Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Inject GPS Tracking Chips in High Risk/Prolific Offenders?

At last night's Williams Lake City Council meeting - Council endorsed a resolution proposed by City Councillor Scott Nelson to inject GPS Tracking Chips into either High Risk or Prolific Offenders.

This resolution will now be forwarded to the 2016 North Central Local Government Association (NCLGA) and Union of BC Muncipalities (UBCM) AGM's for consideration of endorsement.  The 2016 NCLGA AGM will be held in Dawson Creek, BC from May 4-6, 2016 while the 2016 UBCM AGM will be held in Victoria, BC from September 26-30th, 2016

Read more from the Williams Lake Tribune here.  Meanwhile - Councillor Nelson made no apology for his "GPS Injection" Resolution for High Risk or Prolific Offenders saying "the rights of the majority (public) supersede the rights of the minority (offenders)".  Read more here

It will be interesting to follow the discussion locally on this item and also the debates at NCLGA/UBCM on this item as well...



A Mazed said...

Attempting to usurp the Charter by a minor political official is nothing short of "political grandstanding " Back to the drawing board Scotty .

Anonymous said...

His last two ideas to fight crime were to try to ban hoodies and to appear on the front page of The Province clutching a fence and begging the provincial government for help. Stupid, unrealistic ideas, but Scott knows Williams Lakers are ignorant and will eat it up. Scott also once claimed Williams Lake was Canada's crime capital because of a booming local economy.
You get the government you deserve, people. You elect clowns, you'll get a circus.

Why hasn't a council for the past decade actually hired more RCMP members? They've been told over and over that Williams Lake has the highest per capita crime rate and the highest caseload in all of BC. But it never occurred to Scott, Kerry or Walt to you know, actually enhance the local police force? You can't solve this problem on the cheap. And you can't do it with stunts.

Anonymous said...

Scott and the entire council are an embarrassment. These people actually represent us to the rest of the province? How are all these stunts and stupidity actually going to attract any business or residents. Crime, crazy politicians, sucky snow removal.... why would anyone go near here?