Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Quesnel/Lhtako Dene Nation in Dialogue

Courtesy of the City of Quesnel:

Over the past year, the Lhtako Dene Nation (Red Bluff) and the City of Quesnel have been engaged in dialogue with a view toward seeking partnership opportunities based on mutual respect, recognition, and reconciliation. While the first two meetings were held at the Lhtako Dene community hall, the most recent meeting involving Lhtako Dene elders, band council and community members, the Mayor and city staff was held at City Hall.

One desired outcome of these dialogue sessions is to find meaningful ways for the City to recognize Lhtako Dene’s traditional territory in City Hall, the Museum and Visitor Center and the Airport. Currently, the City is the only public agency in Quesnel that does not recognize Lhtako Dene traditional territory within its buildings.

Another potential recognition outcome is to identify green space areas within the City that are culturally significant to the Lhtako Dene Nation and name these spaces appropriately. At the last meeting between the two communities, the area that is currently called Ceal Tingley Park was identified as a highly significant space for the Lhtako Dene, as portions of the nation’s village were located there and “Lhtako” means where the three rivers meet.

The ultimate intent of these dialogue sessions is to enable the City of Quesnel and the Lhtako Dene Nation to engage in meaningful partnerships that will lead to true reconciliation. The foundation for these partnerships will be framed in a protocol agreement that both parties hope to sign in the New Year

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