Tuesday, December 3, 2013

WL Council Highlights - Dec 3rd mtg

Present: Mayor Cook and Councillors Bonnell, Bourdon, Hughes, Rathor and Zacharias

Absent: Councillor L. Walters


Darrell Garceau - City Manager (CAO)
Cindy Bouchard - Mgr of Legislative Services
Tom Chung - Mgr of IT
Ken MacInnis - Communications Coordinator

Meeting called to order at 6pm
Agenda approved and minutes of Nov 19th WL Council meeting approved

Resolved - That Council waive notice of a Special Closed Council meeting, as per Section 127(4) of the Community Charter

Delegations :

1) Trevor Barnes, Wayne Lucier and Jesse Giddens from the Cdn Mental Health Association - Cariboo-Chilcotin Branch appeared before Council to discuss Homelessness & Housing Initiatives in Williams Lake and Area

2) Irene Willsie from the Women's Contact Society appeared before Council to discuss the Violence Prevention Committee's Annual Purple Ribbon Campaign & Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women on Dec 6th

Council agreed to the following Resolution:

That the letter from the Women's Contact Society dated November 27, 2013 regarding the Violence Awareness and Prevention Committee's "Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women" be received and December 6, 2013 be recognized as a Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women; and further, Council and the community be encouraged to show their support by wearing a purple ribbon or hair extension during their Purple Ribbon Campaign from December 1 to 10, 2013.


1) Council received for information the cheque runs for the periods ending November 21 and 28, 2013

2) Council designated its' meeting dates for 2014 - view the calendar here

3) Council designated the list of Councillors' to act as Acting Mayor in 2014 - view the list of Acting Mayors' here

4) Council received for information the list of Council appointments in 2014 - view that list here

Editor's Note - Councillor Walters will continue to chair the Community Services Committee, Councillor Rathor will now chair the Planning and Ops Committee, Councillor Bonnell will now chair the General Governance Committee and Mayor Cook will continue to chair the Executive Committee.  The Finance Committee has been dissolved with its' responsibilities transferred to the General Governance Committee.  Finally - Mayor Cook has appointed herself to something called the "Community Fundraising for Major Projects".  I presume this has something to do with next year's Pool Referendum where $1.3 million will need to be fundraised while the remaining $10 million for the pool upgrade will be decided by voters'  on Nov 15th, 2014 but she did not elaborate on this during the meeting

5) Council appointed Councillor Ivan Bonnell to be the Cariboo RD Director for Williams Lake while Councillor Sue Zacharias will continue as the Alternate Director for 2014

6) Council appointed Mayor Kerry Cook as the CCBAC Director for Williams Lake with Councillor Sue Zacharias as the Alternate Director

7) Council appointed Mayor Kerry Cook to the Northern Development Initiative Trust (NDIT) Regional Advisory Board as the City's Director for 2014 while Councillor Geoff Bourdon was appointed as the City's Alternate Director

8) Council proclaimed January 2nd, 2014 as "Wrestling Day" in the City of WL as per City Policy 115

9) Council awarded the contract for the supply of Aviation Fuel at the Williams Lake Regional Airport to PetroValue Products for the tendered price of $675,850, including applicable taxes.

10) Council awarded the contract for the supply of unleaded gasoline and diesel fuels to Petro Canada for the tendered price of $1.1961 and $1.3531 per litre, respectively, including applicable taxes.

11) Council awarded the contract for maintenance of the HVAC systems and equipment for all City owned facilities to Horizon Climate Controls for the bid price of $14,648.89 per year, excluding GST, over a two-year term effective January 1, 2014.

12) Council rescinded third reading and adoption of Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 2193 (327 Oliver Street) as given on November 19, 2013 and directed that a new Public Hearing be scheduled for December 17, 2013 at 7:00 PM in Council Chambers

13) Council approved the new Williams Lake Regional Airport Sidewalk, Stair and Walkway Snow and Ice Control Policy.

