Tuesday, November 1, 2016

WL Council Highlights - Nov 1st Special Mtg

Present: Mayor W. Cobb; Councillors I. Bonnell, S. Nelson, J. Ryll, C. Smith, L. Walters and S. Zacharias

Meeting called to order at 6pm

Meeting Agenda adopted


1) Council, at the request of Councillor Nelson, agreed to fully support the Williams Lake Indian Band in its appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada to uphold the Specific Claims Tribunal’s acknowledgement of the wrongful dispossession of the Band’s Village Lands prior to Confederation. Council also agreed to confirm that it recognizes and appreciates that the Williams Lake Indian Band is not seeking aboriginal title to the disputed land, but should be awarded compensation under this process. Finally, Council agreed to encourage the federal and provincial governments to rectify Canada’s conflict of interest in adjudicating this claim, and restore confidence in the integrity and reconciliation of the Williams Lake Indian Band’s specific claims process.

2) Council received for information a report of the Director of Development Services regarding the three year renewal of the downtown Revitalization Tax Exemption Agreement for 240 Oliver Street, Wave Properties Ltd

Meeting adjourned at 6:08pm


James MacKinnon said...

Shameless pandering on the part of Council as well they should rectify their own "conflicts of interests" they have been involved in and currently the subject of investigation by the provincial government... Clean up your own act before you meddle in other levels of government!

Anonymous said...

I get so sick of people claiming this or that politician is under investigation. Proof - put up or shut up.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous should be careful what he wants "put up",kind of like "be careful what you wish for"