Saturday, October 22, 2016

BC Gaming Grant distributed for PAC/DPAC's

Courtesy of the BC Government:

The British Columbia government has allocated over $12 million in community gaming grants to support extracurricular activities for students, while keeping parents connected with their local schools.

Those parent advisory councils (PACs) and district parent advisory councils (DPACs) that work with public and independent schools and applied for grants will share a portion of the overall allocation based on the number of students at their schools. The grants provide support for extracurricular sports, arts, class trips and other school activities.

For a list of the 1,363 PACs and DPACs community gaming grants that have been approved to date, visit:

The Hon. Peter Fassbender, BC Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development said:

“Organizations that help people work together, like parent advisory councils, are an essential component of healthy communities. These gaming grants help bring together parents, teachers and school officials in partnership to support our youth. The grants also benefit B.C. students by providing extracurricular opportunities that enrich their educational experience.”

While the Hon. Mike Bernier, BC's Minister of Education stated:

“B.C. schools provide an excellent quality of education for children and youth in communities throughout the province. These gaming grants provide significant funding to local parent advisory committees so they can purchase playground and sports equipment and musical instruments, while supporting other important learning opportunities for students.”

Quick Facts:

Every year, the Province distributes $135 million in community gaming grants to benefit over 5,000 non-profit organizations representing virtually every community in the province.

Eligible organizations in sectors including arts and culture, sport, environment, human and social services, public safety, parent advisory councils and district parent advisory councils can apply for community gaming grants.

A PAC is the officially recognized collective voice of parents in their school. A PAC, through its elected officers, may advise the school board, the principal and staff on matters relating to the school and student education.

DPACs advise the board of education on any matter relating to education in their school district. DPACs advocate for parental involvement in the education system and give input into the development of education policy and curricula.

Learn More:

To apply for a B.C. community gaming grant, visit:

Check out the Government of British Columbia’s role in supporting sport, arts and culture through the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development at:

For PAC/DPAC's in the Cariboo-Chilcotin:

100 Mile House:

Peter Skeene Ogden PAC - $11,160.00

108 Mile Ranch:

108 Mile Elementary PAC - $4,000.00

Lac La Hache:

Lac La Hache PAC - $380.00

150 Mile House: 

150 Mile House PAC - $4,080.00

Williams Lake:

Chilcotin Rd Elementary PAC - $4,480.00
DPAC for SD27 - $2,500.00
GROW PAC - $383.00
Lake City Secondary PAC - $26,960.00
Mountview Elementary PAC - $3,400.00
Nesika Elementary PAC - $6,860.00
Sacred Heart Catholic School PAC - $2,500.00

For PAC/DPAC's in Cariboo-North:


Barlow Creek Elementary PAC - $1,960.00
Bouchie Lake Elementary PAC - $2,820.00
Carson Elementary PAC - $3,260.00
Correlieu Secondary PAC - $14,460.00
Dragon Lake Elementary PAC - $4,280.00
Kersley Elementary PAC - $1,140.00
Lakeview Elementary PAC - $5,140.00
St Ann's Catholic School PAC - $1,920.00
Parkland Elementary PAC - $1,600.00
DPAC for SD28 - $2,500.00
Quesnel Secondary PAC - $8,380.00
Red Bluff Elementary PAC - $2,860.00
Voyageur Elementary PAC - $3,580.00

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