Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Quesnel Council Highlights - June 28th mtg

Courtesy of the City of Quesnel:

Council Response to Timber Supply Review

After speaking with forestry stakeholders, Council has chosen the following key issues to submit as a response to the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations regarding the Ministry’s Timber Supply Review Discussion Paper (the following points have been taken from Mayor Bob Simpson’s report):

-    Request the government consider the Socio-economic and forest health impacts for the Quesnel area

-    Request the government to align and accelerate forest health and land base investment activities in the Quesnel Timber Supply Area to rehabilitate the forest land base as quickly and effectively as possible

-    Develop a program to assist our forest sector to re-invent to fully utilize all available fibre from our forests and to adapt to the implications of harvesting younger stands. 

-    Request an expedited decision on its interface community forest license and ask for an invitation letter from the Minister that would protect the community from catastrophic forest fires and create long term sustainable jobs while providing more timber to our local forests sector.

Living Wage Designation

Council approved submitting the City’s Living Wage Application to the Living Wage Families Campaign for review, if approved the City will become the second designated Living Wage employer in Quesnel (Integris Credit Union is the first).  To qualify as a Living Wage Employer, the City would be required to pay its employees, and require contractors completing work over 120 hours for the City, to pay their employees Quesnel’s living wage that is calculated to be $16.52 per hour.  The Living Wage hourly rate of pay enables wage earners living in a household to:

-    Feed, clothe and provide shelter for their family

-    Promote healthy child development

-    Participate in activities that are an ordinary element of life in the community

-    Avoid the chronic stress of living in poverty

This hourly rate is calculated every year by the Living Wage for Families Campaign, based on living expenses for a family of four that has two children aged 4 and 7, with both parents working full time (35 hours/week).

Traffic Calming Devices

Two traffic calming devices (speed bumps) have been approved for installation:  one on Racing Road near Ryan Road and one on Baker Drive North of Sugarloaf Ball Park.
Grace Inn Motel – Convert to Housing
The Applicant would like to convert the Grace Inn Motel from 43 motel rooms into 10 studio and 25 one-bedroom units that would be available to rent, at market value, to seniors.  Council approved first reading of Bylaw 1806 that would amend the Official Community Plan to allow for high density at 530 Carson Avenue.  The Proponent intends to host an open house next month to consult with the community regarding this proposed development. 

Playgrounds– Capital Planning 

$30,000 per year of Gas Tax funds will be used for the planning and design work to upgrade playgrounds.  Council approved this request with South Quesnel, LeBourdais, Patchett, Ritchie Street and Pinchbeck parks being listed as the current top five priorities for playground upgrades.

Bylaw of the Month – July – Sprinkling/Irrigation

The City’s Water Regulation Bylaw is in place to regulate water usage within the community and encourage water conservation.  From May 15 to Sept 30, the public is asked to water from 6 – 10 am and 7 – 11 pm:

-    EVEN properties water on EVEN numbered days 

-    ODD properties water on ODD numbered days.

There is a $50 fine for watering outside the regulated specific days/hours.


-    Bylaw 1802 – Recreation Centre (Bowling Alley/Mini Golf–Racing/Valhalla Road) - Third Reading

-    Bylaw 1804 – New Statutory Reserves – Final Adoption

-    Bylaw 1805 – Multi Family Housing Incentives – Final Adoption

-    Bylaws 1806/1807 – OCP & Zone Amendments - Grace Inn Motel (Convert to Housing) – First Reading


Next Meetings

-    5:30 pm – July 12, 2016 – North Cariboo Joint Planning Committee

-    7:00 pm – July 26, 2016 – Regular Council Meeting

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