Sunday, January 20, 2013

NDP selects candidate for Cariboo-North

As expected -- the BC NDP Party members' in Cariboo-North have selected former Cariboo RD Area 'F' Director Duncan Barnett (1999-2010) as their candidate for this May's provincial election.  Mr. Barnett will run against current Ind. Cariboo-North MLA Bob Simpson and BC Liberals' candidate (and former Quesnel Councillor) Coralee Oakes.  As Mr. Barnett says - I think the battle between him and MLA Simpson will be tough, thereby possibly allowing Ms. Oakes to 'walk up the middle' and get the riding in May.  Although the BC Conservatives' have said that they will run candidates in Cariboo-North and Cariboo-Chilcotin, I would think by March (when they plan to have both candidates in place) it would be a case of "too little too late"

See more below:

The N-D-P now has a candidate in Cariboo North.

Duncan Barnett, a former Cariboo Regional District Director, defeated current Quesnel City Councillor Shushil Thapar at a nomination meeting in front of a large crowd.

More than 150 people packed into the Royal Canadian Legion including N-D-P Leader Adrian Dix.

Barnett acklowledged in his victory speech that it will be a tough battle in the riding.

He says they will have to campaign because it is going to be a tough three-way race but Barnett says if you want to change government you're going to have to vote N-D-P.

Barnett will be up against Incumbent M-L-A Bob Simpson, a former N-D-P representative who is now an Independent, and Coralee Oakes who is carrying the Liberal Party banner.

Meanwhile,as noted above, BC NDP Leader Adrian Dix was in attendance as Barnett was selected as the NDP Candidate for Cariboo-North.  Here is what Mr. Dix had to say:

The Leader of the Opposition and possibly Premier in waiting paid a visit to Quesnel on Sunday. (Jan 20)

Adrian Dix was part of the crowd at the Cariboo North N-D-P nomination meeting.

He told the crowd that his party planned to run a positive campaign in every riding including in the North Cariboo.

Dix was asked if he would honour the Liberal committment of 4-million dollars for the proposed Multi-Centre in Quesnel.

He says there is no concern there saying his party is very supportive of the project and would work to see it happen.

Dix also noted in his speech that the Cariboo ridings are very important to his government saying the party has never been in power without holding at least one seat in the Cariboo.

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