Monday, November 7, 2016

Steve's Meeting/Expense Calendar - October 2016

During the month of October 2016 - I attended the following meetings:

Oct 5/6 - Fraser Basin Council meetings in Vancouver

Oct 11th - Renaming Ceremony - CC Arts Centre 'Great Room' renamed into the 'Graham Kelsey Room'

Oct 13th - Utilities Asset Management/Finance and Budget Committee Meetings

Oct 14th - CCRHD/CRD Board Meetings

Oct 17th - Meeting with the Wildwood Community Association

Oct 18th - Conference Call with the Hon. John Rustad (Minister of Aboriginal Reconciliation)

Oct 26th - CC Rural Caucus/Joint Committee Meetings

Oct 27th - WL/District Chamber of Commerce Monthly Meeting

As for expenses for the month of October 2016:

* $240 for Fraser Basin Council Meetings

* $185 for Budget Committee Meeting on Oct 13th

* $185 for CCRHD/CRD Board Meetings on Oct 14th

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