14) Council received DVP #7-2013 for 271 Foster Way. Council will consider formally the DVP as its' Dec 17th meeting

15) Council gave 1st, 2nd and 3rd readings to Bylaws #2199,2200,2201,2202,2203 of 2013 - Bylaws being Regional Airport Fees Amendment, Animal Control and Licensing Amendment, Business License Amendment, Sign Bylaw Amendment and Traffic Control Amendment.

16) Council ratified an email poll to approve the request for the City to be the Accountability Partner for the Connecting for Change project in partnership with the North Cariboo Aboriginal Family Program Society

17) Council agreed to ratify a Central Cariboo Joint Committee recommendation as follows:

That pursuant to Central Cariboo / City of Williams Lake Joint Committee Report #15-2013, the Sam Ketcham Pool Upgrade Referendum Communications Plan dated November 4, 2013 be endorsed as presented, a Communications working group be formed and delegated with the authority to implement the communications plan, and two elected representatives from both the City and Regional District be appointed to the working group by their respective Boards and those appointments be brought back to the Joint Committee and Councillors Walters and Bonnell be appointed to the working group with Councillor Zacharias appointed as Alternate

18) Council adopted City of Williams Lake Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw No. 2196, 2013 and that Staff report back to the Dec 17th Council meeting on the compliance agreement portion of Bylaw #2196

19) Council ratified a Committee of the Whole recommendation as follows:

That pursuant to Committee of Whole Council Report #39-2013, the report of Councillor Hughes regarding the City's 85th Birthday Celebrations in 2014 be received and the Community Services Committee be requested to continue to oversee the planning of the birthday celebrations, Council approve a budget of up to $10,000 and authority be given for the Planning Committee to send out letters requesting community support and participation; and further, the Central Cariboo/City of Williams Lake Joint Committee be informed of this event

20) Council agreed to inform the Cariboo Regional District Board that it consents to the adoption of Central Cariboo Search and Rescue Service Boundary Amendment Bylaw No. 4864, 2013 as per Section 801.4 of the Local Government Act

21) Council agreed to receive/endorse the Minutes of the Special Central Cariboo / City of Williams Lake Joint Committee Meeting held November 13, 2013

22) Council received the 'Council Information Package' as follows:

• November 2013 - Rick Hansen Foundation re Recognition for Excellence in Charitable Sector Best Practices;
• November 7, 2013 - Ministry of Justice re 2013 Crime Prevention Week Success;
• November 13, 2013 - CRD / City of Quesnel Joint News Release re North Cariboo Multi-Centre Referendum Results;
• November 18, 2013 - MOTI News Release re ?BC Charts Course for a Sustainable Coastal Ferry Service?;
• November 19, 2013 - UBCM re Final Gas Tax Agreement Community Works Fund Payment for Fiscal 2013/2014;
• November 21, 2013 - Minister Lake re Thank You for Meeting at UBCM and Discussion on CMH Redevelopment;
• November 25, 2013 - Teamsters Canada re Need for Railway Safety Regulations;
• November 29, 2013 - CRD Board Highlights.

Resolved - That Council forward a letter to BC Ferries asking it extend the public consultation period for the proposed cancellation of the ferry run to Bella Coola

23) Council received an 'information-only' report from the City Manager - view that report here

Councillors Rathor, Hughes, Bonnell, Zacharias and Mayor Cook gave oral reports on their activities within the City

Meeting adjourned at 8:34pm and after a 5 minute recess, Council convened a Special Closed (In-Camera) Council meeting


Anonymous said...

under what provision o the community charter?

Steve Forseth said...

Anonymous at 10:20pm

Thank you for your comment. I don't know, at this time, under which part of Section 90(1) or 90 (2) of the Community Charter was used by WL Council to hold the Special In-Camera meeting

However - Jack Simpson reports on Welcome to Williams Lake's Facebook page that the City lost a wrongful dismissal arbitration case yesterday so if Staff were reporting to Council on that case - then Section 90(1)(g) of the Charter would have been used.

If it was anything else - then your guess is as good as mine….