Saturday, July 1, 2017

Quesnel/Cariboo RD to be audited by AGLG

Courtesy of the Auditor-General for Local Government:  

The City of Quesnel, Town of Sidney, Cariboo Regional District and Capital Regional District will be audited by the Auditor General for Local Government (AGLG) on the topic, “Emergency Management in Local Governments,” AGLG Gordon Ruth announced on Thursday, June 29th, 2017

“Our selection of these four auditees on that topic took into account considerations such as population size, geographic location and community characteristics including hazards, key infrastructure and previous events” said Mr. Ruth. “During our annual audit planning, we found that emergency management is a highly relevant and significant issue for many local governments across British Columbia”. The audit will look at local government’s plans, processes and activities related to the four phase cycle of emergency management as well as business continuity management"

AGLG staff will carry out these performance audits beginning this summer and issue a report on each later in 2017/18. The AGLG may consider adding an additional two auditees on this topic at a later date.

This is the AGLG’s sixth audit topic since the office opened in 2013. The AGLG has released 24 performance audit reports to date on the first five audit topics, which include:

* Achieving Value for Money in Operational Procurement
* Learnings from Local Government Capital Procurement Projects and Asset Management Programs
* Local Government Performance in Managing Policing Agreements and Police Budget Oversight
* Local Government’s Role in Ensuring Clean Drinking Water
* Managing the Inherent Risks of Limited Human Resources within Small Local Governments

In addition, the office has released four AGLG Perspectives booklets, which aim to provide a wide range of local governments with helpful advice and information relating to audit topics the office has studied. The four booklets are:

* Oversight of Capital Project Planning & Procurement
* Asset Management for Local Governments
* Policing Services Performance Assessment
* Improving Local Government Procurement Processes

All of these publications are available on the AGLG website ( The AGLG’s Annual Service Plan describes the performance audit planning process in detail and the office’s 2016/17 Annual Report outlines the office’s progress during that year. Both of these can also be found on the AGLG website.

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