Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Steve's Meeting/Expenses Calendar - Nov 2015

In the month of November - I attended the following events/meetings:

November 2nd - Central Cariboo Multi-Agency Forum at McLeese Lake

November 4th - Public Hearing for WL Fringe OCP Amendment Bylaw #4971, 2015

November 11th - Remembrance Day Ceremony in Williams Lake - wreath laying on behalf of Cariboo-North MLA Coralee Oakes and the Cariboo Regional District

November 12th - CRD Finance/Budget Meeting

November 13th - CRD Board Meetings

November 20th - Meeting with Wildwood VFD Chief R. Worsley/Elcy LePage from Interior Roads re: Snow Removal concerns in the Wildwood community

November 25th - Lunch with Phyllis Webstad (Area 'D' Alternate Director) thanking her for her one year of service as my Area's Alternate Director then meetings of Central Cariboo Rural Caucus/Joint Committee

November 29th - McLeese Lake VFD Christmas Market event at the McLeese Lake Community Hall

As for expenses submitted in November 2015, they are:

Nov 4th - $75.00 for Public Hearing

Nov 12th - $120.00 for CRD Finance/Budget Meeting

Nov 13th - $185.00 for CRD/CCRHD Board Meetings

Nov 25th - $75.00 for both CC Rural Caucus/Joint Committee


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Political Gadfly said...

Thanks Steve for posting if only Cobb et al would step into 2015 and post their expenses, it would go a long way in citizens believing that the City of Williams Lake finally practicing what it preaches: open and transparent government.