C. students and make sure they’re prepared for success. Businesses of all sizes in our growing communities need young people with the right skills to sustain our diversified economy. Connecting students with mentors and skills training close to home helps ensure a strong tomorrow.”

Finally - Bob Simpson, Mayor of Quesnel stated:

“The City of Quesnel welcomes this partnership investment in our students and our community. It will assist us to offer Quesnel and area students greater opportunities to advance their trade and technical skills while helping our local industry address its need for skilled workers.”

View the full press release here

Annual McLeese Lake Potluck Dinner/Auction

Yesterday (Sunday, Dec 6th) - As the Cariboo Regional District Area 'D' Director (Commodore Heights - McLeese Lake), I had the very distinct pleasure of attending the annual McLeese Lake Potluck Dinner/Auction.  A rough count put about 40-50 in attendance including Cariboo-North MLA Coralee Oakes.  The proceeds from the auction go towards the McLeese Lake Community Hall repairs, which in 2016 includes repainting the Hall Ceiling and replacing the Main Floor 

Congrats to all the organizers and those who donated items for the Silent and Live Auction.  I was pleased to see MLA Oakes was a successful winner in the Door Prize draw... 


Sunday, December 6, 2015

26th Anniversary of Ecole Polytechnique

Remembering 26 years ago today when a 25 year male walked into the École Polytechnique in Montreal and shot 28 people including killing 14 women. 

Let us remember their deaths and work towards that ideal of ridding ourselves of #ViolenceAgainstWomen

Friday, December 4, 2015

Local Gov't Mtgs - Wk of Dec 7-11

The following local governments are meeting next week:

Quesnel - Regular Council Meeting on Monday, Dec 7th at 7pm in Quesnel Council Chambers (2nd Floor - 410 Kinchant St).  On the Agenda:

* Delegation: Shiraoi House - Japanese Delegation Summary - Tomoko Arisue, President, Elizabeth Hunter, Secretary, Martha Waldon, Chaperon
* Various Committee Recommendations
* Business Case Report for new Public Works Facility
* Update on CCBAC Activities
* Light Colours on Fraser River Foot Bridge
* Wrap up report on 2015 Facade Improvement Program
* 2016 NCLGA Call for Resolutions
* 2015 Year in Review - Mayor Simpson

View the full Agenda here

School District #28 (Quesnel) - Regular Board of Education Meeting on Wednesday, Dec 9th at 7pm in the SD28 Boardroom (401 North Star Road).  When available, the Agenda can be viewed here

School District #27 (Cariboo-Chilcotin) - Business Committee meeting on Tuesday, Dec 8th at 3:30pm at the SD27 Admin Office (350 North 2nd Avenue, Williams Lake).  When available, the Agenda can be viewed here

Williams Lake - Committee of the Whole session on Tuesday, Dec 8th at 6pm in the Rick Hansen Boardroom (450 Mart St). On the Agenda:

* Review 2016 Grant in Aide applications (19)
* Review Nov 25th CC Joint Committee Recommendation - Limit Building Permit Fees to $10,000 for Sam Ketcham Pool Project

* Review 2016 Budget - Operations/Capital Projects

View the full Agenda here

100 Mile House - Regular Council Meeting on Tuesday, Dec 8th at 7pm in the 100 Mile Council Chambers (385 Birch Avenue).  When available, the Agenda can be viewed here

Cariboo Regional District - Meetings next week as noted below:

North Cariboo Rural Caucus - Tuesday, Dec 8th at 3pm at the CRD Quesnel Office (101-410 Kinchant St).  On the Agenda:

* Quesnel Mayor Bob Simpson to give update to the Caucus on Quesnel Council initiatives
* 2016 Grant for Assistance Application - Quesnel Tillicum Society
* Bouchie Lake Tax Requisition Information
* Potential Closure of Parkland School
* Hazardous Area Designation attached to Quesnel Fringe OCP

View the full Agenda here

North Cariboo Joint Committee - Tuesday, Dec 8th at 5pm in Quesnel Council Chambers.  On the Agenda:

* North Cariboo Arena Project Status Report
* Community Works Funding (CRD) - West Fraser Centre
* Utilization of Existing Playground Equipment from the Quesnel and District Arts and Recreation Centre
* Universal Bus Pass - Quesnel Transit
* Quesnel Youth Soccer License of Occupation
* Community Paramedicine Initiative
* Request for Assistance for the Quesnel 2 Rivers Boxing Club

View the full Agenda here

CCRHD Board - Friday, Dec 11th at 9:30am in the CRD Boardroom (180D North 3rd Avenue, Williams Lake).  On the Agenda:

* Hospital Consent Calendar
* Letter from BC Health Minister Terry Lake re: 2015 UBCM Meeting with CCRHD
* Financial Request from Northern Health for Primary Care Clinic in Quesnel
* Proposed 2016 CCRHD Budget

View the full Agenda here

CRD Board - Friday, Dec 11th at 9:45am in the CRD Boardroom (180D North 3rd Avenue, Williams Lake).  On the Agenda:

* Elect a Chair/Vice-Chair of CRD Board for 2016
* Various Planning Matters
* Various Committee or Commission Recommendations
* 2 NDIT Applications for Xeni Gwet'in/Xat'sull
* Review of 2016 Provisional Budget
* Consent Calendar
* Report from Chair Al Richmond re: FCM Meetings
* Request from Director Forseth re: Discontinue Cariboo Regional District Membership in the Federation of Canadian Muncipalities

View the full Agenda here

Community Events this weekend and next week:

