Thursday, January 12, 2017

1st Shot in 2017 BC Election

Yesterday, John Horgan, Leader of the Official Opposition/Leader, BC NDP was asked a question of How do British Columbians feel about the pipeline (Trans Mountain)?

Mr. Horgan responded with:

“I believe that those in the Interior don’t have the same perspective that those of us on the coast. That’s a challenge for not just me as a leader of the New Democratic Party, not just for anyone involved in the political process. This is not a partisan question. It’s a BC challenge.”

Now - Peter Milobar, the BC Liberal MLA candidate for Kamloops-North Thompson and also the Mayor of Kamloops issued the following statement earlier today:

NDP leader John Horgan should apologize to Interior residents for suggesting they lack “perspective” compared to those living on the coast, Kamloops-North Thompson BC Liberal candidate Peter Milobar said Thursday.

“Interior workers and families have a perspective for sure: they know we need to create jobs and opportunities if we’re going to look after the people we love,” Milobar said. “John Horgan just made it clear that he doesn’t get it – and insulted Interior communities while he was at it.”

Horgan’s comments came as he doubled down on his opposition to the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion, threatening that an NDP government would do everything in its power to shut down the project – which is expected to create 75,000 person-years of employment and generate $19.1 billion in economic activity for BC.

“The BC Liberals have been focused on putting BC first and ensuring we see the greatest possible benefits from this project,” Milobar said. “Our region is perfectly placed to take advantage of the opportunities we’ve secured by standing our ground. Meanwhile, an NDP government would do everything possible to shut this project down.”

During the 2013 election, Horgan backed then-NDP leader Adrian Dix’s opposition to the project to the hilt. Former Fraser-Nicola NDP MLA Harry Lali said the decision “was basically a message to the middle class and the blue collar worker that the NDP is against development.”

“I think Interior residents deserve an apology from Mr. Horgan, but I’m not holding my breath for it,” Milobar added. “These condescending comments show the NDP haven’t learned any lessons from the last election.”

“Our BC Liberal team is focused on delivering a growing economy, job creation, and a clean environment for every part of the province,” said Milobar. “John Horgan is sending a message that he would only govern for the people who share his so-called perspective – and put British Columbians out of work as a result.”
If the intent by the BC NDP was do better than the 2013 Election Campaign, the comment from Mr. Horgan is not a good start by a party that desperately wants out of Opposition and has been there since 2001 and shows that the BC NDP have not learned the electoral lessons delivered by smart BC voters in BC Elections held in 2001, 2005, 2009 and 2013...

In order to invest in communities and people, we need a strong economy that supports BOTH urban and rural BC... A point evidently lost on John Horgan and the BC NDP...


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