Tuesday, April 26, 2016

McLeese Lake VFD Society's 2016 AGM Meeting

Ian Hicks (standing), gives his President's report
on the activities of the McLeese Lake Volunteer
Fire Department Society since the last AGM
Before a crowd of 15 - the McLeese Lake Volunteer Fire Department Society held its' Annual General Meeting

Ian Hicks, President of the Society, gave the annual President's report on the past year activities of the Society as did other members of the Society's Executive

Mr. Hicks was returned as President of the Society as were other members of the Executive and Society Directors'

It was truly a pleasure to come and observe the AGM this evening.  The Cariboo Regional District has given a couple of grants to the Society to further their work as an Independent Fire Department and I remain proud as the Area Director for McLeese Lake of the community's hard work to build a fire department from the ground up since 2012 and look forward to their future progress and working with the Society to having a strong fire department serving the great people of McLeese Lake


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