* Friday, Dec 4th - Sunday, Dec 6th - Annual Winter Festival event in Williams Lake -- More details here

* Friday, Dec 4th/Saturday, Dec 5th - Quesnel Museum Sale - more details here

* Saturday, Dec 5th -- "Cost of a Dozen Eggs" - Local Food Presentation at Pioneer Complex (351 Hodgson Rd) from 12:30pm - 2pm

* Saturday, Dec 5th - Quesnel Downtown Association "Santa Extravaganza" 2-5pm.  Downtown Quesnel

* Saturday, Dec 5th - Quesnel Farmers' Christmas Market at the Quesnel Arts/Rec Centre (North Star Rd) from 10am - 3pm

* Saturday, Dec 5th - Museum of Cariboo-Chilcotin Christmas Tea/Bake Sale from 11am-3pm at the Museum of the Cariboo-Chilcotin on 4th Avenue in Williams Lake

* Sunday, Dec 6th - Memory Tree event at WL City Hall from 3-4:30pm.  More details here
* Sunday, Dec 6th - Annual McLeese Lake Fundraising Event for McLeese Lake Community Hall expenses - Doors open at 4:30pm, Dinner at 5:00pm with Santa being present for the kids and a sing along.  Bring also a perishable item for the Food Bank and items for the auction

* Monday, Dec 7th from 7-9pm - Mt Polley Community Meeting at Likely Community Hall

* Tuesday, Dec 8th - Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour at the Gibraltar Room. More details here

* Wednesday, Dec 9th from 7-9pm - Mt Polley Community Meeting at the Gibraltar Room (525 Proctor Street, Williams Lake)

Quesnel Museum Open House/Sale

Thursday, December 3, 2015

UBCM to BC Gov't - Fund DNA Analysis Yourself..

UPDATE on Dec 3rd at 12:22pm - Statement from BC Justice Suzanne Anton - read here while UBCM responds to Minister Anton's statement of late yesterday here

Courtesy of the Union of BC Muncipalities:

The Union of BC Municipalities is calling on Attorney General Suzanne Anton to reverse a decision to shift provincial costs for DNA analysis to local governments. Recently, local governments began to receive bills for DNA analysis services that previously had been funded by the federal and provincial governments.

The decision by the Province to shift these costs to local governments was made without consultation or explanation to the impacted municipalities. In 2016/17 alone, $2.90 million in unexpected costs will be shifted onto municipalities with populations greater than 5,000.

“Imagine waking up one morning and finding a bill in your mailbox that properly belonged to your neighbour – that’s how our members are feeling about this decision”, said UBCM President Al Richmond. “We can all appreciate the Province is doing its best to balance the budget, but the solution for paying for new costs can’t be handing the bill over to local governments.”

In a letter to Minister Anton, Mr. Richmond described the decision to transfer costs without consultation as a “significant oversight” since the decision failed to take into account the ability of local governments to pay. Richmond also states that to his knowledge no other province or territory is adopting BC’s approach, and asked the Minister to explain the Province’s justification and authority for its decision.

Based on opinion that UBCM has sought on the authority of the Province under the Police Act, it appears that an Order in Council is required in order to shift costs for DNA analysis to local governments. The Ministry of Justice has not yet indicated that such an Order in Council exists

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Cost of a Dozen Eggs Presentation - Saturday, Dec 5th from 12:30-2pm

Steve's Meeting/Expenses Calendar - Nov 2015

In the month of November - I attended the following events/meetings:

November 2nd - Central Cariboo Multi-Agency Forum at McLeese Lake

November 4th - Public Hearing for WL Fringe OCP Amendment Bylaw #4971, 2015

November 11th - Remembrance Day Ceremony in Williams Lake - wreath laying on behalf of Cariboo-North MLA Coralee Oakes and the Cariboo Regional District

November 12th - CRD Finance/Budget Meeting

November 13th - CRD Board Meetings

November 20th - Meeting with Wildwood VFD Chief R. Worsley/Elcy LePage from Interior Roads re: Snow Removal concerns in the Wildwood community

November 25th - Lunch with Phyllis Webstad (Area 'D' Alternate Director) thanking her for her one year of service as my Area's Alternate Director then meetings of Central Cariboo Rural Caucus/Joint Committee

November 29th - McLeese Lake VFD Christmas Market event at the McLeese Lake Community Hall

As for expenses submitted in November 2015, they are:

Nov 4th - $75.00 for Public Hearing

Nov 12th - $120.00 for CRD Finance/Budget Meeting

Nov 13th - $185.00 for CRD/CCRHD Board Meetings

Nov 25th - $75.00 for both CC Rural Caucus/Joint Committee


CC Rural Caucus Mtg - Dec 2nd, 2015

Present: Chair S. Forseth; Directors B. Kemp, J. Sorley, A. Richmond and B. Anderson

Meeting called to order at 3pm
Meeting Agenda approved/Minutes of the Nov 25th CC Rural Caucus meeting adopted

Delegations - None


The Caucus reviewed the following items:

a) Area 'E' Contribution - Grant for Assistance application for the WL Cycling Club
b) Central Cariboo Victim Services Agreement w/City of Williams Lake
c) Use of Director Initiative Fund for Areas 'D' and 'F' - Communities that Care Prevention Needs Assessment Survey

At 3:31pm - the Caucus convened an In-Camera meeting (closed to the public) as per Section 90(1k - negotiations) of the Community Charter

At 3:57pm  - the Caucus resumed its' public meeting and adjourned