Monday, May 22, 2017

Final Step of 2017 BC Election begins today!

Today until May 24th, Elections BC - the non-partisan body established to conduct by or general provincial elections along with provincial referendums and citizen initiative petitions - begins the final step (Final Count) in the 2017 BC Election.  For an explanation on final count - click here

When Elections BC begins Final Count today - it will, between May 22-24:

1) Do a Recount of all Advanced/General Voting completed in the Provincial Electoral Districts of Courtenay-Comox and Vancouver-False Creek, as requested and approved by Elections BC

2) Complete count of all absentee and special voting ballots (Elections BC reports that there are 179,380 to be counted) in all of the 87 Provincial Electoral Districts

3) Certify Final Results for all 87 Provincial Electoral District races

There is still the "Hail Mary" option of Judicial Recount, as per Section 139 of the Election Act.  Click here for more details

Personally - depending on the result of the final count in Courtenay-Comox, an judicial recount there is a distinct possibility, although one only has 6 days to apply for judicial recount after final count by Elections BC is done which puts a deadline of judicial recount at either May 30th or June 1st (depending on how you count 6 days from May 24th - completion of Elections BC Final Count)


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