Friday, December 16, 2016

CCRHD Board Highlights - Dec 16th mtg

Present: Chair J. Massier; Directors T. Armstrong, J. Bruce, S. Forseth, B. Kemp, J. Sorley, A. Richmond, M. Wagner, D. Cash, B. Coakley, R. Sharpe, B. Simpson, W. Cobb, M. Campsall and TNRD Area E Director S. Watson

Meeting called to order at 9:30am
Meeting Agenda adopted/Nov 25th CCRHD Board Meeting Minutes adopted


1) The Board adopted Bylaw #126, 2016 -- Cariboo Chilcotin Regional Hospital District Capital Expenditure (Cariboo Memorial Hospital – Portable Ultrasound Machine) Repeal Bylaw

2) The Board received the 'Hospital Consent Calendar' as of Dec 16th, 2016

3) The Board received a Government of BC Press Release entitled "Province Approves Capital Funding for New Housing Projects in Quesnel"

4) The Board received a Northern Health Press Release entitled "NH Connections Schedule Changes During Holiday Season"

5) The Board received an item from Interior Health entitled "Year in Review"

6) The Board approved funding in the amount of $790,420 representing $310,420 of global grants for Interior Health plus 40% of the total cost of the following projects:

* Residential Care Addition, Fischer Place, District of 100 Mile House
* Nursing Station Renovation, 100 Mile District General Hospital, District of 100 Mile House
* Various Information Management Information Technology (IMIT) Projects
* Monitoring System- Physiological, 100 Mile District General Hospital, District of 100 Mile House

And directed Staff to bring forward the necessary capital expenditure bylaws for consideration

Meeting recessed at 9:37am
Meeting resumed at 11:05am


Susan Paulsen, Healthcare Recruitment Coordinator of S. Paulsen Consulting, appeared before the Board to provide an update on recruitment and retention activities in Quesnel.

A Question/Answer period ensued

Chair Massier, on behalf of the Board, thanked Ms. Paulsen for her time/information

The Board adjourned at 11:29am

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