Thursday, January 19, 2017

Quesnel Council endorses City’s new brand

Courtesy of the City of Quesnel:

Following nearly one year of community engagement and discussion, Quesnel City Council voted unanimously to endorse the City’s new brand at its meeting this past Tuesday

The new brand includes a new logo and tagline, a complete visual identity, tone of voice and messaging matrix, and a communications plan, all based on a Brand Strategy developed with considerable community input.

Quesnel’s Council recognized the need for a new brand following discussions with Quesnel’s business community who noted that Quesnel needs to do a better job of marketing itself to the world. Business owners also shared that the “Gold Pan City” logo and tagline wasn’t effective as a means to attract people to live, work, and invest in our community.  A review of Quesnel’s disjointed marketing efforts and recent media coverage sealed the deal.  Quesnel needed to tell a better story.

The new brand is more than just a new logo and tagline, it is backed by a strategy which outlines the reputation Quesnel wants to have.  This is a foundational piece, not just for the brand project, but for Council decision-making going forward.

Look for the new logo to start appearing around the City after February 1st.  For a full look at the Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Brand Guidelines, Messaging Matrix and Communications Plan, please see the City’s website: .

Quesnel Mayor Bob Simpson stated:

“The new brand reflects not just what we are as a community, but what we want to become.  We have laid the groundwork to attract more positive attention to Quesnel, and in turn, attract and retain more residents, visitors, and businesses.  With Council’s endorsement, we can now move forward in implementing actions to fulfill our brand promise, ‘to enable opportunities for a thriving community.’”

While Quesnel Chamber of Commerce President Michelle Daniels noted:

“As the voice of business in Quesnel, the Chamber of Commerce was pleased that the City of Quesnel has coordinated and improved its marketing initiatives.  The new brand will serve our community well in attracting new visitors, residents, and business to Quesnel.”

Finally - South Quesnel Business Association President Chris Paxson commented:

“The South Quesnel Business Association feels this is a positive step forward for Quesnel.  The look and feel of the new brand reminds us of our heritage and the nature around us, while balancing the boldness of a city that always has something going on.  We look forward to seeing it put into action!”

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Too bad WL abandoned its branding project because of short-sightedness and animosity. Better to do nothing and just hope people come to a town known only for crime, racism, and environmental destruction.
Council and residents will only have themselves to blame when Vancouverities who've had enough of the big city skip over WL on the way to Quesnel.