Thursday, January 8, 2015

Finance Committee Mtg (WL Council) - Jan 8th

Committee Members Present - Councillors Scott Nelson (Chair); Craig Smith and Jason Ryll

Council Members present  - Mayor Walt Cobb, Councillors L. Walters, S. Zacharias and I. Bonnell

Staff Present:

M. Stewart - Director of Finance
G. Muraca - Director of Municipal Services
J. Engelberts - Mgr of Sewer/Water

6 members of the public present

The Chair called the meeting to order at 6pm

Minutes of the Dec 22nd/2014 Committee meeting adopted & Meeting Agenda approved, as amended


Opening Comments provided by the Chair, Finance Committee members (Councillors Ryll and Smith) and Mayor W. Cobb

Overview of the Budget provided by the Director of Finance

Discussion on future Finance Committee meeting dates in Jan/Feb

The Chair called for Public Input - a member of the public addressed the Committee

The Committee adjourned at 6:51pm

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