Sunday, December 14, 2014

Doherty wins (updated)

Update at 7:08am, Sunday Dec 14th:

Vote Breakdown as follows:

T. Doherty - 1,002
N. Fedorkiw - 572
S. Green - 419

More on the above here

Original Blog Post - Saturday, Dec 13th at 11:25pm

After a campaign that has lasted for a few months now - Federal Conservative party faithful have selected Todd Doherty as their nominee for the Oct 2015 Federal election in the riding of Cariboo-Prince George over Shari Green and Nick Fedorkiw

There is no breakdown of how each candidate did.  

I congratulate Mr. Doherty on his win... and look forward to the federal election race in Oct 2015 and seeing who the Federal Liberals and Federal NDP put up against Mr. Doherty,,, Last election, it was a race essentially between the Federal Conservatives and Federal NDP... Will it occur again, time will tell...

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