Thursday, January 28, 2016

Please respect Emcon Services provision of sand to McLeese Lake residents...

Via McLeese Lake News/Events Facebook Page:


Just got off the phone with EMCON, and they have delivered another load of sand to our pile by the skating rink at the hall. He asked me to please ask the community to 'only take what you need, and only what you can spread on your driveway using a hand shovel.' 

I guess he's noticed that some driveways are over-sanded, and he's worried, (and so am I), that if we abuse this kind gesture, that they will not be able to keep it up. Please remember that they are providing the sand for free to the community, and that the supply is not endless. 

Thanks everybody, for cooperating. I would really hate to lose this privilege as I think it is invaluable, specially with the weather we are currently getting.

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