Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Victoria invests in budding, young artists

Courtesy of the Gov't of BC:

British Columbia's budding artists now will have more opportunities to attend professional arts performances, be mentored by artists and gain work experience thanks to new government-funded BC Arts Council programs, Community, Sport and Cultural Development Minister Coralee Oakes said today.

The BC Arts Council (BCAC), government's lead agency for arts development, is launching:

* Creative Youth Initiatives ($2 million) to provide funding to local arts and culture organizations in communities throughout British Columbia to offer activities that help youth experience and participate in the arts; and

* The Early Career Development Program ($600,000) to help young career professionals and recent graduates gain work experience and make contacts to help build careers in B.C.'s creative sector.

Creative Youth Initiatives and Early Career Development support BC Creative Futures, the B.C. government's strategy to foster success in British Columbia's creative economy. Announced last January, BC Creative Futures promotes youth engagement with the arts to help prepare young British Columbians for rewarding careers in the creative industries, including music, theatre, visual arts, design, animation, film and arts administration.

The Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development and MLA for Cariboo-North - Hon. Coralee Oakes says:

"Creativity is serious business in British Columbia. We are committed to helping young, talented British Columbians build satisfying creative careers. These new programs are unique because through the BC Arts Council, our province's dynamic arts and culture sector will help youth in their communities access opportunities to experience and participate in the arts. It's a win-win situation for young British Columbians, established arts and culture organizations and British Columbia's creative economy."

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