Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Graham Kelsey Room

WL City Councillor Laurie Walters
CRD Area 'F' Director Joan Sorley and Mr. Graham Kelsey
Earlier this evening, a number of community members including Cariboo Regional District (CRD) Area D/F Directors Steve Forseth/Joan Sorley, WL City Councillors Ivan Bonnell/Laurie Walters, former CRD Area F Director Duncan Barnett (1999-2010) came out and paid homage to Mr. Graham Kelsey as the Great Room at the Central Cariboo Arts Centre was renamed in his honour, given his passion/dedication over a number of years to the Central Cariboo Arts/Culture sector and thanks to his efforts, the CRD established the Central Cariboo Arts/Culture Function in late 2008

Speeches were made by current Central Cariboo Arts/Culture Society (CCACS) President Jane Perry, past CCACS President Harry Jennings, CRD Area D/F Directors' Steve Forseth/Joan Sorley, WL City Councillor Laurie Walters and former CRD Area F Director Duncan Barnett (1999-2010)

Graham Kelsey then took the floor and thanked everyone for their time this evening and being quite gracious in their appreciation for what he has done in the Central Cariboo, whether advocating for local government investment in arts/culture in the Central Cariboo or assisting various non profit groups

As I said this evening, Mr. Kelsey should be thanked for his boundless time/energy for not only advocating for Arts/Culture in the Central Cariboo sub-region but also assisting various non-profit groups within the Central Cariboo sub-region and his legacy will be long lasting for all that he did for the Central Cariboo Region for many years to come...


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