Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Notice of 2015 Annual Report - City of Williams Lake

Courtesy of the City of Williams Lake:

City of Williams Lake Council will consider the 2015 Annual Report at the Regular Meeting of Council to be held Tuesday, June 21, 2016 at 6:00 pm in Council Chambers, City Hall, 450 Mart Street.
Members of the public are invited to attend the meeting and to present submissions or ask questions with respect to the report.
Copies of the Annual Report will be available for inspection at City Hall, 450 Mart Street on June 7th, or can be downloaded from the City’s web site at in pdf format. Copies of the report will also be available at the June 21st meeting.
For further information, please contact Cindy Bouchard, Corporate Officer at (250) 392-1773 or by e-mail at ''.
Cindy Bouchard
Corporate Officer
2015 Annual Report


Anonymous said...

According to these financial statements they saved 89 thousand dollars in wages and benefits. How is that possible when they laid off 8 people? did everyone else get a huge raise?

Anonymous said...

Is this the savings Cobb was touting last year when all those city staff were let go? A mere 10% of what he boasted about !! Cobb needs to RESIGN . First were those "conflict Of Interest " allegations he misled the citizens about and now misleading savings from city layoffs...Time to go Walt, old style politics do not work in this era .

Anonymous said...

They said they would save 4 million over 5 years. Guess not!

Abdul Abdullah said...

Seriously! Where did all those savings go? What were the millions spent on? I've seen bills for lawyers. And not just one firm .... four! What are those all about? Are they incapable of making a decision on their own? Are they trying to cover something up? What? I see travel to the UBCM by EVERYONE on council! Who does that? Who spends someone else's money so recklessly? If I did that at my work, I wouldn't have my management job for another day. Where has the accountability gone? Listen up, Council: that's OUR money, Not yours! And you need to take responsibility for every cent you spend. It is NOT open season because you are spending the public's purse. And I'm still waiting for the Statement of financial information they send to the province that we see every May. When will that be released? Steve posted the CRDs in April! I could go on and on. The public needs to be thinking about the next election. What kind of representation do we want? Are these the people we want spending our money when they don't even do something as simple as posting their monthly expenses so everyone can see how much each one of them is costing us? Kudos to Steve for being the only local elected official who actually tells us what he spends ever month. I can only imagine the flak you get from other directors and councilors for being so upfront! Council has gotten away with spending our money far too long with little accountability and ZERO transparency. Time for them to start acting like trustees of the public purse and for us to start holding their feet to the fire. One more thing: Scott Nelson, you are the finance chair. Would you run your many businesses the way the city runs it's business? Surely you have an opinion on the lawyers, and the monthly expenses, and everything else that's going on there. And if Cobb thinks we're buying him "setting the record straight" in the newspaper lately, I’ve got news for him: we are not swallowing it, Walt. Something stinks. The sad part about it that the public will never know what. Wake up, people and start paying attention to what’s happening with your tax dollars.

Steve Forseth said...

Thanks for your comments. As far as the Statement of Financial Information or SOFI Reports for local government are concerned, the official deadline for SOFI Reports is "June 30th" in each year...