Friday, November 9, 2018

2018 BC Recall Campaigns may commence today!

Today - a registered voter may initiate a recall petition against a sitting MLA under the provisions of the Recall and Initiative Act which was enacted by the NDP Government of the Day in 1995

26 Recall Petitions have been initiated since 1995 and none have been successful to date - full details on the process can be viewed here

In terms of potential recall campaigns:

1) BC Legislature Speaker (and MLA for Abbotsford-South) -- kicked out of the BC Liberal Caucus after accepting the Speakership.  Matter was discussed by his constituents in July 2017 but whether anger still exists we'll have to wait and see

2) Attorney-General David Eby (and MLA for Vancouver-Point Grey) -- a website has been established to explore the possibility of launching a recall petition - click here

Given provincial political history on recall campaigns in BC -- I do expect that any recall campaigns launched will not be successful and those who have issues with MLA's Eby/Plecas will have to wait until the BC Election of Fall 2021 to attempt a campaign to unseat these MLA's at that point...


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Unknown said...

I am disgusted you want to try and remove Darryl Plecas due to him leaving your team, First of all, you had good liberal and many very poor ones concerned more about the party than people. Daryl is hard working honest and very smart, unlike some popular homebodies who have little education in management. Daryl left to look after his people as any Liberal riding won't get much due to BC Politics caring more about self-entitlement than anything else. Daryl does not need the money and was and is doing a very good job as speaker. if your near sighted tunnel vision was removed you would see he is doing a great job for us living in Abby South and why someone outside his riding is initiating a recall just shows it is all about the party and not people.
Paul Stephenson
33688-King Road Abbotsford