Thursday, February 9, 2017

CCRHD Board Highlights - Feb 9th meeting

Present: Chair M. Wagner; Directors T. Armstrong, J. Bruce, J. Massier, S. Forseth, B. Kemp, J. Sorley, A. Richmond, D. Cash, B. Anderson, B. Coakley, R. Sharpe, B. Simpson, W. Cobb, and M. Campsall

Meeting called to order at 9:30am by CRD CAO J. Bell

The CAO called 3 times for nominations of CCRHD Vice-Chair

Director Forseth nominated Director Sorley.  Director Sorley accepted her nomination

Director Coakley nominated Director Simpson.  Director Simpson accepted his nomination

Directors B. Simpson/J. Sorley then addressed the Board. The Board then voted, the CAO/Corporate Officer went into the Committee Room to count the ballots and returned to the meeting to declare that Director B. Simpson was elected Vice-Chair of the CCRHD for 2017

Resolved - That the ballots for Vice-Chair be destroyed

Chair M. Wagner then resumed the Chair

Meeting Agenda/Minutes of the Jan 13th CCRHD Board Meeting adopted


1) The Board gave 1st, 2nd, 3rd Reading and adoption to Cariboo Chilcotin Regional Hospital District Capital Expenditure Residential Care Addition (Fischer Place, 100 Mile House) Bylaw No. 127, 2017

2) The Board received a Photo Submission from Northern Health, dated January 23, 2017, announcing improved access to breast cancer screening at GR Baker Memorial Hospital

3) The Board received a letter from Thomas Guerrero, A/Executive Director for the Ministry of Health, in response to the Board's request for Likely to be added to the
list of rural and remote communities to be included in the Community Paramedicine Initiative, denying the Board's request

4) The Board received a News Release from Interior Health announcing that contracts have been awarded for the creation of 16 withdrawal management beds (detox) in three communities, including four beds in Williams Lake

5) The Board received a report of the Corporate Officer, in regards to Policy No. CCH.11-10A-5 Taxation and directed that the policy be repealed.

6) The Board directed that any one of the Chair or Vice-Chair, together with any one of the Chief Administrative Officer, the Chief Financial Officer, or Manager of
Financial Services, be appointed as the signing officers for the Cariboo Chilcotin Regional Hospital District’s financial undertakings and that the “Resolution
Regarding Banking” be completed accordingly and forwarded to its appointed financial institution.

7) The Board received the "Hospital Consent Calendar" as of Feb 9th, 2017

8) The Board received an urgent request from Director J. Sorley in regards to Hospital Capital Provincial Priorities and directed that a letter be forwarded to the Ministry of Health expressing the strategic importance of both GR Baker and Cariboo Memorial Hospital projects with a copy of the letter to go to MLA's Oakes/Barnett and further a letter be forwarded to local First Nation Band Councils' requesting that they provide letters of support for both GR Baker/Cariboo Memorial Hospital projects

At 10:12am, the meeting recessed

At 11:35am, the meeting resumed


Debbie Strang, Health Service Administrator, and Penny Anguish, Chief Operating Officer, for Northern Health, appeared before the Board to provide an update

A Question/Answer period ensued

The Chair, on behalf of the Board, thanked Ms. Strong/Anguish for their time/information

Meeting adjourned at 11:57am

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