Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Quesnel Council Highlights - Nov 1st mtg

Courtesy of the City of Quesnel:

Economic Development
As an early outcome of this fall’s strategic planning discussions, Council adopted a report on Economic Development in the North Cariboo and unanimously endorsed a series of recommended actions in an effort to bring some clarity to this activity for the North Cariboo. In 2015, Council chose to bring its economic development function in-house and has subsequently dissolved the former Economic Development Corporation. Since then, Mayor Bob Simpson has been working with the Cariboo Regional District and the Cariboo Chilcotin Beetle Action Coalition to develop a model for economic development that would enable priority setting and project generation to occur at the sub-regional level (North Cariboo). Council, by unanimous resolution, will be asking the Cariboo North MLA to merge the MLA’s recent “Regional Opportunities” initiative into the work that is being undertaken by Cariboo Regional District with assistance from the University of Northern British Columbia’s Community Development Institute. Council’s goal is to participate in a single, strategic, and focused economic development initiative for the North Cariboo region.

Grant Applications - November 2017 Intake  

Council approved City staff to submit the following grant applications to the Northern Development Initiative Trust:

·   $50,000 - Economic Development Capacity Building

·   $  8,000 - Grant Writing Support

·   $35,000 - Local Government Management Intern

·   $20,000 - Façade Improvements

·   $35,000 - Economic Development Intern (CCBAC Fund)

Should all of these grant applications be successful, the City’s contribution portion would be $30,500.

2016 to 2020 Financial Plan Amendment

The following projects, and allocation of reserve funds for these projects, were previously approved by Council after the original 2016 Financial Plan bylaw was adopted; therefore an amendment to the 2016-2020 Financial Plan bylaw is required for the following:

·   $80,000 - Gymnastics Facility Design (Gymnastics Reserve)

·   $30,000 - Playgrounds Five Year Upgrades Plan - Public Consultation Process and Design (Gas Tax Reserve)

·   $265,488 - Water Mainline Replacement and Associated Works – Portion of Abbott Drive (Water Utility Reserve)

·   $50,000 - Ranger Park Ball Field (Gas Tax Reserve)

·   $10,000 - West Fraser Timber Park Trail Upgrades (Gas Tax Reserve)


Clean Water and Wastewater Fund Grant Application

Staff received approval to submit two grant applications to the Clean Water and Wastewater Fund for two capital work projects, that are currently in the planning phase, with the first being the replacement of the Pinecrest Water Reservoir and Pinecrest Booster Pump Station.  The second being the construction of a new water mainline between Pinecrest Water Reservoir and North Quesnel (Bowron Avenue) in the Two Mile Flat area.  If both of these grant applications are approved construction would commence in 2017/2018 and are crucial to cover high demands during fire, drought or failures in the systems.  The funding model through the Clean Water and Wastewater Fund is 50% Federal contribution, 33% Provincial contribution and 17% Municipal contribution. For full details of this technical report, please visit the City’s website under Council/Agendas.

Proposed Business License Fees – Bylaw 1811

Council continued the review of business license fees that resulted in most business license fees remaining the same but certain categories of business license fees did see an increase including: Banks and Financial Institutions, Commercial Retail (greater than 1000 m2), Nightclubs/Pubs, Mobile Vendors (selling goods and food products), Accommodations and Pawnbrokers.   As a result of public consultation that Council received at the October 25, 2016 Regular Council Meeting, Council decided to further amend the proposed bylaw by changing the category for Gaming to be included with Nightclubs/Pubs thereby lowering the business license fees for Gaming from $1750 to $500.  The two rental units/multi-dwelling residential was also lowered from $75 to $50.


·   Bylaw 1810 - Business Licenses – Final Adoption
·   Bylaw 1811 - Comprehensive Fees and Charges Bylaw 1683 (Business Licenses) – Second and Third

·   Bylaw 1813 – Five Year Financial Plan Amendment (Schedule “A”) – First, Second and Third

·   Bylaw 1814 – Cemetery Regulations – Final Adoption


Next Meetings

·   November 8th at 5:30 pm - North Cariboo Joint Planning Committee

·   November 15th at 7 pm - Regular Council

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