Friday, November 18, 2016

Quesnel Council Highlights - Nov 15th mtg

Courtesy of the City of Quesnel:

2017 Budget Framework

Council will continue with a three-year budget framework, as established in 2016, with the following framework:

1. Freeze industrial (light and heavy) taxation at 2015 levels;

2. Tax for the City’s capital re-investment program (100% of the tax increases in 2015 and 2016 went to the capital re-investment program reserve).

3. Increase general taxation to cover only inflationary pressures in 2017 and 2018.

4. Continue to look for cost reductions in the City’s operating budget and to actively seek alternative sources of funding to enhance the revenues generated from property taxes and to achieve Council’s strategic priorities (e.g. grants for initiatives and cost sharing programs for capital projects).

5. Adhere to the policy of committing the annual surplus to the capital re-investment program reserve.


2016 Quarterly Report – Third Quarter

Please visit the City’s website for full details of the corporation’s third quarter report for 2016 that includes highlights from all City departments as well as the third quarter statistical information.

South Quesnel Truck and RV Parking

Council reviewed the concept design and cost estimates ($1.1 million) for a South Quesnel Truck and RV Parking lot concept that was completed to answer questions around how to improve heavy vehicles parking in South Quesnel.    The proposed location would be on vacant land located in the Balsam Avenue/Rita Road area with close proximity to Highway 97 that would be able to accommodate 15 heavy truck parking stalls. Next steps include reviewing this concept with stakeholders to determine its financial feasibility and identify any partnerships.

2017 Council Indemnities

In keeping with the existing policy, Council Indemnities will increase by 1.8% effective January 1, 2017.  The Consumer Price Index for British Columbia as determined by BC STATS office is the basis for the increase.

2016 Business Walks

On October 20, 2016 teams made up of representatives from the City of Quesnel, Quesnel City Council, Ministry of Jobs, Tourism, and Skills Training, Quesnel Downtown Association, Quesnel and District Chamber of Commerce and Community Futures visited 62 businesses in South Quesnel, West Quesnel, Downtown and Two-Mile Flat areas.  In addition, phone interviews were completed with 18 home–based businesses.  Overall businesses report business activity to be:

·   35% - good/increasing (24% decrease from last year)

·   51% - fair/steady (26% increase from last year)

·   14% - slow/poor (remained steady from last year)

Cariboo Pulp and Paper – Landfill Expansion

Cariboo Pulp and Paper wishes to purchase and rezone a portion of 1279 Sword Avenue, land is currently owned by United Concrete and Gravel, from Country Residential to General Industrial to extend the existing Cariboo Pulp and Paper’s landfill through the creation of additional cells over the coming decades in land where gravel extraction has occurred.  A Public Hearing has been scheduled for 7:00 pm on Tuesday, December 6, 2016 at City Hall Council Chambers.

LED Lighting Upgrade - Airport

This project would see the airport runway be upgraded with LED lighting and Precision Approach Path Indicator lights.  If grant funding is successful this project would be 75% funded by the British Columbia Air Access Program with the City to fund the remaining 25%.  

Municipal Campground and RV Parking Analysis

Staff will submit a grant application for a business case analysis to be completed for a proposed municipal campground and downtown RV parking.  The analysis will look at the cost benefits as well as a proposed business plan, locations and a marketing plan for a municipal campground and RV parking in a centrally located urban area of the City to attract more destination tourists for the downtown core.  This business case analysis may also be utilized by private enterprise looking to create this type of a development in the City’s applicable urban area(s).


·   Bylaw 1781 – OCP Amendment – Seniors Housing Development (McNaughton Avenue/Reid Street) – Final Adoption
·   Bylaw 1811 - Comprehensive Fees and Charges Bylaw 1683 (Business Licenses) – Final Adoption

·   Bylaw 1813 – Five Year Financial Plan Amendment (Schedule “A”) – Final Adoption

·   Bylaw 1815 – Zone Amendment – Cariboo Pulp and Paper Landfill Expansion – First and Second Reading


Next Meetings

·         November 22nd at 7 pm - Regular Council

·         December 6th at 7 pm - Regular Council

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Anonymous said...

can someone tell me why the williamslake council doesn't do this?? What's the big secret on everything. the only time we hear something is when their being defensive and covering their butts. There are times I wish I lived in Quesnel ... at least they appear to be transparent (the favorite words of government these days). Listen up mayor and councillors! We, the taxpayers, want you to tell us what's happening! that's why we elected you and turfed most of the old guard: so we could know what's going on in town. but it appears that you are the same as the old council, self-serving and secretive.