Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Steve's Meeting/Expenses Calendar - Feb 2016

In the month of February 2016 - I attended the following meetings:

Feb 2-5 -- UBCM EA Directors' Forum/2016 Local Gov't Leadership Academy Session

Feb 9th - Committee of the Whole Session (CRD Board)

Feb 10th - CRD Board Meeting

Feb 24th - CC Rural Caucus

Feb 26th - Meeting with Miriam Schilling from Xat'sull First Nations (Area D Ec Dev Funding Opportunities)

As to expenses submitted in the month of February 2016:

* $360 for Daily Attendance Fees for the UBCM EA Directors' Forum/2016 LGLA Leadership Session

$120 for the Feb 9th Committee of the Whole Board meeting

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