Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Wells Council meets tonight

Later today at 7pm - the District of Wells Council will meet to consider matters in Wells Council Chambers (4243 Sanders Avenue, Wells).  Agenda below:

a) Adoption of Agenda
b) Adoption of Minutes from the April 15th meeting of Wells Council

c) Presentation of Wells Marketing Videos

d) That Ms. Katrina Leckovic be appointed as:

i) Chief Administrative Officer
ii) Chief Financial Officer
iii) Corporate Officer
iv) Approving Officer

e) That Ms. Katrina Leckovic be appointed Chief Election Officer for the District of Wells, to conduct the 2014 general local elections, with power to appoint other election officials as required and that Deborah McKay be appointed Deputy Chief Election Officer for the District of Wells for the 2014 general local elections.

f) Amend Banking Resolution - District of Wells (Council/Staff)

g) Feral cats in Wells
h) Give three readings to District of Wells Financial Plan Bylaw No. 132, 2014 & Tax Rates Bylaw No.133, 2014

i) Receive Consent Calendar as of May 6th as follows:

1. 14.04.16 Derek Corrigan, Mayor, City of Burnaby re: Resolution in Response to the Alteration of the ALR by the Provincial Government.
2. 14.04.16 Claude Dauphin, FCM President re: Your FCM Membership -District of Wells.
3. 14.04.29 Basia Ruta, Auditor General for Local Government re: Release of Performance Audit Report and Perspectives Series Booklet.

j) Information/Announcements - Mayor/Council, Staff and Public Gallery
k) Adjourn

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