Monday, January 30, 2017

Management of Bouchie Lk Hall

This past Saturday - a small group of Bouchie Lake residents' authored a letter to the Cariboo Regional District in regards to concerns they have about how local volunteer groups have access to the Bouchie Lake Hall - read the letter here.  They have also started a Facebook group page which you can view here

Unlike in Central/South Cariboo where the CRD provides direct financial contribution to local groups managing community halls within these sub-regions and defer decisions as to how community halls operate to the groups - Bouchie Lake, Parkland and Barlow Creek Community Halls are the only 3 that must go have their budgets (capital/operations) approved by a local Joint Committee of CRD Area Directors/Municipal Council, in the case of Bouchie, Parkland and Barlow Creek - this is the North Cariboo Joint Committee whose membership consists of CRD Directors Armstrong, Bruce, Massier, Cash and all of Quesnel City Council

If this letter shows up on a Board Agenda - I expect the Board to receive the letter and take no further action, in order to show deference to the North Cariboo where this issue needs to be resolved.  CRD Area 'B' Director Jerry Bruce has held two meetings so far at Bouchie Lake on this subject and it seems to me that a delegation to the North Cariboo Joint Committee is the more appropriate course of action...


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