Sunday, May 14, 2017

McLeese Lake VFD Mothers' Day Market

McLeese Lake VFD Mothers Day Market
at the McLeese Lake Community Hall
Earlier today - it was my great pleasure, as the CRD Area D Director, to take in the annual McLeese Lake VFD Mothers Day Market

It first started with a breakfast (which I sadly missed), then later in the day, the Market got underway, both inside the local Community Hall and outside.  The entire site was jammed packed, which was fantastic to see

A very heart warming moment was running into local School District #27 Zone 4 Trustee Christine Dyment and her family who were visiting the Market for the day from her home in Big Lake

Finally - grabbed an "Almost Famous" McLeese Lake VFD Burger which, of course, supports the local VFD in their operation

From talking with locals and visitors - everyone was having a great time overall.

A BIG thank you to the organizers, without their efforts, this day would not occur...


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