Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Breakdown of 2014 Election Results

In the latest edition of the NCLGA (North Central Local Gov't Association) newsletter - they have an article that speaks to the breakdown of election results by ratios of candidates to available seats

For example, the City of Williams Lake tied with Prince Rupert, Taylor, and Tumbler Ridge for the highest ratio of Office of Mayor to candidates running (4:1) while Williams Lake and Wells tied for third for Office of City Councillor to candidates running (12:6 - Williams Lake) (8:4 - Wells)

While the Cariboo Regional District tied for 1st for candidates to seats available (21 candidates - 12 seats available) while Peace River RD had 7 candidates for 4 available seats

Within the Cariboo Regional District - 36 elected offices (Mayors, Councillors and Directors) were up for grabs with 66 candidates seeking those available seats.

Finally - as a percentage of the 36 elected offices, 33% of those winning are new elected officials including myself

Read the full analysis here


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Confusing article.....p!eaze simplify for the masses.