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Quesnel Council Highlights - Dec 15th mtg

Courtesy of the City of Quesnel:

New term = new policies, bylaws and committees

Council approved the following recommendations from the Committee of the Whole session on December 8:

- Council Policy - Code of Conduct and Ethics;
- Council Appointments Schedule;
- 2015 Acting Mayor Schedule;
- DRAFT Terms of Reference for Council’s Standing Committees: Financial Sustainability and Audit Committee, Executive Committee, and Policy and Bylaw Committee. Here is a look at the DRAFT Terms of Reference:

The Financial Sustainability and Audit Committee was formed to provide leadership in the budget preparation process within the framework established by Council’s Strategic Plan and Budget Principles Policy, to work with staff to present alternate budget scenarios to Council, with due consultation to make a final budget recommendation to Council as well as recommendations regarding the acceptance of the financial statements and the appointment of an external auditor. Finally to fulfill the oversight function required under the Community Charter by reviewing the audited annual financial statements and audit reports and by meeting with the external auditors in the spring to review those statements and reports.

Members of this Committee are Mayor Simpson (Chair), Councillors Elliott and Thapar and staff.

On the recommendation from the Committee of the Whole session Dec. 8, the Financial Sustainability and Audit Committee was directed to work on the Budget Principles Policy to outline Council’s principles for developing the Annual Operating Budget, Five Year Capital Budget, Five Year Financial Plan Bylaw, and Tax Rate Bylaw for 2015. Further to bring a recommendation to the January 12 regular meeting for Council’s consideration. This recommendation will assist Council during the Strategic Planning and Budget Policy process scheduled for mid January.

The Executive Committee is to provide leadership and coordination to Council’s planning processes: strategic plan, budget, OCP, and ourQuesnel. They are tasked to research and assist in utilizing best practices for planning, public consultation and communications; investigate formal complaints about breaches of Council’s Code of Conduct and provide Council with proposed remedies and disciplinary actions; act as a sounding board for the City Manager on personnel matters; take the lead on behalf of Council on matters related to the performance of the City Manager; work with senior staff on recommendations to Council with respect to collective bargaining with CUPE; and act as the final step grievance Committee under the collective agreement with CUPE. This Committee consists of Councillor Coleman (Chair), Mayor Simpson and Councillor Roodenburg. Alternates are Councillor Roodenburg (Chair) and Councillor Paull.

The Policy and Bylaw Committee are tasked to review and update existing policies and Council-related bylaws on a priority basis as defined by Council and/or staff and recommend revisions to Council for approval, amend existing or draft new policies and/or bylaws as required or requested, explore best practices for bylaw creation and implementation for recommendations to Council, and research policies and bylaws that will assist Council in achieving its Strategic Plan and ourQuesnel objectives. This Committee consists of Councillor Paull (Chair), Mayor Simpson, Councillor Brisco, and staff.

Once finalized, Council’s Policies and Bylaws will be available on our website through the “Agendas and Minutes” link to the right on the main page.


- Council approved entering into an agreement with the Cariboo Regional District for Relief Building Services to cover City staff while away. Also approved were amendments to an existing Building Inspection Agreement to provide Building Inspection Services to the Cariboo Regional District.
- Council approved entering into an encroachment agreement with the Fraser Village Homes Society to permit the construction of a vestibule that will extend partially into City-owned property. This addition will provide greater accessibility for residents of the facility living above ground floor residences.
- Council approved the use of fireworks for the Winter Carnival on Feb. 7 at the West Fraser Timber Park. The festivities begin at noon with fireworks at approximately 5 p.m.
- Council granted a 90-day extension to the owner of property at 730 Oval Road in order to accommodate the completion of the project.
- Council received a response from Minister Thomson regarding the future of Cottonwood House. The request for Expressions of Interest closed on October 17 and Council has asked staff to provide an update at their regular meeting on January 12. Expressions of Interest were sought from agencies, societies and businesses for the future use of the Cottonwood Lands.
- Council gave the first three readings to Council Procedure Bylaw No. 1750 of 2015. The changes to this bylaw are highlighted on our website at
- Council appointed Lori McKee, Brandee Schutz and Poonam Miglani to the Quesnel Museum and Heritage Commission for a two-year term commencing Jan. 1, 2015.
- With Council’s approval, the Quesnel Museum and Heritage Commission will apply to the Building Communities through Arts and Heritage - Legacy Fund to restore the waterwheel.
- South Hills and Area Neighbourhood Association submitted their request for capital projects in their area which include park development, repair of Westland and Britton Roads, ditching on Enemark and Brears Roads, and t-line/dual water lines removal. Council referred their request to the Financial Sustainability and Audit Committee for inclusion in budget discussions.

Feb 16 (week of) - Rotary Week in Quesnel
(outdoor event Feb 20, call 250-992-5760 for information)

Important dates
Dec 25 - Christmas Day

Future Meetings (all in Quesnel Council Chambers)

Monday Jan. 12 and 19, 2015 @ 7 p.m.

Regular/Committee of the Whole Meeting

NEXT North Cariboo Joint Planning Committee Meetings:

Tuesday, Dec. 16, 2014 and Jan. 13, 2015 @ 5:30 p.m.

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