Thursday, June 15, 2017

Log Carvings unveiled at McLeese Lake

This afternoon with McLeese Lake locals -- I unveiled the two latest log carvings to come to downtown McLeese Lake:

From L-R: Howie Chamberlin, Leah Selk and Steve Forseth

From L-R: Steve Forseth, Howie Chamberlin, Leah Selk

These two projects received funding from the Central Cariboo Arts/Culture Society and the Cariboo Regional District via the Area 'D' Economic Development Function as well as in-kind services

There will be another log carving slated for installation in 2018 along with a mining mural.  Funding will likely come from the Regional District/Central Cariboo Arts/Culture Society along with other grants and in-kind services

I believe I speak for most in McLeese Lake that these two log carvings are an excellent addition to the community and will attract people to visit McLeese Lake, be it either regional residents' or tourists travelling through the community....


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