Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Mid Point of 2014-18 Local Gov't Term

Last night marked the mid-way point of the 4 year 2014-2018 Term of Local Government throughout BC

Thus far since Nov 15th, 2014 - we have had 1 resignation from local elected office and 1 position become vacant in the Region -- 1 from School District #27 and 1 from the District of Wells.  Both are now conducting by-elections to replace those vacant positions (1 Zone 7 SD27 Trustee; 1 District of Wells Councillor)

Generally speaking -- local governments of the Cariboo-Chilcotin have been cooperative with each other so far and while disagreements on specific items can and do come up, from time to time, there is no outright no cooperation with each other, backing up the old saying "you get more done with honey than vinegar"

While there have been unfortunate examples of how not to conduct oneself in local government (Central Okanagan RD, City of Nanaimo), I truly believe, by and large, that most serving in local government do serve honourably and to the best of their ability deliver on their election commitments and answer to inquiries from their constituents... looked at this issue for Prince George City Council on October 31st - read here

For myself - I have been receiving primarily mostly positive feedback on my political performance thus to date from my constituents in CRD Area 'D' and look forward to continuing to serve my constituents for the remaining 2 years of this term.  I thank many elected/non-elected people for helping me to serve my constituents well and also a big thank-you to my Alternate Director, Phyllis Webstad, for standing beside me so far in my 1st term of elected office and being a 'sounding board' for making sure I'm making the right decisions and as I did last year, I am taking her out for lunch on Friday as a thank you for serving as my Area's Alternate Director in 2016...


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