Monday, February 22, 2016

McLeese Lake VFD responds to fatal MVI last week

Last Thursday evening - the McLeese Lake Ind. Volunteer Fire Department (which is within my Electoral Area) responded to a fatal head on collision in which they were able to put out the two vehicles that both burst into flames.  Ian Hicks, who is President of the McLeese Lake Volunteer Fire Department Society (MLVFD) reports to the community of McLeese Lake as to how the MLVFD performed when called out to the incident.  The Society was formed as a result of another fatal MVI in the community back in 2012

As the Cariboo Regional District Area 'D' Director which includes the community of McLeese Lake - I am proud of the fine work they do on behalf of this community

Find below the report from the President of the MLVFD Society to the community of McLeese Lake (posted below with permission):

Hello Mcleese Lake,
On Feb 18 - 10 pm MLVFD responded to a highway accident just north of the old highways yard. A southbound car had crossed into oncoming traffic and was hit by a loaded semi-truck. Both vehicles were totally engulfed in flames. After getting a call from a local resident that had just passed through the scene, we were able to muster 7 volunteers, and within 15 minutes were at the scene of the fire. Although the incident was already attended by multiple agencies, none of them were equipped to deal with the fire situation. We've practiced this exact scenario multiple times so we were able to set into play our Winter Strategy. Our Winter Strategy basically consists of getting one of our 3 portable pumps to the lake, cut a hole in the ice, and haul water in 1000 liter totes. Nick Dube and Dominic Thorne brought three full totes within 10-15 minutes of us exhausting our first tank, which we carry in the Quick Response Truck. By the time the second tank of water was used, as well as using the foam-pack, ( that injects fire suppressant foam into the water), we were able to get the fire out completely. We were able to get right up to the hot vehicles, within arms- length, since we had on our full gear, including self- contained air tanks. Everyone worked as a team, and the equipment and strategy worked just as we've been practicing.
Every event is also considered to be a learning experience for us, so after the fire we debriefed and discussed what we did right, and what could be improved upon in the future. It was a great informative meeting and congratulations and smiles went all around. Aside from the terrible tragedy, it was a win for us as the MLVFD. We were able to safely, and fairly smoothly, deal with the big vehicle fire that had the other agencies at a standstill.
I'd like to thank the volunteers Dominic Thorne, Nick Dube, Mike Valenius, Kathy Rourke, Dan Willan, Shirley Bedard, Jacquie Wallace, Cori Gosselin and Michelle Valenius for their great effort, which went on until 2am. As always, we give thanks to the People of Mcleese Lake for their continued support and encouragement.
Absolutely Best Regards,
Ian Hicks (president MLVFD)

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