Thursday, January 29, 2015

Finance Committee Mtg (WL Council) - Jan 29th

Present  - Councillor Nelson (Chair) and Councillors Smith/Ryll

Council members present: Mayor Cobb; Councillors Walters, Zacharias and Bonnell

Staff: D. Garceau - City Manager; G. Paynton - Director of Community Services

Public: 8

Media: 2 (Got News Network and WL Tribune)

Meeting called to order at 6pm

Meeting Agenda approved

Resolved - That it be recommended to Council:

1) That Council Stipend be frozen for next 2 budget years (2015/2016)
2) That Senior Staff pay be frozen for 2015

Presentation of Community Services Budget Item - Mural Program in downtown Williams Lake. Video was played

Review of Capital Items - Community Services
Discussion ensued thereon...

The Chair called for public input - Discussion about BIA Mural Program; Printing of Budget Items; Budget Process

Meeting adjourned at 6:57pm

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