Saturday, July 29, 2017

Cariboo-Chilcotin Fire Update - July 29th pm

Good afternoon:

Yesterday - the Cariboo Regional District issued 2 new Evacuation Alerts.  For full details, you can click here.  For the current Evacuation Alert for the City of Williams Lake - click here.

Up-to-date information of the Wildfires of Note in the Cariboo Fire Centre, including all fires within the Cariboo Regional District, can be viewed here

Yesterday's Daily Report from the CRD Emergency Operations Centre is available at:

If your CRD Electoral Area is partially under an Evacuation Order (Areas D, F, I, J, K) -  you can call the CRD Emergency Ops Centre (EOC) Public Info Line for questions/clarifications at 1-866-759-4977 or use the online map at

Here is Williams Lake Mayor Walt Cobb's message to the residents' of Williams Lake yesterday evening:

Well here we are safe for another day and looking good. Smoke is not as bad as yesterday but much hotter. About 30. No new fires that I have been advised of. Seems many have come home that can and the buses should be bringing people home tomorrow (Saturday) and Sunday. I know yesterday I said tomorrow but some how lost a day and thought today was Saturday. The Red Cross center was busy and line ups although not long still took up to 2 hours I am told. Visit them and every one seemed glad to be home. The donation center is up and running. Today they were open from 10 to 4. Not too busy yet. The two S's (grocery stores - Safeway/Save On Foods) were open today so got groceries and dog food.

Took the afternoon off and mowed my lawn for the first time in almost 3 weeks. Should have just bought some sheep.

So hope you are all comfortable and safe if you are not the lucky ones to be home.

Finally - friendly reminder to continue to rely ONLY on official sources for Evacuation Alerts or Orders from your local government website or Facebook page or through the local media - Tribune (click here) or Vista Radio (click here)


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