Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Supporting student school safety in Quesnel

Courtesy of the BC Government:

Quesnel’s grade 8 and 9 students will soon be learning in a safer, more secure environment by moving to Maple Drive Junior school.

The Government of British Columbia is providing $1.7 million to the Quesnel School District to renovate Maple Drive Middle school, which is currently closed.

More than 400 students are expected to transition from Quesnel Junior school to Maple Drive once the renovations are complete in March 2018. All students who bus to Quesnel Junior school will be bussed to Maple Drive.

Quesnel Junior school was built in 1950 and is in need of significant repair.

Provincial funding covers the cost of renovations of Maple Drive, two portables, and moving school supplies and equipment.

This temporary solution allows the Province and the district to investigate longer-term options for grade 8 and 9 students in Quesnel, and gives parents the comfort of knowing their children will be learning in a safer environment.

The Ministry of Education will support the school district in exploring long-term options for junior school students in Quesnel with safety as a top priority.

Government is committed to funding capital projects that benefit student safety at schools throughout British Columbia.

The Hon. Rob Fleming - BC's Education Minister said:

“The safety of students, teachers and support staff throughout B.C. is my top priority. Providing this funding helps ensure Quesnel Junior school students are learning in a safer environment as soon as possible. Ministry staff continue to work closely with the school district on a long-term solution.”

While Gloria Jackson, Chair, Board of Education for School District #28 (Quesnel) stated:

“The board is pleased that the ministry is supporting this important school project. The board takes very seriously its role in ensuring the safety of students, staff and others who occupy our buildings. We look forward to working with the ministry on a long-term solution for junior school students in Quesnel.”

Quick Facts:

* Quesnel Junior Secondary was built in 1950 and has a need for significant capital investments to address building condition issues.
* Maple Drive Junior Secondary was built in 1979 and has been closed for 13 years.

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