Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Steve's Meeting/Expense Calendar - September 2016

In the month of September 2016 - I attended the following meetings:

September 7th - Closed Meeting of the Williams Lake Rural Fringe Fire Protection Working Group & McLeese Lake Recreation Commission

September 8th - 2017 Budget Meeting for Wildwood Fire Protection

September 11th - Xat'sull Heritage Village for annual "Xat'sull Save the Salmon Traditional Pow-Wow" & McLeese Lake Farmers' Market

September 18th - Vendor Appreciation Day at McLeese Lake Farmers' Market

September 20th - 2017 Budget Meeting for CRD Area 'D' Economic Development Service

September 25th - 30th -- 2016 Union of BC Muncipalities Convention in Victoria, BC

As for expenses charged in the month of September 2016:

None for local meetings

For 2016 UBCM Convention:

Mileage -- $676.28 ($0.53 per kilometre times 1,276 kms) (Roundtrip of Williams Lake – Victoria)

Parking Fees in Victoria - $58.00

Ferry Fees - $143.00 (Roundtrip of Tsawwassen to Victoria)

Daily Attendance Fees (5 days) at UBCM Convention - $555.00

Hotel in Hope on way home from UBCM - $90.00


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Walts Buddy said...

Thanks Steve for taking the lead and posting your expenses on a monthly basis, now we just have to wait for the expenses charged to the W.L taxpayer by our Council members for their "Blowout" in Victoria ,as I'm sure they will as they are now boasting of efforts to have the most transparent budgeting process in B.C., which should include their expenses for their annual trip to UBCM. Seeing will be believing ! Perhaps taxpayers should learn from scandal evolving around county council in Richmond County in Nova Scotia and demand more transparency in Williams Lake.