Thursday, April 21, 2016

Province awards multiculturalism grants in 100 Mile/108 Mile

Courtesy of the BC Government:

Cariboo-Chilcotin MLA Donna Barnett congratulates the Cariboo Family Enrichment Centre and Mile 108 Elementary Parent Advisory Council for their successful bids resulting in $2,480 each in multiculturalism grant funding  to promote B.C.’s rich multicultural heritage, and nurture empathy and inclusion.

With its grant, the Cariboo Family Enrichment Centre and Stemete7uw¿I Friendship Centre aim to develop a program welcoming the community and social service providers with a forum based on cultural competency. In order to enhance a cultural identity fearless of repercussion or inferiority, the groups have identified the need for eliminating harmful language and actions stationed in racism.

Meanwhile, Mile 108 is planning to organize a cultural awareness week at the school. The week will be dedicated to multicultural awareness and anti-racism.

“Community organizations are the heart of multicultural B.C.,” Barnett said. “They nurture B.C.’s diversity and make our society stronger. That’s why I am proud of these two organizations and the work they do to promote understanding, empathy and diversity in our community.”

More than 120 community organizations throughout the province, from 100 Mile House to Abbotsford, are receiving funding to support multicultural initiatives, projects and events. In total, the Ministry Responsible for Multiculturalism is contributing $300,000 in multicultural grant funding in 2015-16.

The Multiculturalism Grant Program celebrates B.C.’s cultural diversity by funding projects that raise awareness of our province’s rich multicultural identity. This can include festivals, community forums or cultural celebrations that support positive expressions of multiculturalism. The grants also support projects that challenge racism and hate, especially those that utilize a collaborative community approach.

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