Saturday, May 24, 2014

BCL14 - Day 2

Day 2 of the BC Liberals' 2014 Convention was full of discussions ranging from changing the Party name to consideration of Policy Resolutions

In the 1st plenary of the day - former BC Finance Minister Colin Hansen moderated a discussion around changing the Party name - both pros and cons.  Then he turned it over the Party faithful for debate.  Most members' agreed with the old saying: If it ain't broke - why fix it? and the delegates voted near unanimously to maintain the BC Liberals' brand name

In the 2nd plenary of the day - current BC Deputy Premier/Minister of Natural Gas Development Rich Coleman briefed delegates on current plans for the 2017 Election and then turned it over to Bob Rennie/Megan Howie from Brabender Cox from the US to update delegates on fundraiser efforts including a $20.17 for 2017 fundraising effort

Then in the afternoon - delegates debated policies for nearly 2 hours - 18 resolutions covering local government, health, and housing were debated and two resolutions were amended prior to them being defeated.  One resolution called on Victoria to micro-manage local government spending.  I personally spoke against this as the resolution took issue with spending by Victoria area local governments.  I felt that it was contrary to the spirit of the Community Charter which says local governments are an independent order of government and also the fact that local spending is a conversation that needs to happen every year between local taxpayers' and their elected representatives.  If local voters' are unhappy, then they'll make the appropriate decision at election time which this year will be occurring on November 15th

Finally - in the evening (and as I write this) - delegates were 'partying it up' at Prospera Place in an event called "How the West was Won".  

Tomorrow - 1 Cabinet Minister "on the hot seat"and will face questions from delegates.  I don't know who that cabinet minister will be but I'm looking forward to that session.  Also - the Women's Network will be hosting a breakfast in the morning.  Finally - there will be a Cabinet Accountability Session, followed by the BC Liberals' Provincial Council meeting and then BC Liberals' 2014 Convention will be officially adjourned


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