Saturday, November 9, 2013

NC Multicentre Loan Extension rejected

The Cariboo Regional District has reported on the Preliminary results on today's referendum on extending the North Cariboo Multicentre Borrowing Bylaw until 2015

The question that was put to the voters today was:

“Are you in favour of the Cariboo Regional District extending its authorization to borrow up to $15,000,000 to provide for the construction of a new arena, theatre and multi-purpose event space, for a further two year period, to allow fundraising efforts to continue?”
And the result (again preliminary) is:

Yes: 1,516
No: 2,070

The Chief Election Officer (Alice Johnston) will be making the final certified result known later this upcoming week

So the 2008-2013 North Cariboo Multicentre $15 Million Borrowing Bylaw will expire in December

The total vote count is down this time (roughly 3,587) from the 2008 vote on the NC Multicentre which saw roughly 4,400 votes cast in that referendum

I suspect that the Canfor shutdown in Quesnel had a huge weight on voters minds in casting their ballot today...

Interesting to see what happens next…

-- SBF

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