Thursday, December 11, 2014

Financially reward voters for voting...

At a time that the number of eligible voters casting a ballot in all government elections (federal, provincial, and local) is on the downward trend - Ken Nicholson of Kamloops writes in today's Kamloops Daily News to float the following idea:

A Kamloops residential property owner who votes would receive a $100 credit on his or her 2015 property-tax bill; a non-property owner would receive a $100 voucher to any City of Kamloops recreation facilities.

Contrast that to Australia where voters' are fined for not voting.... I think Mr. Nicholson's idea certainly has merit and society should discuss his idea in a positive way to engage more voters.... because we do know that when voters are encouraged in 'positive' ways to vote, they tend to become more motivated to do so....

Read Mr. Nicholson's full letter here


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Anonymous said...

People should be informed to vote not paid to vote.