Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Quesnel Council Highlights - Feb 22nd meeting

Courtesy of the City of Quesnel:

Business Improvement Associations
The City’s three Business Improvement Associations – Quesnel Downtown/West Quesnel/South Quesnel – all presented their 2016/2017 annual budgets and yearly highlights to Council, as per the requirements of the Business Improvement Area bylaws.  The City collects a tax levy from businesses in each Business Improvement Area and then disburses the tax levy to each of the Business Improvement Associations for community events, improvements and strategic initiatives that contribute to the vibrancy of the business areas.

2018 BC Firefighter Games Update
The Barlow Creek Volunteer Firefighter Department appeared as a delegation to the January 31, 2017 Regular Council meeting to advise Council that they would like to host the 2018 BC Firefighter Games in Quesnel, and more specifically, at LeBourdais Park on July 6 – 8, 2018.  Staff advised, and Council approved, that LeBourdais Park, is indeed, the best location for this event due to its central location, the need for a stage and this event will not impact the public’s use of the LeBourdais Park playground or spray park during this event.

Correlieu Secondary School – Graduation Parade Route
Due to construction of the West Fraser Centre project, Arena 1 will not be available for the promenade portion of the Correlieu Secondary School graduation ceremonies.  In light of this, the 2017 Correlieu Secondary School Graduating Class is thinking of having a parade on Saturday, June 24, 2017.  This proposed parade would proceed through a 12 block downtown route that will not impede Highway 97 traffic flow or high traffic business areas in the downtown core.  Council approved the temporary road closures necessary should this parade proceed.

Safe Rental Housing Bylaw and Policy for Existing Secondary Suites
Council approved staff to move forward with preparing a Safe Rental Housing Bylaw that would set minimum standards for health and safety of rental residential units such as:  water and sanitation; heat; light; egress; and security.  As well, Council approved staff to prepare a draft policy where the City would authorize a suite following an approved visual inspection of the suite, and if approved, the suite is then considered “authorized”, but not “legalized”, subject to applicable zoning.  This proposed bylaw and policy will assist with addressing the basic fundamental livability standards that relate to health, safety or protection of persons and property in existing illegal suites that are already located in the City.  Next steps are for these two documents to come back to Council for consideration and, once approved by Council, public consultation.  These initiatives are a result of the Council’s 2017 Strategic Plan.

Lewis Drive Rink
With the Lewis Drive rink already in need of repair, Council approve a grant application that will not only repair the rink, but add additional uses of this public facility.  Council approved the submission of grant applications that, if successful, would see the rink surface be more useable throughout the year for such activities as basketball, lacrosse, and roller derby in the spring, summer and fall and winter hockey and skating.  This project is valued at $89,460 and would be funded through $30,000 from the Northern Development Initiative Trust, $30,000 from the Pine Beetle Recovery Account and $29,460 from the City of Quesnel.

Gook Road Sewer Extension - Proposed Parcel Tax Bylaw
Council gave the first three bylaw readings for the proposed Good Road Sewer Extension Parcel Tax bylaw that would charge $2,250 per parcel part of the Gook Road sewer extension project.  This bylaw authorizes the creation of the parcel tax to collect the required funds from City residents within the Gook Road Sewer Extension area (Cariboo Regional District resident(s) parcel tax will be charged the same as City residents, but be collected through the Cariboo Regional District).  A parcel tax review panel will be held on March 15, 2017 at 1:30 p.m. at City Hall/Council Chambers for those who have been affected and would like to dispute this new parcel tax.

Reid Street Rebuild
Council heard a debriefing of the February 15, 2017 public meeting regarding the planned rebuild of Reid Street that was attended by approximately 40 property owners and retailers from the vicinity of the 200 to 400 blocks of Reid Street.  The start of public consultation to the general public and general community engagement of this project is set for March 29, 2017, at the Quesnel Seniors’ Centre, from noon to 9:00 pm where two sessions will be held:  one from 3-5 pm and one from 7-9 pm.  These public sessions will discuss future traffic flows, streetscape design, accessibility considerations and parking configurations.  Construction is scheduled to take place April – October, 2018.

Next Regular Meetings:  7 pm on February 28th and March 7th

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